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I won’t be posting again until next week.  We are going to the Hill Country to relax and look at wildflowers.

The Democrats and their media friends would like to find something nefarious about Nunez announcement of Trump and staff being  spied on.

The truth about the Wounded Warrior smear

Gorsuch’s path to 60 votes closing fast.

Many  foreign Au Pairs are treated very unfairly and the state department knew about it.

T he origin of the Obama administration’s investigation of imaginary Trump-Russia collusion remains murky, but this much is clear: John Brennan, Obama’s Trump-hating CIA director, stands at the center of it.

How The European Union lost its way.  Should it have happened in the first place?

The Democrats (some of them) are finally admitting how they lost the election but that isn’t going to stop them from trying to trash and impeach Trump and all his people.

So now they are worried about internet security at Trump’s Mar a Lago but  never mind  about Hillary’s personal server.

Two leading Native American organizations have penned a letter of support for Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination to the leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Do you think the Trump is Hitler bomb has really be defused? Scott Adams does.

Finally some violent anti-Trump protestors are arrested for assaulting Trump supporters.

Trump has resurrected the long neglected Medaol of Honor Day. Good for him.

And also from Gateway Pundit is this: Trump Credited By Israeli Police for Push That Solved Bomb Threats Case, US Media Ignores

Posted by Stephen Green on Instapundit: A Replica Of The Successful 2015 Obamacare Repeal Is Languishing In Committee.

Wow!   I hope something comes of this. Prosecutors Have Pulled Data From More Than 100 Phones Seized From Inauguration Day Protesters

Facebook, you have a problem with What’s App refusing to allow access to terrorists posts put you at risk as well as us.

Ted Koppel gives his opinion while telling Hannity opinionators are wrong. When they are conservative.

I am so tired of schools of education playing with our childrens lives. Now they have evidence that middle schools are bad for 6th graders and going back to traditional separate elementary and middle schools to kindergarten-through-eighth-grade campuses is the answer. Why did they change it in the first place? Grant money for study and theses? I know some of you are teachers and educators, what is your opinion after reading this article? Have you heard talk of this?

Have you seen the list of the 13 Texas Counties that want to be included in federal money to help enforce immigration. Most are on the coast and in areas where there is a chance for illegals to enter easily.

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Camille Paglia is totally fed up with current PC culture and feminists who are wimpy snowflakes.

Uh oh, liberal judges have made a boo boo, but never mind, liberals rule anyway.

An explanation of the Nunez revelation.  John Nolte says Trump is 100% vindicated. Of course the Democrats are freaking out.

Powerline opines on the Five Dumbest Questions to Gorsuch. This last link is different from the first, read them both.

Fake News Live, CNN and MSNBC simultaneously showed what purported to be live interviews with the same woman at the same time.

Preschooler suspended over an empty 22 shell casing he brought to school.

Children and  transgender embarrassment goes both ways.                

Here are 10 critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways  – headline in the Washington Post I did not read.  It reminded me of all the body counts I’ve seen of Clinton co-horts who wound up dead.  Funny, we never saw that in the WaPo.

Mubarack is getting out of prison.  One of the many mistakes of the Obama administration. Not that he was to be admired but the Muslim Brotherhood was not better.

For what it’s worth:  A federal judge in Virginia on Friday declined to issue another injunction against President Trump’s second travel ban

Was John Podesta Snared in a Kremlin Power Struggle?

This article is preaching my education religion-  teach phonics not sight words and you will have real readers.

There are 2.4 billion robo-calls every month. The FCC wants to help block them.  I certainly hope this happens and very soon.

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I trust Ted Cruz.  I know he is a politician, but I also know he has struggled to keep his promises .

I opened several links to these Slate articles and then decided to just link to the site, you can pick an choose what you want to read, check out the bias and make up you own mind on the veracity of any claims versus actual statements.

I don’t know about you, but I have watched enough crime shows to think patience could have saved the life of this woman.

