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The media has been planning on a Hillary presidency for years.

The Zika Virus:  Visitors to the Dominican Republic account for more than a fifth of the confirmed Zika cases in the U.S. through mid-July, according to data from state health departments. New York, Florida and California alone tally 304 cases linked to the country, the data show.

Those leaked email show names of donors, big donors, who would, or should be appointed to federal office.

The emails confirm the Washington Post is definitely promoting Hillary, they are not shamed, today they have another story comparing Trump with Hitler.  They are shameless.

Hugh Hewitt has done the research on the media bias on twitter reporting and commenting on Melania Trump vs the Democrat leaked emails.  I think the media uses Twitter far more than the voting public and get the wrong idea of the country from them. They think the populace is using and getting their ideas from Twitter far more than is real.

Dick and I were watching when Ellison said George Wallace ran as a Republican,  George Stephanopolous did not correct him.  I do not think either one of them was embarrassed, I think it was a plan to paint him as a Republican.  It didn’t work this time, how many times has it worked?

Racially Incorrect Facts Regarding Race and Slavery

Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People

Greg Sargeant has been outed as a DNC shill at the Washington Post, wikileaks strikes again.

Cuomo is accused of violating the Hatch act, not just for San Antonio Hispanics anymore.



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Let the “Hillary Leak” series of emails from Wikileaks begin.  That was written Saturday, today’s news bring even more, Debbie not exactly banned from convention, but will only open and close it; emails questions Bernie’s religion;  PLANNED ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTS (let’s say it altogether, We are not surprised!); and held a joint fundraiser with the Washington Post even though they all knew that was illegal.

Bernie’s Revolution marches to Philly I had not planned to watch the DNC convention but it may be entertaining instead of just sickening.  Businesses are warned to Batten down the Hatches.

The New York Times says the Democrats are a party without a cause.

Oh what a tangled web, when Obama is called a racist by a Latina Democrat, she quickly backs it down.

Want to see what Cruz actually added to his speech? Here it is. I do not see how anyone, especially Trump, could take umbrage from those words.

Who is this Guccifer 2.0 who released those DNC emails to Wikileaks?  Why, the Russians of course.

If you are a Never Trumper, you might want to read this.

Most of this was read and gathered on Saturday.  I am posting it early because of a busy day ahead.  I maybe posting more later today, maybe not.

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It’s just sad  to see how right we were to think the media was so closely tied to the DNC.

No wonder the USA is so deep in debt and Medicare gets so much of the blame.  Multiply this by the possibilities in Medicare, Medicaid and all the other departments of government and we could probably kill the national debt by simply getting rid of fraud.

Do not forget, or take your eyes off the Panama Papers.  Almost lost among the many revelations is the fact that Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Oh Hillary!  FBI shuts down Russian spy ring for being too cozy with Hillary.

Obama’s Half brother (who is an American Citizen) says he will be voting for Trump.  I’m not sure this proves a lot.

Why voters are so angry.  We really didn’t need this very long article to tell us this, but it is validation.

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Five Charged in French Truck attack.  Another Gee, Who Knew moment.  Obviously not the French authorities as they did not even have them on their radar.

Will Cruz be vindicated?  Time will tell, but I don’t think Trump did himself any favors this morning by doubling down on the JFK rumor his friend started, he looked small.  Kicking someone when down is not something a true good character does.

Why are we hearing so much of this, female teachers and their students having sex? EWWW icky and what is wrong with this picture?  Depravity, no self respect and no respect for their job, for starters.

The Philadelphia Police Union is unhappy with DNC for celebrating blacks, even criminal blacks killed by cops but not cops killed by blacks or whites.  I hope they all vote for Trump.

These treasure hunters are wasting the time and the patience of the search and rescue teams.

I remember first hearing about the theory of what are called fossil fuels actually being formed deep within the earth without benefit of dinosaurs or other animal matter in the mid 1980’s.  I have to say it made sense to me. Now we have the news that Titan has lakes and river made of methane and ethane. Read this, it explains it much better than I can.

Today must be science day, or make that science theory day because right after reading the above, this showed up. Snowball Earth

Matt Walsh on Uniting around Principles I will vote Trump but I will not abandon Cruz and I have contributed to his campaign for Senate. (the non widow’s mite)

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An Open Letter to Republican Trump Naysayers.  Austin Bay is calling the anti-Trumpers Peter Pan Republicans.  Ted Cruz addresses his delegates this morning about his speech. A post in Ted’s defense.

If you Didn’t see Pastor Darrel Scott’s convention speech last night, watch it now.

