Links and Comments, March 27, 2015

What does it take to get fired at the White House.  Watch your back if you get Michelle against you.

Texas has a problem – Texas Education Centers are milking the taxpayers.

Bergdahl’s defense – He just wanted to be gone a few days and then be a whistle blower.

What are the odds?  Who will be the Republican candidate? Handicapping the 2016 field by Krauthammer and   Republican Bracketology by Charles Cook

Stock Market Rigging is no Longer a Conspiracy Theory

The 1939 Flag of Palestine- surprise it is Jewish.   If the mainstream media would run this perhaps Obama would learn from it.  Thanks to Jim Little for the link.

Rand Paul came out swinging (with words, of course) against the other Republican contenders for President.

A New Generation of Saudi Leaders and Foreign Policy   For news on all of this read this.

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Links and Comments, Thurs. March 26, 2015

Saudi Arabia leads Air Assault in Yemen   launching airstrikes in coordination with a coalition of 10 nations. I read through this looking for the names of the 10 nations but did not find them.  Why it matters, The Saudi intervention.

Tom Cotton will be a handy scapegoat for Obama when the Iran deal fails.

 It is so hard for the Washington Post to admit Bill O’Reilly was right about Bergdahl they had to put it like this:   In late January, “The O’Reilly Factor,” generally a factory of news analysis and bloviation, broke news. Bergdahl was going to face desertion charges, reported the program, based on an interview by host Bill O’Reilly with retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer of the London Center for Policy Research. “The key violation is desertion,” said Shaffer, who alleged that Bergdahl’s attorney had received a “charge sheet.”

The House may be about to pass the “doc fix” bill.  We’ll see if that happens.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander-  The arguments of the Confederate Flag license plate in Texas.  A quote from the story: The only clear, consistent rule would be: States must either throw open their specialty-tag programs to all comers, from Daughters of the American Revolution to Citizens for Jihad, or eliminate them.

China didn’t get Obama’s climate change message.

More Federal Workers Owe Taxes to the IRS than ever before.

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Links and Comments, Wed. March 25, 2015

There are quite a few stories of Israel spying on the Iran talks (they deny it) but they all seem to stem from this article in the Wall Street Journal, Israel spied on Iran talks with US.  Legal Insurrection has the backstory with comments.

I have to admit I get annoyed, and let’s just face it, angry when I see ads for drugs on TV or in magazines.  There was a time when that was not allowed and the price of those drugs have gone up a huge amount since advertising was allowed.

Gee, can you believe their might have been favoritism for Terry McAuliffe and Hillary’s brother?

There probably hasn’t been a whole lot of news coverage of the Hispanics who want tougher immigration laws, but there is this.

If you drink Starbucks coffee you may want to stop buying it.  The CEO has told shareholders if they hold the Christian view of marriage to sell their shares.

According to an expert the FBI tweaked figures to make it seem there is an increase in mass shootings. The media has a hand in that, too, with their minute to minute coverage of anything they think helps the liberal cause.

Watch as a reporter holds the State Dept spokesperson’s feet to the fire on the question of why so friendly to Iran and not to Israel.

We live in such a strange world. Our government compiles exhaustive statistics on race and crime, but to cite them can be racist   Victor Davis Hanson says in Rules for Racialist, Part 1.

I am sorry I have been a little lax with my tea party work and emails lately, some of you may like it that way.  I have had some health issues, not extremely serious but fatiguing, AND have been house hunting for a house in town.  Well, I’m through with the testing and have a contract on a house.  So maybe I can pay more attention, or maybe I’ll be busy getting ready to move.  Wish me luck and expect more emails. I don’t know when we will be able to have another tea party meeting but hoping for soon.

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Links and comments, Mon. March 23, 2015

The Death Cult of the modern American Democratic Party

I just watched this video ad Ted Cruz just released.  It was pretty much as I expected but I really, really, like the ending line when he says, “if you want more of the same, there will be plenty to choose from.” How right he is on that.

Inhofe blasts climate “witch hunt.”

Secret Nazi Lair found in Argentine jungle – sounds like the plot for a book – it was.

The New Party of No  it seems whichever party is not in power is the party of no.

Marco Rubio has shown he belongs in the Race – apparently Jennifer Rubin wants him in.

