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 Ex state department aide reveals how sloppy communication with Hillary caused damage.

The True Story of a Conservative Refugee

Major setback for the Climatistas.   Be sure to read the links in the post. And then see how “green” energy is destroying some environments.

Friday’s Ammo Grrrll post is about D-i-v-o-r-c-e the Trumpsters and the Republican Party.

More attempts to redefine the meaning of family.

Not all the bad guys are behind bars

Travesty and dishonor towards veterans over the Memorial Day weekend.

Hillary is an old hand at hiding emails.

Nicholas Kristoff is not giving up on telling the liberals they  have a blind spot.

Mediocre Expectations, she grew up in Portugal and Sarah Hoyt knows socialism.  An excerpt: “Thing is, there is no such thing as a therapeutic dose of socialism.  It’s not even as near-term beneficial as arsenic.  ¶ Because the problem with socialism is that it empowers envy.”

How many Transgenders in America?

Federal Conundrum: Open Borders vs Endless TSA LinesWhy aren’t the 100’s of thousands of illegal immigrants even asked for a photo ID, when 100’s of thousands of air travelers must produce one to fly within our own country? Yes, planes can be turned into dangerous weapons – but so can buses, trains, stadiums, schools, etc.  Why the double standard?”  Read it all, he makes a great point

From Instapundit: EL BUSTED: Telemundo Caught Staging Shot at Anti-Trump Protest in San Diego (video).

Related: “Aside from watching his reaction to being busted, the best moment by far was the sight of the cameraman trying to explain to the protesters that their beloved Mexican flag was flying upside-down.”

Telemundo is owned by NBC, which employs at least one spokesman extremely familiar with faking protests and ginning up riotsPosted by Ed Driscoll

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Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, you can do better than this: Tripped up by a socialism in South America question.

IBM Mainframes and 8′ Floppy Discs Power US Nuclear Arsenal I hope PC magazine isn’t giving away state secrets, (sarcasm) but really this is outdated.  This article explains the reasoning or at least excuses it. Still, there is a major reason — other than simply being behind the times — for the military’s continued use of floppies: Sometimes, it says, low-tech is safer tech.

US Secret Service Punishes 41 over Leak of Lawmakers Data

Katie issues “regrets” over poor decision to edit pause into gun documentary interview.  Has NPR issued an apology or correction? I need to research that question. Apparently there is one today.

Hillary didn’t even know how to use a password on email.

This is a  heartwarming story, Dr. Heimlich uses his maneuver  to save a fellow resident at his nursing home.

Supreme Court Concern is Just Tip of the Iceberg for Conservatives

Remember that video of scientific hyperbole?  Well, do cell phones cause cancer in male rats?  If you give high enough doses, maybe.

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The Washington Post Editorial Board today: Clinton’s Inexusable, willful disregard for the rules. I’ve been reading and watching TV shows this morning and the Hillary spokespeople are trying to spin this as nothing, but I have yet to see one of the newscasters who are grilling them to concede it is nothing they are telling them it is a big deal. (paraphrasing) They are all taking it seriously.  This is just one of them.

However, the Washington Post balanced it with thisHow Much does Trump LIe?

I love this headline Trump Befuddles the Political Industrial Complex, I think that describes it precisely.

The Crisis of Scientific Credibility.  Be sure to watch the video at this link from the article.  It is long, but well worth watching.

Half the Puzzle, from my favorite Richard Fernandez.  He always has a good take on current world events.

I hate to link to the Washington Examiner because whatever the story is it always has a video that starts up.  Just click that thing off and read this story of Terry McAuliffe admitting he met with that Chinese donor.  You remember Terry, he is the one who helped Clinton pardon all those people. 

The shoe is on the other foot when two police officers sue the Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for slander.

Do you think this will help or hurt? Wells Fargo launches 3% down payment mortgage. For low to moderate income people.

Conflict of interest disclosure reports filed by top federal officials were removed from public view by the Obama administration in recent months, a move that government transparency and accountability advocates condemn as a major setback.  How crazy is that?  If any Republican had done this they would have been lynched by the media. Come to think of it, they were anyway.