From Instapundit: IRS WORKER COMMITS IDENTITY THEFT: Hack theft, not hacking. In the sense Lois Lerner was an Obama-Clinton political hack. Also an IRS worker nabbed on bribery charges and another on defrauding the government. OK, just three crimes (just three!), but the IRS is in desperate need of reform. Here’s the Inspector General Report for complete details (July 20 section of the report).

Another Democrat for whom laws don’t matter.

US Navy accused of prirating software – $600 millions worth

A Democratic National Committee delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton tried to murder her husband with a gun on Sunday, but the national media won’t talk about it.

Trumps plan for “burrowing” federal employees.

One of Hillary’s top VP picks has an email problem of his own. When that birds of a feather saying counts.

Democrats with bylines.  Something we already knew, but in case you didn’t this convention should have proved it. I’m sure they will all be comfy, cozy with the Democrats.

Calculated Risk – Richard Fernandez stating the truth, that is really all we have left.

I hope this is the last thing on the Trump/Cruz fiasco I have to send.  Trump is the nominee and I will vote for him vs Hillary.  I hope you do too.





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Rapper Will I. Am says “Killing cops not the answer, we gotta stop killing ourselves.”

Something to keep in mindGod Hears Prayers, not rabble rousers.

Three Modest Propositions by Victor Davis Hanson.  Brief, concise and to the point.

The Washington Post data on people who are killed by police, this is what Sheriff Clark was referring to when trying to get Don Lemon of CNN to listen.

Just who is coming across our border with Mexico.  These graphs will tell the story.

About the charges of plagarism by the Melania Trump speechwriter  I’ve wondered who said the words first, or how old they are, and I really think they go further back than this.

This Instapundit blog post has many links imbedded in it.  It is important that you read the post and in many cases read the links.  I know many of you have limited time for this but I hope you will take the time.

Obama Administration is allowed to let temporary workers join unions.

A word to the wise for those of us who are elderly, be sure to take your medicine.

This is the true feel good story of the day, and the cops are the heroes.

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This is making me so angry, we have been purposely divided as a nation.

The Turks are taking a very bad turn.

The White House has no use for petition asking that Black Lives Matter be labeled a terrorist organization. I didn’t sign any of the petitions, I knew they really didn’t care what I or anyone else thought about it.  As a member of the tea party they think I am a terrorist.

Tired of being told what you just watched?  Try C-span.  I watch C-span a lot, especially Washington Journal every morning.  They also broadcast many of the hearings. If you cannot get it all on your TV try it online.

Conservative Latino leaders announce plans to back Trump.

An unoccupied police cruiser was firebombed outside a Florida mosque Sunday morning and a note supporting the Black Lives Matter movement was found at the scene, police said.

Obama’s Legacy – Dead Cops and I might add, many dead black men killed by other black men in gang wars and drug deals.  He could have done so much to try to reinforce the black families, to get young black me to stop have babies by many different women, black women (and white women) from having babies out of wedlock.  And a biggie saving many babies from being wasted by abortion.

Another cop acquitted in the Freddie Gray death.

Sarah Hoyt will find usually says the right thing, and if she finds someone who says it better, she shares.  Thank you Sarah.

Who is to blame for bias?

Should GOP seek fraud charges against Al Gore?  Should the world seek fraud charges? Should we just make him a laughing stock. There is a major spelling error at the site of this article.

Probably you have already seen this video, this is just in case you haven’t.  Sheriff Clark argues with Don Lemon on CNN.

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I haven’t heard a word about this on TV. The Black Panthers formed a chapter in Baton Rouge on Saturday.

Thought Reform in AmericaI would call it thought control.

Did Erdogan Stage a Coup to Crack Down on Opponents.  This may be a clue.  Bookie agrees with me.  Here’s a telling quote from Erdogan, that champion of democracy /sarc

Tom Brokaw thought we would be a different nation by nowHe thinks he was wrong, he thought Obama was going to change America for the good. He thinks we are stubborn and obstinate as children who will not learn. We have learned. We have learned we have a very ideological president who leans Muslim and is definitely a racist. We are a different nation, just not for the good. There is this: How Obama left us more racially divided than ever, written by a black man.

The Baton Rouge shooter was a member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.  A year ago Farrakan called for a war on cops.  I think this one answered the call.

Obama’s speech after the latest round of cop killing sounds good.  I wish I thought it was sincere. What I think is they all knew what he should have been saying all along and wanted us to think it is sincere.

Al Sharpton is even sleazier than we thought, well, maybe I did think he was that bad.  But this sounds  as bad as those emails from the African princes who just need your bank number to share their millions with you.

Hmmm…. if you want to visit Rome you best make it soon–maybe.

