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Tribalism, I must admit the people I send these emails to are people of my tribe. I’m sure there are some things we disagree on, but over all we have the same agendas.  My tribe, you are of the right and in the right.  So, keep it up. And remember all links can be shared with others and all are pasted on my blogsite . (these links are always sent out as emails to a list of conservative friends)

The Angry Liberal Mob

The Mueller Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Moves On  This tells us Where the Mueller dogs should have, but didn’t bark.

DC Whispers has a warning for us.

District Court Judges, are they necessary and mandated?

“the judiciary is one branch of the government that looks a lot more like an Ivy League faculty than like America as a whole.”  By Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit), How to End the Judiciary Class War.  More about the author: Glenn Harlan Reynolds is the Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee. He blogs at and writes for such publications as The Atlantic, Forbes, Popular Mechanics, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Trump is outraged the media is not reporting that most of the Russian spending for trolls happened after the election.  I am too.  I am also outraged that the media fails to recognize itself as willing participants in the tactics for divisions used by the Russians.

“The FBI of course did what the relevant authorities did in the case of Omar Mateen, the case of Nidal Hasan, the case of Adam Lanza: nothing.”  From Fire the FBI Chief.  Frankly I don’t agree that is who should be fired.  The persons who stopped the investigations should be found and shamed, then fired.  It will be multiple people because it is multiple crimes, but all of these cases should have been known to multiple people.

Overheated claims on Global Temperature records.  Many do not understand statistics and the margin of error in them.

PC Campus Reform needed, how one prof overcame the PC world.

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Several of these articles linked are very long, they are also very informative and thought provoking.  Skim if you must, but try to get to all of them.

There have been many facebook posts blaming Trump for making it easy for mentally ill people to buy guns, Not True, read this.

Mueller and Lois Lerner in the same sentence may sound odd, but they conspired against conservative groups seeking 501(c)(4) status.

You might be interested in this discussion on the history of liberalism/progressivism.

If Muellers indictment isnt a nothingburger you could be forgiven for making that mistake I suspect the grand jury who voted on this thought they were doing good. I feel a little sorry for them, I wonder how educated they were. It was in DC.

Brennan- just how intelligent is this man? Not the title of this article, but my reaction to it. Sly, and sleazy are words that come to mind. Was this whole Russiagate thing also a way to get back at Comey. If so, that part has partially worked. There is much more to this story, probably a few books to get the facts straight sometime in the future.

Ann Althouse says the New York Times insults our intelligence in not knowing what is false and what is not in social media. She has more faith in the American people. I’m not sure about some of them but ONE liberal has said “We were punked about 45.” Meaning she knew she had fallen into the hate trap of liberals on facebook. She has posted some very nasty stuff re Trump.

George Soros doesn’t want people of any nation to hear the truth, or even both sides of a story.

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Exploding stories today!  But life goes on, the president keeps presidenting and the media keep trying to stop him.  All is going as usual.

Biggest one just broke, it’s Friday doncha know, Mueller finally has some indictments, I think he is working for Facebook who sold ads to those Russians, unknowingly, of course. Frankly I laughed when I heard what he had done, really? The Russians?  You think they will come for trial?  ‘ Rosenstein said his team has not had communication with Russia about the indictments and would go through normal channels for the extradition of those indicted. However, the U.S. government has no extradition treaty with Russia. In the past, Russia has not cooperated with these requests.”

Funny coincidence how it happened these articles came out today: Inside the Two Years That Shook Facebook—and the World  (Zuckerberg, king of the world), and Garrett Graff on Trump, Mueller, Russia, and Cybersecurity (do you think there might have been some high level leaking going on that the media did NOT report, except for this?)

Soros funds may get their comeuppance.

What’s Oozing Out of Campuses Is Polluting Society  Many of us have noticed this in the youngsters we love.

DNC Fundraises Off Florida Shooting  not for the first time.

It is easy to hoax those who want to believe the worst, no he wasn’t a white supremacist.

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Interesting article on Republicans with a globalists agenda exposing their opinions to the press and not realizing they were doing so.

Google was some of the big money behind the effort to label conservative sites as “fake news.”

