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Does this remind you of when you were a child?  It will if you are as old as I am.

Of course Soros wants to control the internet, he wants to control everything and everyone.  He knows best.

If it is put out by Yahoo is it fact, rumor, or fictional news? In this case probably fact.

Iran and it’s oh so innocent missile system.

What you get when you listen to Trump voters

Yes, Clinton foundation donors had direct access to the State Department but as the lady says, “At this point, what difference does it make.”  Hillalry’s gonna do, what Hillary’s gonna do.

The LA Times presidential poll dashboard today.

How media bias works, but you probably already knew this.

 Another Russian journalist “commits suicide”  understand if this had been written about a Clinton associate it would be labeled as more of the conspiracy theories.

This article just shows me how the Republican Party doesn’t know what is going on.  Where are the Never-Hillary Democrats?  But then this happened in Iowa, a good thing for Trump.

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This isn’t our only hope to keep the senate, but it helps.

The LA Times daily tracker

When a media friend says this about the Clintons……..

I frequently see articles and link some from Breitbart, but it and several other sites I used to visit often have become too Trump oriented for me to constantly turn to them.  The New York Times seems to scorn them.     

Hillary cannot deny her Libyan involvement, but I wonder if this email doesn’t enhance her involvement because they are convinced it will turn out well. They were wrong.

He refused to stand for the national anthem and claimed America is worse than anyone in race relations. Can his new Muslim religion be the reason why?

What about the Alt Left?

Hillary gets more than a little help from her media friends.  We all knew that.

Bookworm’s little Bookie goes to college, and Bookworm is appalled at the cost, the immaturity, and the terrible overabundance of highly paid staff. 

Apparently some climate experts have discovered what most of us knew all along,  The earth has been warming since the end of the Little Ice Age.  via Ice Age Now blog.

John Hindraker of Powerline writes about 68 years of socialized medicine in Great Britain.

The Iran Ransom Payment was structured much like a money laundering scheme.

The Black Panther Party Leader liked what he heard from Trump He said the Democrats pimped black people like prostitutes.  His words, not mine.

By Ed Driscoll in Instapundit: GREAT MOMENTS IN OBJECTIVE JOURNALISM: NYT Looking To Hire A “Climate Change Editor” To Make Global Warming Story “More Appealing.”  And this Huffington Post article left a little important fact out of the story. Or maybe they just didn’t know.

Alt-Right and BLM are one and the same this might be true, but I am not sure if anyone has a real take on what Alt Right means.  It is a little like beauty in the eye of the beholder, or maybe it is I know it when I see it.

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Do you know what Bleachbit is?  It is the program Hillary used to delete emails she deemed to revealing to allow anyone to ever see.  Did you know those almost 15,000 emails the FBI found were from her Bleachbit files?

Conservative intellectuals are saying the Republican Party is doomed because the ideals of conservatism have been inextricably marred by “white nationalism.” Is there no position too low that the Republican Conservatives elites will refuse to bow to it?

Had you heard the Ku Klux Klan endorsed Hillary? via Don Surber

Hillary’s hybrid ‘Clinton State-Foundation’ is a national disgrace I am so sick of posting this type stuff, because I am so sick of the people who will still vote Hillary, not matter what smoking guns are found.

That Muslim Journal Huma worked for said Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Lewinsky scandal.  And yet she works for the woman, or is it really the other way around?

George Soros also has a plan to overthrow Putin.

Trump is confusing a lot of people. Some might call it double speak.  But he is always a better choice than Hillary.

The IRS is still holding up three tea party groups’ applications, Commissioner John Koskinen admitted in a letter to Congress last week — but he insisted he agents are finally about to begin processing them. Quite a few years late.

I’m not sure the woman who wrote this about the Clinton corruptions actually gets it.  In fact I think she is lying to herself to excuse her and will probably vote for her, while deep in her heart she knows what Hillary and Bill really are.  Charles Krauthammer has a better take on the Clinton scandals as a whole.

Hillary as Alinsky’s daughter I think one thing people like about Trump is that he seems to be using some of the Alinksy rules against his opponents.

Ace can tell us what is really going on and who the real populists and elitists are. Be sure to read this links, too.

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The dirty little secret of central banking.

Have you heard about the 400% increase in the price of the epi pen? The CEO is Democrat Sen Joe Manchin’s daughter.  And even though that article doesn’t mention her salary, this one does, it is excessive, as are the other executives.  Today there is a new price on the Epipen

Segregation by others names is okay with the diversity crowd.