I do not follow left leaning sites on Facebook so I did not know this lie was being spread about Tom Cotton, but I am not surprised.  Factchecker has given it Four Pinnochio’s.  I do not appreciate this one in which they deny the Obama/Frank Davis connection against all the evidence they give for it .

Had you realized this?  Four Texans to Choose from for President  I don’t think Pimentel approves.

Trey Gowdy means business  Turn over the emails, Hillary.

Conservative seethe after attack from allies of Boehner – count me among those who are seething.

“Just like the Nazis marked the property of Jews,” Lara Logan told viewers of 60 Minutes last night, “Christian homes in Mosul have been marked with this red symbol.” And the marauding terrorist army of ISIS does it for the same purpose — genocide.  At last, many who watch only CBS or one of the alphabet networks are getting a true story of what is going on. Or at least some of it.  via Hot Air

Round Two by Richard Fernandez on what is happening in the Middle East.  It’s not just the Jewish base. There are now Democrats, like Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who are openly questioning the president’s strategy. That itself is a sign that it is no longer business as usual. But what may make the situation different this time is that Obama no longer has the means to recover. He has lost so much ground, burned so many bridges and double-crossed too many allies to turn the situation around with light-footprint methods. You need to read it all.

Marco Rubio has a three part plan for post Obamacare

I am not one to promote conspiracy theories but I think you should read this one.

d.  It was pretty much as I expected but I really, really, like the ending line when he says, “if you want more of the same, there will be plenty to choose from.” How right he is on that.


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Links and Comments, Sunday March 22, 2015

Hands up don’t shoot didn’t happen in Ferguson – at last the Washington Post admits it but doesn’t address their own culpability in the events that happened with the riots from those who thought it happened.

See what Obama considers more important than Iran getting a nuclear weapon.

In Case you didn’t see this in the past, here is a reminder of the mind of Obama and his minions who are realizing their dream of taking America down.

If all the Washington Post can find to report on Jeb Bush is old history of his wife and her father, he may be a better candidate than I had thought.  They seem to fear him.

Ted Cruz will be the first to actually announce he is running for president  but Jerry Brown says he is unfit to run because of his stance on climate change.  He also said he would run if he were younger.

Khamenei calls Death to America as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal  we live in a surreal world.

Have you heard of Irish Travelers? I have but not very often.

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Links and Comments, Sat., March 21, 2015

The Washington Post editorial board is chiding the Democrats for being The New Party of NO. The Washington Examiner brings St. Patrick into the mix to shame the Democrats opposition to the trafficking bill. But  At least one Democrat knew an abortion amendment was in the trafficking bill.

France is not taken in by the Iranian push for a deal with Obama. or make that, Obama’s push for a deal for Iran.  Wall Street Journal has an article on this you can access, also.   Paris is demanding Tehran address evidence that it has conducted research into the development of nuclear weapons to get those U.N. penalties relaxed.

An article on the Last Sane Liberal, one I refer to often. In today’s world he would be called a right leaning Democrat.  I am speaking of Daniel Moynihan who predicted the breakdown of the family due to Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.

Jonathan Capehart is facing terrible criticism for being a black man who debunked Hands up, don’t shoot.  Truth is hard to face sometimes.

U.S, is pulling troops, special forces, from Yemen.

I don’t know if Obama really thinks the Ayatollah has a fatwa against nuclear weapons, but he is very sadly mistaken if he does.

Role of Hillary’s brother in Haitian gold mine is raising eyebrows— well gee, Clinton business as usual, isn’t it.  And on the Clinton business note, foreign donors don’t really want to say why they contributed to the foundation.

You will Pay for Climate Change, by Hook or by Crook

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Links and Comments, March 20, 2015

Richard Fernandez has a way with words and I really like these In What Me Worry? : As predicted in yesterday’s post Obama’s foreign policy has nowhere to go, but he’s prepared to go there with considerable velocity.

I hope Gen Petraeus is actually being consulted, and more importantly, listened to of the Iran issues.  Richard Fernandez has also weighed in on this with De Horror, De Horror.

McConnell is asking the states to help save their coal plants against the edicts of the EPA.  This shows One way to save a coal plant and at the same time help the manatees.  

Sanctions against the administration possible from the judge in the immigration case. Be sure to read, or at least look at, the headlines of the listed related articles associated with this one.

