Deep State Revealed?

If you read nothing else I post, you MUST read this compilation of a serious Deep State accusation.  It read very real to me.  I had not heard about that judge’s recusal.

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If you haven’t followed the investigation of the investigators you will want to read this, and much more. I will just post links as I happen upon them.  I did watch a small portion of the questioning of the head of the FBI this morning, at one point his face became flushed, probably more with anger than embarrassment.  Wray refused to say yes, it would have been easy to say no, answer must be yes.  This is the part I was watched.

Direct copy from Ace at Ace of Spades: This one, who worked closely with should-be-fired-immediately Rod Rosenstein, met with Christopher Steele and FusionGPS about Hillary Clinton’s oppo file.

This one is from Gateway Pundit, not sourced really so it may just be gossip.

California is being sued by some parents for its lack of literacy and teaching methods.

Richard Fernandez on Obama vs Trump and draining the swamp.

Sweden must be getting serious about who is coming into their country, they are testing them for age, using wisdom teeth and knee joints.

If you didn’t see this on ABC watch this video of the WWII veteran singing Remember Pearl Harbor.  You will need a Kleenex.

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This seems to be open to the public and not behind a paywall.  It is a very important article about Mueller’s tainted agents and investigator, about his stonewalling to congress.

The nepotism fight for Conyers seat has begun.

Has Mueller crossed a red line in the investigations?  According to this, it hasn’t happened. What can we believe nowadays?  How much longer will he persist after stories like this?  He has been shown to be so partisan any decent man would have resigned by now.  Instead he lurches on.

A double standard for Democrats is par for the course.  On the same from National Review.

The true brutality of the sexual harassment we’ve been hearing about.  By VDH who is a very learned man, a scholar and historian, but at heart he is a farmer.

If it is bad news for Dems, it must be good news for Republicans.  I certainly hope so.

Hypocrisy from Mika and Joe at MSNBC  OK, I admit it, this is gossip.  Mika is just so snobblish.

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Feminism, the Fake Indian, the Tragic State of the FBI, and the Flynn Flam – Clarice Feldman

No one objected when celebrities talked trash sexual jabs at Sarah Palin and her daughter.

You may have seen the articles about the anti-Trump bias, and I would bet it was no surprise to you.  More here.  This shows how they go about their business of intimidationWas it all about the Logan Act?

Great Britain and the “dossier” via a “former spook.”  This makes Deep Throat look like a piker.

Trump is not happy with the biased treatment of Flynn.

We can only hope this current sex abuse trend takes out Bill Ayers, but don’t count on it.

Should we prosecute officers of the law who do not obey immigration laws and give sanctuary?

Puerto Rico, what is going on?  Christmas  bonuses of $100 million  to government employees after asking for $94 million in aide?

And Great Britain is funding terrorists?  Come on people of the world, show some sense.

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Where, oh where is our Saudi prince gone, oh where, oh where can he be? Jailed into a posh hotel, but not heard from.

Just as California decides it is no crime to pass on HIV, Europe has a growing epidemic of HIV.

About abortion—today I read this, and then I read this.  Both incredibly sad.

The Wages of Inversion— George Orwell was right. Words have been twisted to be the opposite of what they really mean.

One of the Navajo Code Talkers has no problem with the Pocahantas remark, here’s what he said about it.  And here is what a descendant of Pocahantas had to say last Sept.

Congress and its shameful slush fund for sexual misconduct.

The Obama-era Consumer Financial Protection Bureau –593 execs and workers gave to Dems, One gave to Republicans.  Not a big shock!  Today the court agreed the president had the right to appoint Mulvaney.

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Is the LA Times throwing  Special Prosecutor Mueller under the bus, are they getting ready for a denouement?

We’ve often wondered exactly how the recyclables we put out are handled. We may have to change what we can recycle.
The NYT has a Facebook icon on this. I hope that means you can read it without trouble. If you cannot let me know and I will cut and paste for you to read it. Can you tell, I’m actually spending time perusing NYT so my account will not be bought in vain.

One of my pet peeves is how hallowed Halloween has become. More than just millennials have fallen under it’s spell.  The Yuppies and more are going with it, for some it is their favorite holiday.  I find that very sad.

The Democrats and sexual harassment by the numbers.