Some Doctors are suing the Feds for forcing them to do transgender surgeries.

916 Illegals from terror links countries have been apprehended at our border since 20014.  That’s just two years of them, and only the ones who are a caught.

I’m hesitant to believe there has been an increase in middle class, good wage jobs.

I think it is true that Trump supporters and Hillary supporters do not at this point think there is anything that will make them change their minds.

There are certain part of Oregon I would love to live in, that is anywhere on the coastWith this news I am certain there is NO part of Oregon I want to live in.

The University of Chicago has a lick of sense, they say they are not going to cater to the snowflakes, the ones who are offended at trigger wordsIn other words free speech will be enforced.  We’ll see.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks says he will release a game changer of an October surprise.  But even he admits it will depend on how the public and media see it.  See my above comments on people who won’t change their minds, no matter the facts.

The Washington Post has this article saying Clinton is being forced to respond to criticism of payments to the Foundation, but they counter by having even more anti-Trump articles.  An update?  Maybe.

Ten Minutes to Tokyo. This is not something about WWII, it is about North Korea and its current threat.

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Is there really a mole inside the NSA  — from past history I would say, of course.

More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation. This just makes me angry, very angry. And I was just saying how I felt sympathy for her, well it could erode.

Documents describing Hillary Clinton’s role in the death of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished,  Her probable role was being ridiculed mercilessly in front of his peers. He was a man she no longer needed to further her advance, she was now first lady of the land.

Judge Orders Immediate Review of 14,900 Hillary Clinton Emails.Federal request says review must be complete by Sept. 22 and comes as new correspondence shows Clinton Foundation sought access to State Department on donors’ behalf” If this is behind the paywall read it here at Instapundit.

In 2015 alone, over 30,000 illegal immigrants from “countries of terrorist concern” entered the United States through the southwestern border with Mexico,

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Remember that Republican woman for Clinton? She’s a healthcare  lobbyist married to a Clinton operative.

Who is Judge Ruth Neely from Pinedale, WY?

One of the ways Hillary is spending her campaign money, or one of her pacs is doing so, is spambots on Twitter.  A better explanation here shows she has over a million fake followers.  The tech thing could swing the election, apparently Facebook is worried the Libertarian candidate is taking votes away from Hillary. And this: New emails are providing a glimpse of the ties between Google and President Obama’s White House.

Seismic Activity and Global warming.  It makes sense to me.

Schools don’t have to follow the Obama transgender “guidelines.”

Judicial Watch is finding more quid pro quo from Clinton emails.

Laurence Tribe admits he was wrong to think IRS was not being discriminatory to conservatives, that’s a big concession from a big liberal.

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Kim Davis has won those gay wedding license suits, it’s over.

This is how crude the opposition is – naked statues of supposed Trump – really disgusting.

The Social Contract  I know we used to have one…..

Not all the Clinton Charities are bound by the new set of rules – a girl’s gotta make a living.

The end of the Memory Hole

Minneapolis has a lot to be ashamed of

Hacked Soros Documents Reveal Some Big Dark Money Surprises. from Instapundit

Trump, Academia, and Hyperbole

American Journalism is Collasping before our eyes it has been biased all along, but with the decline of the different views newspapers, the rise of huge conglomerates owning the news media, TV and newspapers AND online sites, it is becoming obvious to everyone.  Even to those involved.

There are TRILLIONS unaccounted for in our government. Follow the links in this one.

Just HANG UP on call scammers.

This headline would lead you to believe Paul Manafort is being investigated, but if you read the article you find this: Manafort, who resigned as chairman of Donald Trump’s campaign Friday, has not been the focus of the probe, according to the law enforcement officials. The investigation is ongoing and prosecutors haven’t ruled anything out, the officials said. and reading on down you find this: The probe is also examining the work of other firms linked to the former Ukrainian government, including that of the Podesta Group, the lobbying and public relations company run by Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for a dozen years.

Irony Squared: Could Trump be the Saviour of Black America?  Not if any of the entrenched so called black leaders have anything to do with it.

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The Clintons really don’t care what we think as long as the checks keep coming in.

Clinton’s achievements- some think they have been tarnished some of us think they were all bad in the first place.

This link was pointed out to me by Dawn, it is illuminating, not something we didn’t know, but confirms so much.  Remember how the last market was done in;  banks buying derivatives?  To most of us it seemed like a racket at the time.  When it comes to money making schemes there is always more than one racket.  Hedge funds are a dirty word in my mind.  Be sure to follow the links in the article.