Google turns on default adblocker within Chrome I have an adblocker on my browsers. I commonly use Firefox and Chrome.  Many pages ask that you disable your adblocker to read their news articles.  On some that works, but Firefox and now Chrome have some built in adblockers it is hard to disable. So you either pay to read the site or you pass it by. I pass them by.

The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It I hadn’t noticed they had stopped reporting on it. I don’t believe they have, but an interesting read.

Now, this I didn’t hear reported at all, but of course there was that school shooting to get everyone else (except Mika and Joe) off the presidential political fake new for a while. Adam Schiff contradicts Pelosi and admits Dem memo does contain ‘sources and methods’

Mueller seems to be trying to cover up something a little bit on the sleazy side re Flynn.  This may turn out to get really, really interesting.

Normalizing Democrat Violence  there seems to be no holds on violence upon Republicans but on the other hand the dems are all over media on gun control today.  Did they do that when Scalise was shot?

I cannot imagine or follow all the spy vs spy intrigue going on investigating, who knew what, who did what, why who did what, but you and I might gain a little knowledge reading this.

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There is a lot about what is not normal about this presidency, Ben Shapiro doesn’t mention by name the main one, the attitude of the media. The total lack of respect, the total lack of looking at any fact that doesn’t make their side of the story, which is to bring down the president.  The hatred I see in social media is also not normal, not in the country I was brought up in, the one called the UNITED States of America. We are in a very not normal state of siege by the press who seem to think they have to burn down the village to rid the town of the plague of the Trump presidency.

The Trump, Clinton Scandals Are Claiming A Lot Of Bodies — At FBI And Justice  Draining the swamp, but there are many alligators left.

The leftists in Israel are really, really after Netanyahu.

James Comey has been sneaky all along, has he also lied to Congress?

How could the news media fail to mention this: Obama’s Senior Policy Adviser for Education Was Arrested and Prosecuted For Taking Upskirt Pictures of Unknowing Women at a Metro Station, and Somehow We’re Just Learning This Over a Year Later and learning it from The Daily Mail UK at that!

Apparently that NSA thing this morning was some real Darwin Award winners thinking they were avoiding the police by turning into the wrong spot.  On the other hand I may have flattered them by calling them Darwin Award Winners – from Wikipedia: The criterion for the awards states, “In the spirit of Charles Darwin, the Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives.  There were no fatalities.

Ahhh…. The Susan Rice Memo, is she CYAing herself?  John Hindraker thinks so.

Scott Adams explains something about how the media used Charlottesville against Trump.  At the time I realized this and knew exactly what was said as opposed to what they were reporting. You may have also.  Anyway read this, it confirms what we knew and thought, but sometimes it is good to be confirmed in your views, and that is why the anti-Trumpers were so eager to accept the worst interpretation.

One reason to live on the Gulf Coast in S Texas. But I doubt Yellowstone will erupt in my lifetime.

CAUGHT IN CORRUPTION: Yahoo Needs To Fire Michael Isikoff Or Perish

Not the funny of the day, but the most ironic. NFL Player Who Kneeled to Protest Police Brutality Arrested for Domestic Violence and sadly, not a surprise.

Not funny but ironic from Instapundit: BuzzFeed is being sued by a multimillionaire who says he was falsely connected to the alleged “hacking” in the now infamous “Steele Dossier” that BuzzFeed published wholesale, without any fact-checking.  Read the whole thing.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Hired Yet Another Democratic Donor – This One’s A Former HuffPost Contributor this seems a little less than professional.

From Fox News: Instead of Russian Collusion, Press Should Look at Where Soros’ Billions Are Going

I have done a lot of genealogy, I have looked at many older census pages, every single one has a block to check for citizenship.  Now we have Democrats who do not want that to happen.  How do we know the numbers for representation?  That is the point, they want everyone to be represented as if they were citizens.

Byron York: Comey told Congress FBI agents didn’t think Michael Flynn lied There is more than one type of prison when the government comes down on your for political purposes.  What a tragedy.

In a word, the Grassley-Graham memo is shocking. Yet, the press barely notices.  Via Powerline blog, Andrew McCarthy admits he was wrong.  He had too much trust in the establishment. (my words.)

Some very good ideas from Victor Davis Hanson on Republicans and the country’s debt.