America has a cheese problem, we have too much of it






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This is not good. Hundreds of the dead have voted in California.  I doubt  they were zombies.  CBS2 compared millions of voting records from the California Secretary of State’s office with death records from the Social Security Administration and found hundreds of so-called dead voters.

Terry MacAuliffe, a true Clinton insider, is tarred by the same brush, that is he accepts the same illegal campaign funds, so he has tarred himself.  I know, he is just being investigated, but do you have any doubts?

If there was any doubt the Egyptian Air disaster was terrorism, this should remove it.  That same plane was once tagged with graffiti saying, “We will take this plane down.”

The IRS chief is too busy to appear at his impeachment hearing.  Well, he just doesn’t have time to prepare, he says.  He just returned from a trip to China meeting with 45 over tax officials from around the world.  ONE word, WHY???

From The Obama administration has admitted 499 Syrian refugees so far this month, with no Christians among them.

The Democrats are apparently feeling the Bern.  They are giving him a say on the platform.  This is good news for him, bad news for conservatives. Look who he has picked for the committee.  Top Bernie Sanders supporters Dr. Cornel West and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) will be among those on the Democratic Party’s important Platform Drafting Committee after the Vermont senator won a key concession as he looks to leave his mark on the party’s platform.[…] Along with West and Ellison, Sanders supporters on the committee are author Bill McKibben, Arab American Institute head James Zogby and Native American activist Deborah Parker. 

If you, the reader, haven’t grasped this, I hope this explains what is going on.  It isn’t about bathrooms, it’s about what we think. The left is advancing a cultural revolution of radical egalitarianism, creating a new cultural hegemony of which the Great Bathroom War of 2016 is but the most recent element.

 Facebook has admitted we know bias when we see it. Facebook also acknowledged that rogue employees may have unintentionally discriminated against conservative stories or even acted with malice in “isolated improper actions.”

Washington DC has had its coolest May since 1882. Hmmm… and that wasn’t even Hmmm… and that wasn’t even the year without a summer . Let’s see now, we’ve had a volcano or two erupt, (36 so far this year) and the sunspots…. what sunpots?  See, there were some.

Of the top ten stories shown on the Washington Post home website, FIVE are denigrating Trump.  I’m not reading and not linking them.  When they come up with something we haven’t seen before I might. It’s not that I’m all in for Trump, it is just that as predicted, once he was the presumed nominee all publicity would be against him. So I’m not going there.



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More PC edicts from Obama.  Be Careful the word police might getcha!  Just how many new regulations from Obama: 20, 642

And this IRS employee plays follow the leader.  “A self-identified IRS employee admitted he would go after, target and try to end conservative groups who wanted to abolish the IRS, to Cleta Mitchell, an attorney representing those groups, on a Washington Journal segment on C-SPAN.”  I am just shaking my head after listening to the video.  This guy should be fired.

Re the above link read Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) column in USA Today.  When Leaders Cheat, Followers Follow.

Are we living in a progressive boot camp? Why yes, yes we are.

Bookworm Room on Your Government at Work.  The inmates are running the asylum.

How many birds are killed by power producing windmills?  Nobody knows, it is a trade secret.

An Asian-American group is filing a discrimination suit against Yale, Brown an Dartmouth.  About time.

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Bill Clinton upset NATO allies in a broadly unreported gaffe accusing Poland and Hungary of thinking “democracy is too much trouble” and wanting to have an “authoritarian dictatorship.”  they’ve realized he is a  mouthpiece for George Soros.

Taking a private jet to claim an environmental award is really the height of irony. From Cannes to NYC and back to Cannes.  Oh, the hypocrisy.

The Algorithms on Facebook and how they are, and can be, slanted by the programmers.  Before there was any talk of bias the Washington Post ran this story almost a year ago.

Granted this comes from a right wing news site, I suspect it to be true. Feds Divert MILLIONS To ‘Slush Fund’ That Fuels These Liberal Activist Groups I believe it because of all the money I know to be funneled through the unions and back to the Democrats. And because of sstories like this: A group the White House recently identified as a key surrogate in selling the Iran nuclear deal gave National Public Radio $100,000 last year to help it report on the pact and related issues, according to the group’s annual report. It also funded reporters and partnerships with other news outlets.” Be sure you read this last story, and if you have time read this one, or read it if you  don’t have time for the 2nd one.