From the Facebook site Never Again Canada, a video.

More than half the donors for Clinton Foundation would be barred under new rules.  Rules that should have been there for a secretary of state.

Just this morning I saw a commentator (Democratic operative) on MSNBC saying Trump should go to distressed black  neighborhoods if he wants their votes.  What does he think would happen?  More at the Star Tribune, but they downplayed the violence.

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Finally! They admit it was a $400 million ransom.

I hope these ladies aren’t holding their breath while waiting for an apology from Andrea Mitchell.

Hillary told the FBI that Colin Powell advised her to use a private server. He has no recollection of it. Hmm… remember the only thing they could find to prosecute from the investigation into Cheney re Valerie Plame? The late Tim Russert who remembered differently from Scooter Libby caused Libby to be indicted and convicted for supposedly lying to the FBIAnd all the time they knew it was Richard Armitage who revealed her name. I’m not  sure the history books reveal that last part.

I hope this is true, we cannot trust Turkey. the United States has begun secretly evacuating the tactical nuclear weapons it had stockpiled at the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik and is transporting them to US bases in Romania.

 Trump went down to Louisiana this morning.  It’s 1:30 and Washington Post finally mentioned it but way down deep on the page.  But before that there are EIGHT anti-Trump stories. In the meantime Jeh Johnson says the president hasn’t come because he has a busy schedule.  Obama is on vacation! I noticed there were many red shirts there with the Samaritan’s Purse logo, a good place to send your donation.

the federal government has been largely silent on the numbers of what they call “Special Interest Aliens” (SIA) being captured in Texas and other border states. The new information obtained by Reuters shows that 6,342 SIAs were apprehended at Mexico’s southern border.  These are all Middle Easterners.  You know what that means.

A very interesting take on the campaign of Donald Trump.  I’ve been reading about Scott Adam’s (he is the creator of Dilbert) take on the campaign on the Althouse blog.  She has mentioned most of his posts on it.


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Clinton Foundation hired cyber firm after suspected hacking: sources so it is not as if they were not warned.  Now let’s see what they found.

The newswers are all worried over internet hate.  They are the ones who use twitter the most. They are the ones who based a lot of news stories from what they thought we were all thinking, when it was Twitter trolls. Also I notice she, or Time magazine, does not allow comments.  Afraid of trolls, I would guess.

Documentation on how Soros tried to steer a Supreme Court ruling on illegal immigration. He also paid a lot of money to Al Gore to help with the Iran deal.

When there is a lot of money designated to be split, fraud will rear its ugly head.  BP money has been used in many ways that had nothing to do with an oil spill.  Some have been charged with fraud. 

The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. refused to allow a plane full of cash to take off for Iran until U.S. prisoners were in the air on their way out of Tehranvia Hot

Target has learned a lesson, listen to  your customers. This is why it was such a silly issue anyway – Most of Target’s stores already have a single-stall bathroom, but this latest investment will ensure every store in the fleet offers that option to shoppers. And most of us who have shopped Target knew that.  For many years there have been so called “Family Restrooms” in these stores (Walmart, too) for men who want to take their children, women to take their boys,  or to change the baby’s diaper by either parent.  And anyone of either sex or transgender could walk right into those restrooms,  so there was no need to raise the transgender flap in the first place.

This article from July is true, but there are no consequences to be faced by the Clinton’s, their cronies, the Clinton foundation, the FBI, DOJ or any and everyone involved in this huge case of government corruption. I wish, but do not believe, We Shall Overcome, this. When the whole of the administration, the Clinton cronies, and even elitists Republicans are involved, or do not care, we are at their mercy.

Inmates made defective combat helmets for the military and no one was prosecuted.

The end of the internet as we know it

If rape doesn’t make Bill Clinton evil, what does?

What’s a Conservative to do?

The Facts show Louisiana flooding was not caused by global warming

Want to know more about Solar, Space and Geomagnetic weather?  Read this.

Don’t bother to read that Bush biography by a Bush Derangement Syndrome author.

When a lawyer is past his sell date, in this case said lawyer has Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Where’s the letter from Democratic Security Officials Opposing Hillary?  oh, right, they’re over there rewriting the reports on ISIS for their boss.

Historical Bias in the News You Get, and the reporters who did it.  Most of the same who are doing it now.


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