Is Spice finally getting his groove on as spokeman?

Rush Limbaugh on the Comey hearings.  From yesterday, I’ll try to listen to today’s to see what he has to say.

Oh, so now you say you cannot correct false reporting on what you are doing. Really?

We already knew about the so called “impartial” press.

Tim Allen is being castigated for being conservative and telling the truth about today’s Hollywood culture.

The headlines on this story is backward, it should have the last phrase first. An honest headline would read:  Lawmaker alleges New Documents Show Trump Aide Laundered Payments from Party with Moscow Ties.  You will see it doesn’t read that way.

A Strange Juxtaposition on Washington Post:

This is already a long list of links, there are many more I could add, but I just suggest you go to and check all those links and choose the ones you want to read.

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Found on Facebook today.  Gramscian Damage.  I believe most of us are aware of this in the background of what has happened to our culture.

Hungary is beginning steps to stop migrants from coming into their country.

There are so many links from on the hearings going on today.  I do think due diligence and listening  to actual testimony is called for. I do have one question for the major media, all sides, and it has been asked many times before: how can there have been no “wiretapping” and yet some people are being investigated through all the many means that covers nowadays?  Just asking.

I will post some links to the ongoing furor, Napolitano got it wrong but he was right…..  “Now, I had known about the fact that the British through GHCQ were passing information back-channel. This was not done at the direction of Barack Obama. Let’s be clear about that. It was being done with the full knowledge of people like John Brennan and Jim Clapper,” Johnson said Sunday.  The actual interview was on CNN and was an unexpected answer to a question.

And Don Surber has this: Comey Makes no Sense And I include this because indeed he doesn’t. 

About Liberals and being smug.

The feel good story of the day: TERRIFIC: Trump Sees Supporters Waving on Street – Invites Them Over to Mar-a-Lago to Meet Him

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Sarcasm alert. Philly has cancelled a major Cinco  de Mayo celecbration in fear of the immigrations authorities.  What is the history of celebrating this holiday all over America?   We had hardly heard of it when I was young.  BTW I have some Irish and some Mexican roots and I don’t do St. Patrick’s Day either.  I do the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day,  American holidays. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the historyIn the United States, Cinco de Mayo has taken on a significance beyond that in Mexico.[3][4][5][6] In the U.S. the date has become associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture. And an opportunity for illegals to protest.

PBS doesn’t need government funding.  I tried to find a way to get around the pay wall at Wall Street Journal to get this first hand but I could not.  If you subscribe to WSJ online, read it here, if not there are several places with articles citing this and almost completely copying it.

A boy in Idaho was injured when a cyanide “bomb” set out to kill coyotes exploded .  His dog was killed.  We need to be aware that our state is thinking of putting out warfarin to combat feral hogs. It is a huge problem, and well researched (as far as I know) but there are always unintended consequences.  The warfarin involved would  apparently not be not be lethal to any animals but hogs, but still,,, always unintended consequences. As of now there is an injunction against it.

Meals on Wheels national organization has put out a clarifying statement. Apparently they have not been cut at all, but expect to be in the future.

Tim Allen on being conservative in Hollywood.  He has a sitcom but I have never watched, maybe I should.  Last Man Standing.

Pundits got that Republican platform stance on Russia completely wrong. Here’s how.

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Did Donna Brazile just admit to giving questions to both DNC candidates?

More Illegals are trying to get into Canada, Trump’s policies are working.

Trump’s G20 stance is winning them over.

from Instapundit: U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Fall 3 Percent: Global emissions flat for 3rd year in a row despite strong economic growth

Also from Instapundit posted by Ed Driscoll: Posted at 3:00 am by Sarah Hoyt

MY PARENTS AUDITED NUMEROUS “ADULTING” CLASSES — THEY WERE CALLED “THE DEPRESSION,” “WORLD WAR II” AND “THE COLD WAR:” ‘Adulting’ classes prove millennials’ nitwit parents are to blame.

