Links an Comments, April 10, 2014

The CIA is Getting a Makeover

A Brave, Patriotic Sheriff in California defies Gov. Brown

This study on dementia says those who are obese, or overweight, at middle age are less likely to develop dementia.  It is refuting this study from 2011 that says obese at middle age is a risk to dementia.

The Dept of Agriculture is letting environmentalism get in the way of our diets.  And as a result they are recommending less red meat. 

Fisking Some Slanted Reporting  I seldom link my own posts but my comments on this got so long I posted them as a blog post. 

I am very troubled by this type of actions, particularly from the USAF,   Air Force removes “Missing Man” table because it includes a Bible.

Don’t tell Krauthammer but apparently there are a lot of people who really like Cruz.

Court order DHS to explain legality of plan to shut down cell service in certain emergencies.  I would like to see that explanation for myself.

The Texas Senate passed a bill to move the Public Integrity cases out of Travis Country and places  the state’s Public Integrity Unit investigation with the Texas Rangers.

If the IRS and Lois Lerner had released documents when asked we would not still be talking about the IRS scandalous behavior toward conservatives.  Lois Lerner wrote of  emails being seen by congress and maybe others.  Because she knew she indulging in wrong behavior.

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Fisking some slanted reporting.

I seldom bother to write about how reporting is so opinionated but after seeing these two extreme examples I am compelled to comment on them.

The first one is from the Houston Chronicle and is called every time a political figure failed anatomy class.  Click through the photos and captions, what do you notice?  If it can be called a Republican it is usually is.  If it can be called a Democrat, it is not identified.  I’m pretty sure if they wanted something to show for the dems they could have found them, but that is not the object of that post.

The second one is a little more subtle and if you are a liberal you probably won’t even notice, except for the extremely liberal title: The rich get government handouts just like the poor. Here are 10 of them.  I have to give the authors credit in the first paragraph they state the truth and have an emphasis on own as if it is so silly as to be almost unbelievable: “Note: In the eyes of the Congressional Budget Office — the official word on this in Washington — the mortgage interest deduction is equivalent to the government offering you money, not you keeping your own money. “  This is in regards to the mortgage interest deduction on larger and second homes.

Next is the Yacht tax deduction.  Now granted there is some validity of this, but the question is when do you call a boat a yacht.  They are calling anything with a galley and a head a yacht. We who live around the water have a little different view of that. Sometimes a boat is just a boat, no matter the amenities.

Next comes Rental Property.  Yes, this can be abused, but is someone going to come inspect every instance to see who is abusing it?  Probably not unless it is a Democrat inspecting a conservative or Republican’s property.

The one that really infuriates me are their comments on the death tax. “Without the estate tax, super-wealthy families would be able to hoard that wealth in perpetuity, becoming ever more powerful in the process. The tax, as it currently exists, only kicks in on estates worth $5.4 million dollars or more, affecting about the top 0.2 percent of households.  I hate to be the one to point it out to them but have they noticed the small business owners, farms, ranches and others this hurts.  And have they noticed that the really, really rich, such as the Kennedys, the Rockefellers,  John and Teresa Heniz, the Clintons, and even now the Obamas, have all that taken care of in trusts, foundations and other legal maneuvers that protect their inheritors?

If you read the articles you will see more of what I am pointing out.  I see it so many times, but this time it hit me harder and I could not let it go by without pointing it out.

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He Lives!

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Links and Comments, April 3, 2015

The Washington Post doesn’t like the “deal.”

Lloyd Marcus affirms we are the remnant.

Richard Fernandez on the “agreement” with Iran Locked out of his own cockpit.  He ends it with this: Recently Michele Bachmann has been criticized for comparing president Obama to the deranged Andreas Lubitz, who locked the pilot of the Germanwings airliner cockpit. But the comparison is not appropriate. President Obama is like the pilot who locked himself out of his own cockpit — and left the key inside.

The European Union recognizes the harm biofuels have done to the world’s food supply.

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Links and Comments, Thurs., April 2, 2015

All Texans need to read this and the back story on the Graham Family struggle to protect their land from being used as a dump for sewage effluent. You will need to click on a question to read it, but it is easy to do.  Here is the back story on it.