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A little hard to wade through, but do it, all interesting on the setup against the man and people who elected him.

Georgia is considering a highway for trucks only.  We used to call that railroads.

Other countries are having border problems, too.

The same as brick throwing in the Chicago way is what they have done to Trump.

You probably haven’t seen anything about Iran’s latest attack against Israel. It didn’t work.

Cartel Connection: Drug bust hailed as Bay State’s biggest  Not all problems with Mexico are along the borders.

Hillary and her weird friends were responsible for a lot of salacious material in that dossier.

Hmmm…… Bill Preistap not the fall guy, the man who stands amid the rubble?  This will be interesting to see if it is true.  Like the Sherlock Holmes story of the dog who didn’t bark?

This is a very serious article by an extreme liberal, the editor of the The Nation.   Russiagate or Intelgate. He has recognized what we are facing, an almost coup by the intel agencies. Not his words, but mine.

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If you want to become an FBI or CIA agent, no matter your previous experience, you must Think Like a Liberal.

This is a scary analogy, I hope the interference of the intelligence agencies becomes a thing of the past, but I have my doubts.  This is a last chance for us.

This is just creepy, I do not plan to donate my body but if I did I would put stipulations for it.

Ceil comes through with another gem: ‘Hire the best and fire the worst’: Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years  I predict whining and crying, maybe even pink pussy hats.

The Newseum is a monument of absurd self-praise. Journalists and journalism worshiping themselves.  I guess it’s a little like a Hollywood museum.

The current scandal of intelligence services doing the political work of an opposition party is far worse than the Watergate scandal.

He said, she said.  We know it happens, some women do abuse men.

Solar cycles explained, why it’s going to get colder and then warmer and so on ad infinitum. Also this on global cooling, coming from liberal University of California, no less, but with a comic twist.

We Should Care About What Happened to Carter Page: The former Trump aide’s reputation has been ruined — not by a conviction, not by any charges, but by a warrant that was supposed to be secret.  Via Instapundit.

Real food for real thought, We All Live on Campus Now.

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The last post had a bad link, here is the correct one.

Was John McCain just a useful idiot for the DOJ and others?

The flyer for the going away party for that assistants of Comey’s has some very strange wording.

Why did the FBI try to suppress the Nunes memo?  By the way, I looked up the Nunes biography because it appears to be an Hispanic name, in this case it is Portuguese, a closely related language.  Some consider it among the Hispanic languages.  Many don’t.  Many more opinions if you google it.

Google has your data, Tucker Carlson had a piece about it, Richard Fernandez has another one and now Patriot Post has one.  Do we need to take back our data.  How would we do that?  A long time ago many of us shared our genealogy data, it is out there for anyone to see. Now our phones and computers, as well as other internet devices are tracking our every move.

A Uranium Ore informant has some damning evidence, but Democrats say  “Move on along, nothing to see here.”

More heads rolling from the FISA investigations- see the flow chart.

Did Obama micro manage, or did he just have people in place whose views mirrored his so strongly he didn’t have to micro manage?

The intrigue in these messages is just so damning and it saddens me greatly.  What and where is our country going and who is she going to promote? Will it be capitalism, or socialism and a dictatorship.

The irony in this group of messages is so apparent to us, but these two and their cohorts were blind to it.

You might want to read the whole article that starts out this well:  For those who wiled away pleasant undergraduate hours debating whether Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World was the better predictor of our destiny, how remarkable to discover Lewis Carroll was the most prescient of them all.

And you will probably want to read this one, too. How The Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories Yesterday  but you may have noticed that part anyway.

Colder Winters are coming, summers, too.

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Satire and truth at their best.

A liberal having second thoughts about the Iran deal, writing in liberal Slate magazine.

This is from my conservative black friend and blogger, Baldilocks. Almost Woke

The Shiff/Soros wedding from 1992.  This is what happened in 2014.

Fair warning from the blogger Sarah Hoyt, an immigrant American from Portugal who loves this country.

First we had “Clinton and Co. paid for the dossier.” Now we have…  …”Clinton and Co. supplied information for the dossier.”  Scott Johnson of Powerline blog has more to say about it from the Grassley referral.

Yes, the Climatistas who live on grant money have a conflict of interest.

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