Scientists/biologists have asked for a moratorium on a new technique that could alter human DNA.

Received from Jim Little, just in case you are not as involved as you should be: How to contact the SenateTo contact the house.

Are SUPERFOODS really good for you?

Quoted from Graffiti:  Do we need the exclamation point? – Nothing surprises us anymore.

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Links and Comments, March 19, 2015

To celebrate National Freedom of Information Day, the Obama administration decided to exempt the Office of Administration from Freedom of Information Act requests.

Some children from gay marriages are not at all satisfied with the arrangements, they missed out on having a father.  A pretty obvious thought from a lot of us and from them.

It is hard to believe but apparently the White House has lost Thomas Friedman on Iran.  Yet I would bet he would vote for Obama again in a heartbeat if he had the chance. via Hot Air.  Also at   Also at Hot Air read this.

Obama thinks maybe it is time we have mandatory voting.  I think it is time he took a look at the Constitution.

I do not want Jeb Bush to run for president.  I do not think we should have the same family in office more than once a century or maybe every 50 years. But Politico apparently fears it so much they have to look very deep to find offenses they can write about.  This time they are going after his father in law.

More from someone’s “special friends” in their ideas to attack the USA.

23 Dreamers from Obama’s Amnesty Snared in Criminal Dragnet

Islamic State is Claiming “credit” for the Tunisia attack.  None of us are surprised at this.

Obama has his feeling hurt, so watch out Israel.  What a juvenile administration and media we have.

When it comes to world finance this is definitely “change”  that is not good for the USA.

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Links and Comments, March 18, 2015

Will Warmists Please Stop Whining

I was going to the original source on this but I decided the commentary on it is just as, or more, important for you to read.  Hands up, don’t shoot was built on a lie

Ted Cruz Didn’t Terrify that Little Girl

I am told Rush was talking about the New York Times editorial against Netanyahu, here it is. I have heard many clips of media personnel calling him a racist. They cannot believe the one they wanted for the Great One, Obama, could have lost. The Telegraph UK has a different take on it.   U.S. Liberals are really hurting, here is a headline from Jonathan Alter in the Daily Beast.

The man who shot the police in Ferguson is claiming the police beat him up, but a local TV station has video of a fight with a larger male right before the shooting.  Uh oh, shooter’s can be liars.

Why Moral Values Matter by Alan Caruba

The price the people of Ferguson paid for the lies of the mainstream media.

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Links and Comments, March 16, 2015

I wish someone could trace this photocopied anti-American lesson to its source.  Unbelievable Anti-American Text used in an Alaskan School - by one obviously American hating teacher.

We’ve made the Heritage Foundation’s The Daily Signal- In Texas, State Leaders attack local governments for Going Big on Regulations.  During remarks at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s 13th annual Policy Orientation in January, Abbott said that “the truth is, Texas is being California-ized with bag bans, fracking bans, tree-cutting bans…We are forming a patchwork quilt of bans and rules and regulations that are eroding the Texas Model.”  Does anything in that statement look familiar to your local government?

Ted Cruz tells NASA it is time to get back to the basics

The Feds plan to track every fish and crustacean shipped to U.S. ports I understand we do not want illegal trafficking in seafood, but I can tell the price is going up with this in effect.

Boston has broken its seasonal record for snowfall

Living Under its Freedoms?  Respect Old Glory

The Obama administration has quietly killed an IRS tax preparation program designed to help low-income and disadvantaged citizens, choosing instead to give millions of dollars to liberal groups for the same purpose.

Even the liberal magazine Atlantic is going after Hillary   it makes one wonder who else they have in mind.

And Linda Chavez chastises Holder for pouring salt In our race wounds.

Al Sharpton demands the best when he speaks at colleges that would be the food, hotels and accommodations for himself, not the best of the college students in being good citizens.

Even though Republicans, the conservative ones, had an overwhelming victory at the polls the White House is Calling the Shots.  And I blame the Republican Elitist that are at the top of the party rolls.

If our leaders, media elites continue to fail to illuminate the true nature of the nuclear threat we face, Americans will remain blind to the most realistic means for extinguishing those threats

This story of returning found WWII dog tags brought tears to my eyes.  I think it will bring them to yours, too.

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