Protect Religious liberty against intolerance of the left.

Unintended Consequences?  Pat Brown, Jerry Brown.

Home schooled blacks performed better in tests than public schooled whites.  I suspect that these students would have done very well in public schools also, because parental involvement is the answer and these parents were very motivated.  This is a lesson in how to skew a story with headlines.

Neither Heads nor Tails, that is what I can make of this story on the Iranian talks.  John Podhoretz has this advice for John Kerry, Time to Go, John.   

Two women, an ISIS plot, NYC .  I’ve been wondering why no one cries entrapment about these things.  Maybe they have.  I am not excusing the women, they are evil.

If you have been watching TV news or listening to Rush, you know about Memories Pizza. A made up story has done in a small business.  If you are so angry you want to help you can go here.

Bergdahl wasn’t really in the first  talks  no surprise.

The U.N.’s War on Israel;  Allen West asks When Will American Jews Wake Up?

About the Menendez Indictment

There were a couple of articles I was going to link in National Review, so instead I will just link the magazine and you can read it all if you want.

Cruz has hauled in some big money-  much to the surprise of some

I’ll end today’s post with this from Don Surber:  Bachman Nails Iran and I will add, she also nails Obama.

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Links and Comments, Wed., April 1, 2015

The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia, nails it on Christian consistency I do believe she has a point, and I have not heard of many bakers or florists refusing to do a cake or flowers for all the different situations she describes.  And this article says the left wages total war and then plays victim.

As U.S. and Iran Seek Nuclear Deal, Saudi Arabia Makes Its Own Moves  And we find out through Breitbart that one of Obama’s advisors on this issue is a former PR person for the Iranian regime.

Obama has ended the policy of no military aid to Egypt, but he isn’t completely over his snit at the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood as he is also using very strict control over it.

Two whistleblowers have accused the Federal Bureau of Prisons of trying to banish them to inappropriate work spaces — including a converted jail cell with no desk, computer or phone — after they lodged complaints against the agency.

What Should Israel Do Now that Its Neighbors Are Collapsing?  something to ponder here.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and the new culture war.  CNN is telling the truth about this, it is a culture war, and in addition to that I believe it to be a concerted effort to divert attention away from the talks with Iran and the US capitulation.  And speaking of that the New York Times is writing about Obama’s Global Warming deal.

And the perfect explanation – The Federalist has this  Gay Marriage isn’t about justice, it’s about Selma envy.  You MUST READ this, it explains a lot.  Here is an excerpt: Then, one day, manna descended from heaven in the form of gay marriage. Here it was! The cause we’d longed for all these years had finally arrived! Here was an injustice no one had ever opposed before. Here was a group of marginalized people no one had ever defended. So by embracing this cause, we would instantly be more compassionate, more accepting, more saintly than every human being who had ever lived.

Obama friends getting more money for “green” development.

Wow, you need to read this too.  Ruben Navarrette, Jr.  cannot say anything bad about Gov. Pence or Ted Cruz.  He tries but just can’t do it. Wonders never cease.  

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Links and Comments, Tuesday March 31, 2015

The DREAMERS are disillusionedwhat they don’t yet realize is that it is just an illusion to get votes.

In 20 years the world may run out of mineable gold– isn’t that what they told us about petroleum, umm say around 1970 on until fracking?

There may be more than one reason to dislike smart meters for your electricity.

Hillary also used an IPad at state dep’t. for her emails.  Do we subpoena the Apple cloud?

Iran talks stumble to Ambiguous end.  We can only hope nothing happens.

As America talks to Iran, Saudi Arabia is lashing out against it.  From a New York Times article.

 According to a Gawker report, Sidney Blumenthal, the top Clinton confidant, and “another former official from Bill Clinton’s administration were secretly lobbying the secretary of state on behalf of a billionaire in the former Soviet state of Georgia who was seeking closer ties with Putin’s Russia—seemingly in violation of a federal law designed to prevent foreign powers from covertly wielding influence within the United States.”

 Obama’s Chicago Presidency, by Victor Davis Hanson.  This was my first complaint against Obama, he is a Chicago Politician, that is not one we want for a president.