Greeting Slaves – by Richard Fernandez who says, “We expect revolutionaries to be indifferent to money.  Yet in reality the Left thinks about nothing but money as the Venezuelan socialists who have stole $350 billion from the  treasury according to the Basel Institute on Governance should have proved to the world. 

The federal government wasted more than $100 billion on overpayments last year.

Does Obama’s troubled childhood explain his bathroom edict?  I personally think it explains a lot.  It explains why he hates America and see her as an oppressor, a colonialist country, and a racist country.

Target- What is wrong with you, what are you thinking? They are suing a man who saved a girl who was being stabbed.

Uh oh, there is a whistle blower on that Nevada convention story.  She says she watched Clinton steal Nevada.

The media is trying to make Bill Clinton’s sex scandals go away.

The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant set itself on FIRE!  A real oopsie.

What’s behind the earthquakes in Oklahoma.  An informed video from a Stanford Professor.

from Instapundit: TO BE FAIR, IT WAS AFTER SHE INCREASED HER BODYWEIGHT BY ROUGHLY 50%: Former Miss Universe: Donald Trump called me ‘Miss Piggy.’

Another from Instapundit, this time via Sarah Hoyt  IT WON’T TAKE. SOCIALISTS ARE ALLERGIC TO HISTORY: Bernie Sanders says “Cubans never rose against Castro”–here’s a quick history lesson.



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A Federal Judge in Texas tells the DOJ to take Ethics classes. Do you think they will?  Hanen’s order minced no words. He accuses government attorneys of a pattern of dishonest behavior and “bad faith,” and of deliberately deceiving the plaintiffs in the lawsuit in order to prevent an earlier request for a restraining order:

Andrea Mitchell says the “rape” charges have been debunked.  I wonder If she really believes that.

When Denying Science is a Progressive Moral Imperative

Ammo Grrrll takes off on Obama re the transgender bathroom edict.

What post communism hath wrought Ed Driscoll writes in Instapundit

Some Academics are rebelling against metrics used to measure their worth.

Roger L. Simon on EgyptAir 804 and the 2016 Election.


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The Iran deal, or whatever you call it, is at risk of unraveling.  That is was ever started to be “negotiated” is beyond my comprehension.  Kerry says embellish it a little for the grandchildren.  More on the administration and the Iran deal.

Loveless, Narcissistic Sex Addicts: A Gay Man Critiques his Community  written by a gay man.

I find it hard to believe Trump has received more favorable coverage than Clinton when so much that could be reported on her and the Clinton foundation has gone unreported.

This is just about as ridiculous as it gets, but unfortunately it will probably get worse. Greeting customers as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” — or even not using the pronoun “ze” or “zir” — could prove costly for New York City businesses under rules drafted by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s bureaucrats.

Suitcases of cash are allowed to leave Sea Tac airport, it is legal you know.  But this is questionable.

One of the Boko Haram kidnapped girls has been found.

A Black Lives Matter activist who operates a social justice charity was arrested last month on charges of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl.

The Artificial Outrage of Paid Protestors and Rent-A-Mobs

Rep Luke Messer, R-Ind. files bill to stop transgender rule

CollapseI’m not sure if this is comforting or not but it is informative.

Victor Davis Hanson on how Obama has destabilized the world.

Summer of Love for Hillarya little sarcasm alert.

This play on Sanders actions is funny. What if rules for chess or scrabble.




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The Antonin Scalia Law School is official. Common sense prevailed.

Senators demand Obama fire top aide for Iran deal deception  and he really doesn’t want to testify on the subject.

A Former Transgender’s take on Obama’s Bathroom Directive

Victor Davis Hanson on the 30 Something’s who are Running our Federal Government

Iran where the real war on women rages

John Hindraker asks “Does an Accurate Climate Model Exist?” My answers is real data exists on climate but modeling can never address every variable.  Especially since some of them are probably not even known. But go ahead and read his post, it is a good one.

A student has recanted and his family apologized for labeling the fights he was in as a hate crime.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday said he agrees with a new poll showing that GOP voters trust Donald Trump rather than himself to lead the Republican Party.

More than you expected to know about car emissions, electric cars are definitely not green.