From Instapundit: THE WORLD’S MOST HATED INVENTION? In 1935, the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma. We’ve been cursing them ever since.




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Ben Stein is sick of it, sick I tell you.  And so are you and I; sick of the hypocrisy so rampant in the sports world, entertainment world and media world.

I am extremely offended by this article.  The writer cannot believe the first woman astronaut could actually be a Republican, possibly even a conservative.  Read the comments. And sadly,  I am probably a distant cousin to her.

Uh oh! Huma and Hillary may have some ‘splaining to do according to Breitbart concerning the 28 pages just released from the 9/11 report.  In looking at the report I find there is a lot of may be, may have been, could be and that type speculation in those pages.  But as for the Abedin connection there is atual information. Here is what the link had to say about it that gives a good explanation of the concern:

Posted By:Dreadnought, 7/15/2016 11:37:41 PM  – The declassified “28 Pages” released by Congress Friday afternoon concerning 9/11, terror funding, and Saudi Arabia contains a bombshell piece of information: The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) is specifically named as having connections to terror funding and support for a number of worldwide terror groups. As Breitbart News has reported exclusively, the “Abedin family business” is an academic group called the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs that is based in the London offices of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth and its parent organization, the Muslim World League. Huma Abedin, born in the United States but raised in—

John Hindraker of Powerline Blog now believes we must elect Donald Trump.

I hate to be an I told you so, but I told you so.  The Pulse Club wasn’t targeted because it was a gay bar.  Immediately after the attack one of the survivors said on TV news that it was the happening place every weekend where everyone came even though it was first a gay bar, the crowd was very mixed. The man did not have HIV and was a longtime user of steroids, those are new facts just released. I was able to read only the Lucianne link as LA Times has a paywall and limits reading of free articles.

Progressive/Socialists/Communist links to the BLM Movement.  A post in Ace of Spades blog with some links to other important information.

Richard Fernandez on the Turkey situation and our surprised state department.

Increased CO2 is no threat to mankind.  It’s all good, folks. Trust me on this one.

Turkey Coup: Try to picture Trump handling this well.  While it is written to disparage Trump, NeoCon says it is a perfect description of what Obama is actually doing on purpose.

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Did you see Newt last night.  He is for getting serious about Muslims in America.  Many don’t like it. I like a strong stance but we do have a constitutions and it must be followed.

The writer of this piece doesn’t understand why Trump delayed the announcement of his VP choice. I see it in 2 ways; 1. out of respect for the nation of France and the victims; 2. Waiting for the cable talk of the terrorist attack to die down so he could be the one all over the talk shows. This writer has a take that thinks it will be bad for him.  So far predictions that something is bad for Trump have been way off the mark.  Especially those carried by the Washington Post. And by the way the “Never Trump” people have lost the battle.  And this one compares Trump to the prosperity gospel preacher Joel Osteen.  The people of the Washington Post do NOT live in my world.  I just sit here shaking my head in wonderment.

It is now coming out what extreme demons these ISIS people are.  We had heard about burning people alive, drowning them in cages, but this shows an extreme cruelty that was kept from the public at the Bataclan massacre.  I suspect this is not their first try at these tortures.

Neocon says we have been at war since Sept 11th, 2001.  Something I’ve been telling people for quite a long time.  I do not understand how anyone can not see it that way.

The Invention of Hispanics.  

How Hard is this to Figure out?  For some people it is impossible.

If burning fossil fuels killed the dinosaurs, where did the fossil fuels come from.  We’ve been told for years, since my childhood, that fossil fuels came from the age of the dinosaurs.  So?????

Bluebell announces a new ice cream flavor.  I am not one who likes the first cookies and cream ice cream.

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Why Dallas? It was one of the best cities for black/white unity and police were doing exactly what they were told by the commission set up by Obama to reduce police towards black problems.

Already 240 published papers in 2016 show climate consensus is a fantasy.  Be sure to read the comments to see the one who says Michael Crichton was not a scientist being taught, but doesn’t learn, Dr. Crichton’s scientific credentials.

Justice Ginsburg has expressed regret at the Trump remarks.  At least now we know exactly how she feels.

The FBI investigated the Orlando shooter for 10 months and found nothing. Here’s why.  Someone should have told the IRS he was a conservative, then they could have read him emails, tapped his phone and in general done a real job of it.

Instructions for Bringing Down the Left.

A little late to the game.  Politico Magazine has finally figured out there is something really fishy about Hillary and her emails. And strangely some have to do with a Russian nuclear deal.  And also strange are some pertaining to Bill and some meeting with foreign nations. Strange… they also agree with the idea it is Nixonian, something is missing. Wow, who knew? /sarc

If black lives matter….. stop killing black babies.


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