 Religious Protection Laws once called Shields, are now seen as Cudgels

 Richard Fernandez is calling Obama and Kerry’s try at a deal with Iran a Pay Day Loan. He makes a very good point of it.

Mexican Immigration officials stop woman posing as mother of three Guatemalan children.

 Jay Cost says to Glenn Beck, and the rest of us, Fix the GOP don’t abandon it.

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Links and Comments, Monday March 30, 2015

Iran is already reneging before the negotiations are completed.  Maybe a good lesson, but one I doubt our president will recognize. But the Washington Post has people asking What Else is Iran Hiding?

Malfeasance in office of the Inspector General of Commerce?

The US Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would not take up a major First Amendment case testing whether school officials in California violated the free speech rights of three high school students who were told they could not wear American flag T-shirts at school because it might upset students of Mexican heritage. From CSMonitor.

Nicholas Kristoff in praise and defense of evangelical Christians.  Apparently he has realized there is some true bias against them.

The federal government has signed agreements with three foreign countries — Mexico, Ecuador and the Philippines — to establish outreach programs to teach immigrants their rights to engage in labor organizing in the U.S   WHY? They are part of a broader effort by the National Labor Relations Board to get immigrants involved in union activism. That’s why. 

Where have all her emails gone?   I know I don’t have to name names here.

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Links and Comments, Sunday March 29, 2015

Corrected links to Hillary’s Scandalous Secret Spy network:

 347,000 workers fled the work force altogether last month, and so were no longer counted as unemployed.

Saudis say they have destroyed Yemini’s warplane fleet

The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency on Sunday described President Obama’s Middle East policy as one of “willful ignorance,”

No, it is not really time to trust Iran

Cruz Claims the GOP Leadership blocked his fundraising after Shutdown

Supreme Court may hear case of whether a school can ban wearing American Flags on shirts during  Cinco de Mayo.  I had not heard this was even an issue.

Ted Cruz told CNN he was not a community organizer.  He makes a valid point, he was a very accomplished individual.

I’m always up for a little Ted  Kennedy trashing.  from the Boston Globe. I cannot imagine why anyone would think anything good of him.  We have a couple of generations who have been brainwashed.  Am I writing clearly enough of how I think of him?

Hey Media, Religious Freedom is a Real Thing

A History of Whataburger –  I remember I had my first Whataburger in 1953.  It was very good.

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Links and Comments, Sat. March 28, 2015

US Allies fear Obama Administration was leaking information to Iran  They must think as highly of him as I do.  Wesley Pruden calls it Obama’s Love Bomb Offensive.

Hillary’s secret spy network, this is involved and serious.  Especially when you find out she wiped her server clean of all data when she was asked to turn over her emails in Oct. 2014

This is Freedom?

SO, BASICALLY THE COCKPIT DOOR IS LOCKED AND WE’RE HEADING TOWARD THE MOUNTAIN: U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together: Limited options for Congress as Obama seeks to bypass lawmakers.  from Instapundit

Peer reviewed scientific articles are not necessarily peer reviewed.  Scientists are human and they do know how to game the system, especially when it is their system.

Arab Spring Aftermath-Revolutions give way to violence (isn’t that the way they start? ed.)  I read most of this but failed to see where they might have explained it by saying Obama made the US a non threat so the world is falling apart with no leadership.  I think I put it plainly in my blog post of Feb. 25, 2014 If We are Weak Who is Going to Protect the World?

Roger L. Simon (the conservative one) calls Obama the Crazy Pilot. This is the last paragraph of his post: It’s hard to know why Obama is doing it all.  I know it sounds like a rude overstatement but in a way he reminds me of that crazy German pilot flying that plane into that alpine cliff, only the plane is us (America and the West).  Does he hate us all that much – or is it just Netanyahu?  Whatever the explanation, it’s mighty peculiar.  At this point almost no one  in the Congress appears to be backing him up – and yet he continues.  Who knows what will happen next?   Be sure to read this one.

John Kerry is actually looking into it.  John Kerry orders Email Preservation Review at State Department.

No surprise here:  Republicans twice as like to be Fact Checked at Washington Post as Democrats.   But this is a surprise.  Glenn Kessler says he will try to fix that.

Richard Fernandez on the private intelligence network of Hillary as Secretary of State.

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