Along the Texas coast, game wardens will now carry radiation detectors.

Those Panama Papers revealed a lot about George Soros.  You will not be surprised.

I have to run this article on the “maybe controls the climate bacteria” past my in house scientist before I can make an informed comment.  But it is an interesting article. Remember what I said about those variables in climate models?This revelation will likely be instrumental in developing more accurate climate models”,  They just found another one, they think.  

This article says Warren Buffet doesn’t think it is his problem.

Brexit reflect attitudes in Great Britain and in America

This Meat eaters Manifesto has been making the rounds on Facebook.  Now Powerline has it. I found it very funny.

Links and Comments from May 16, 2016

Are Republicans interested in what Republican lawmakers are doing? Are they even getting news of what they are doing. Is Trump coverage trumping everything?

Natural Gas, not Green Energy has caused CO2 levels to fall.

The eight member Supreme Court sent the Obamacare contraception case back down to the lower courts.

The Economic Source of the Current Anger, anger against the system that is. The author admits this is a narrow focus. Indeed it is, my anger, like that of many of you, is against the way the system works; the lifelong political careers, (lack of term limits) and elected officials who spend most of their time fund raising due to the cost of being re-elected.

Global warming (sarcasm alert) has apparently caused a late season 8″ snow in Maine.

About that big biker melee, does anyone really know what happened?

No surprise here: After more than a year of research, a Wall Street analyst is arguing the Clinton Foundation’s books are riddled with financial inconsistencies that rise to the level of “fraud.

Steve Grammatico has changed his mind about Trump, here’s why.

Richard Fernandez sees it all so clearly.             A German friend once remarked that Hitler was only the second most destructive thing his country had unleashed upon the world.  Worse by far, he said, were the ideas of Karl Marx. One of those things falling apart:

Loretta Lynch’s Abuse of the Law

The FBI may be looking at a violation of the Constitution in their Hillary investigation

Burlington College is closing its doorsdue to the debt acquired under the regime of Mrs. Bernie Sanders. ” Less than a year after leading Burlington College into massive debt, Ms. Sanders resigned, taking with her a $200,000 severance package.”

Clock boy was an inspiration to Al Queda

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There is more to the edict than just bathrooms, in fact it is a dictatorial directive on healthcare, too.  And in the directive explanation to colleagues they are told to exclude parents and let the officials handle the children’s needs.  Apparently CNN is surprised the bathroom edict cause a backlash.  This just gets worse and worse.

Jake Tapper fact checks Hillary on the emails.

The Iranians tortured this Marine but the admnistration doesn’t’  care, they wanted their so called “treaty.”

He who controls the past.  One of the reasons media bias matters so much.  I heard several calls to C-span this morning speaking of  GWBush lying about WMD’s in Iraq.  If you haven’t heard, even the Washington Post and NYtimes have admitted they were actually there.

And speaking of the Washington Post, Scott Johnson of Powerline tells how to Read the Washington Post.

From Ed Driscoll in Instapundit: PREDICTING THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: The amazing 1969 prophecy that racial preferences would cause the exact grievances of protesters today.

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington- the link is to a Maggie’s farm blog post, If you can, link the WSJ article from there, it is a Peggy Noonan essay.

CNN discovers party affiliation of Flint mayor accused of diverting funds, it took a while for them to do it because she is a democrat.

The Cruel Compassion of Transgender Acceptance As the great aunt of a transgendered person I cannot tell you how conflicted I am on this issue.  In my nephew’s case he was born with a  birth defect, one that showed him to be male, but he never had the genes or the hormones to become a male. So he was bullied and abused at school because he was definitely different.  When he got out on his own he took steps to have female hormones and become at least what looked like a woman, because it was too late to become a man.  Now, I don’t know how many of these TG people are like him, I know this happens, but I don’t think it is nearly as frequent as some would have you believe. From what I am reading many of them “feel” they are different, it is an emotional feeling, not a physical happening.  As for the bathrooms, many places already have the answer, the family bathroom. The one where fathers can take their babies, sons and daughters and mothers can do the same.  They are for individual use, they have locks on the doors, and no one knows which sex is in there. (I hate the word gender for a biological term.)

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