When someone, or even you, complains about the programs President Trump wants to cut you need to apply the Poor Taxpayer Tests as outlined by Willis Eschenbach.

When it comes to documentaries apparently it is no longer conservatives need not apply.

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I am not sure what I think about this: Trump on the House’s health-care bill: “We will take care of our people or I’m not signing it”

Why was this agent’s laptop left in the car and not in the house with her?

The Democrats stance on immigration will lead to electoral disaster.  We can only hope so.

From Instapundit a discussion of anti-elitism, history and causes.

ROGER SIMON: Of Course, Trump Was Surveilled — Isn’t Everybody? from Instapundit.

A hit job aimed at Roger Stone.  Where did that come from?

That Maryland ruling against the travel orders will go to the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA.

Five 9th Circuit Judges Dish Out Ruthless Take Down to Anti-Trump Travel Ban Decision

By the time I get this in the mail you will probably have heard it in five different places, but Donna Brazile finally  admits she shared those debate questions with Clinton.

The laugh for the day:  Democrat Congressman says the way to oppose fake news is to watch news outlets like MSNBC.

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What about those threats against Trump and his administration?  Are threats okay now?

Look who was probably behind that McDonald’s tweet to Trump.  They act like high school kids.

FBI Deputy Director failed to include his wives ties to Hillary on his financial disclosure forms.  However,  since she was running for the Virginia State senate they should have checked a little bit more than usual. The donations from Clinton bundlers and McAuliffe’s political action committee totaled nearly $600,000; however, none of these donations appeared on the 2015 “Executive Branch Personnel Financial Disclosure Report  filed by McCabe………..                      While there is a box on the forms for spousal income, the Office of Government Ethics does not require that executive branch personnel fill it out. Political donations to a spouse’s campaign are also not required to be disclosed. OGE justifies their decision citing a lower level of transparency for spouses.”

Police in Spain found this terrorist cache of weapons in January and it is just now being leaked to the people of Europe.  Also in Fox news yesterday.

Politifact once again insists illegals are not criminals

How many times have we been told illegals get no food stamps?  Many, many times. So then, how does this happen?  Of course Washington Post doesn’t dare use that word, illegal, in a headline.

From one of those “fake news” sites: Lawyer connected to Challenge to Trumps travel ban is connected to Obama and Osama bin Laden’s driver.  And from Powerline: A Liberal Coup is in Progress

 Michael Savage violently assaulted outside restaurant in Marin County Bookworm the blogger lives in Marin County. I hope she is well disguised.

Perceptions aren’t reality but they do matter. Perceptions are that Trump’s Policies are working.

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How John Brennan and the Brits tried to tip the election to Hillary.

Those highly touted (screamed)  Trump Tax Returns did much more good than harm for him, so of course now the conspiracy theory is that he was the one who leaked them.  And according to this they were old news, released by Trump a year ago.

The Washington Post has had a very busy year sliming Trump every day and ever4y which way, but they have finally noticed something bad is going on in Turkey.

Liberals just don’t understand turning more control over to states and asking Medicaid recipients to get jobs and pay part of their own way. We all know how many more were added to those rolls to make Obamacare look good.  We all know there are those who genuinely need our help and then there are those who need to help themselves.

Had you heard about this? Eight current and former Navy officials — including an admiral — were named in a new indictment in the “Fat Leonard” bribery case on Tuesday.  I had not, another case of the WaPo being too involved with dissing Trump to lead with stories like this.  It was way down on the only page but at least it was there.

Son of an Islamic Terrorist has turned to the right side and says Obama has done a lot of damage.

Healthcare issues.  Richard Fernandez writes of this in Monkey Trap.  I don’t listen to Michael Savage, his presentation is just too savage as far as I am concerned, but he is right on more than one occasion, just linking one though. 

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