It was not my intention to make so much of my  links on the sex scandals but this article is interesting.  Why Didn’t we know about that congressional slush fund to pay off the victims?

Violence against transgenders is NOT epidemic.

There may be good news against the evil Planned Parenthood.  I say may, because they seem to just keep going not matter what they do or the number of babies killed and body parts sold.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Time magazine becomes: The Meredith Corporation — the owner of Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens and AllRecipes — agreed to purchase Time Inc. in an all-cash transaction valued at nearly $3 billion.

Even though many news organizations have not bothered to take notice, I’m sure the people on this list have noticed how well Trump’s China trip is paying off.

From Richard Fernandez, The Problem of Sex.  From Robert Jordan urging Maria to leave with the rest because “what I do now I must do alone” to Rick Blaine explaining to Ilsa that “where I’m going you can’t follow,” sex forms the bridge between a mortal individual and the immortal species. For generations, there has been nothing so masculine as to die for the woman you love. 

But like all powerful urges, sex was dangerous. Only by taming it was civilization possible.

My goodness, but the volcanoes are really showing off.  ALL AT ONCE!





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I was been out of town for a week, am going again tomorrow, but I will try to keep you up to date with some links.

I have thought for a while that all the sexual harassment outings have as their ultimate goal, the resignation of Donald Trump.  Seeing the outrage directed  at Al Franken to resign convinces me this is so.  Franken  has always been a buffoon, every joke he has written or acted out has a sexual connotation, what is new about him?  Nothing.  He continues as usual but is being asked to resign.  I know some of the accused harassers are horrible, but Franken has always been what he is, no one has accused him of a private violation that expects sex of any kind.  I hate to stick up for a man like him, I dislike him intensely, but I do not think he should be put in the same category as a Weinstein or even Rose or Conyers.

Where has social media brought us?

If you didn’t hear about this insult to Star Parker you can see it here.

The end of Prestige.  All too true.

Mark Levin will have a weekend show on Fox.

The FBI informant about the uranium scandal.

A second person says Nelson is lying about Moore.

An IRS whistleblower is being punished.  Koskinen did the same and nothing happened.

This article is about the women predators

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Democrat Who Opposes Sanctuary Cities Wins Virginia Governor’s Race

I just found this article and the same rage this woman shows has been shown to me by some of my near and dear on Facebook who would be nothing but sweet in person.

We have dumbed racism down, but these incidents cause us to turn a blind eye to the real thing—in case we ever have one.

The Church of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Watch this video and then the comments.  The video is serious anti gun, but the comments are hilarious.

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This is surely not the first time immigrants have claimed to be a family when they weren’t.

The strife inside the two parties is irrelevant—when compared to the larger existential war for the soul of America.  Victor Davis Hanson.

Also from Richard Fernandez  Suddenly it gets complicated.

An example of the left’s views from  Time Magazine as shown in Real Clear Politics.

A man from Texas arrested near White House said he was going there to shoot white policemen.

Democratic pollster and former Clinton ally Doug Schoen believes the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton warrant a special prosecutor.

A major Democratic donor thinks the Democrats have moved too far left.  Ya think?

Journalists have been busy on twitter trying to invalidate the claims of Donna Brazile.

Debunking the claims of some journalists about the GOP platform and Russia.

About dishonorable campus reform.

High Crimes and misdemeanors, or maybe not.

I like this headline:  Democrats Drive Toward the Cliff and Hit the Gas. via Instapundit

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Links and Comments from several days

Thousands attended protest organized Russians on Facebook.

Podesta’s downfall sends shock waves through K Street

More and more  about that tangled web they wove.  We have a broken FBI.

Politico Hides Fusion GPS Employment Of Key Source  by Mollie Hemingway in the Federalist.

Research on the most resent terroist.  And here.

China and South Korea, Trump’s foreign policy is working.

Andrew McCarthy has views on the Manafort and Gates indictment.

The Washington Post actually gave the Dems 4 Pinocchio’s  on their tax cut stance.

About those Osama bin Laden papers.

Press insider is concerned about the direction of “journalism.”

In spite of Democratic opposition two conservative women were just comfirmed as federal judges.

Donna Brazille’s book is being talked about on Rush.  I read that excerpt, there are tire marks on Hillary.  But Donna can’t get to far away, she went on to feed her questions in advance on the debates.

More on that Uranium One deal from Obama/Clinton.

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