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London’s Mayor has warned Trump on the danger of talking against  Muslim refugees.

Clinton Thug Robert Creamer planned Obamacare while in JAIL.   Thanks to Ernest Alexander for sending this along.

Of course Obama knew about Cllinton’s private email server.

We will have more of those cyber attacks since we gave up control of the internet.

 A HEROIC gunman dubbed “The Sniper of Mosul” has struck again as he killed a jihadi executioner moments before the ISIS thug could behead a teenage boy. I love that this is happening.

We’re at War but Let’s Talk About Sex

A blog post from “Cornhead” on Why I Voted for Donald J. Trump.

Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator, on the Bully Party.  He isn’t talking about the Republicans and he is endorsing Donald Trump.

One of those stories of dishonest Democrat politicians where you have to read way down into the story to see the person is a Democrat.

This grown woman still doesn’t know how to take responsibility.  She blames Donald Trump cause he made her so mad she stole his signs.  His fault, of course.

Hillary’s head space is discussed in emails.  I’ll bet her head space isn’t happy about being discussed like this in emails.  We saw some of this yesterday.

Heads should roll in this terrible attempt to collect bonuses plus interest from veterans.

A FOSTER mum who took in a child refugee has told of her horror after discovering he was a 21-year-old jihadi. Coming soon to a country near you, or perhaps it is already here.

You Tube vs Consdervative Speech. Prager University is big enough others take note, how many small ones have been taken down?


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Jill Stein keeps speaking out against the Dems, I wonder if all the voters she is losing are turning to Trump?  I certainly hope so.

Clinton attack of featuring Miss Universe against Trump was months in the making according to leaked emails.

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I guess this is an addiction, I couldn’t help myself, here are some links. I watched about 30 minutes of c-span this morning, nothing since.  I’m pretty sure it would have been the crazy Trump who wouldn’t commit. With Al Gore it was different.  /sarc

Mark Steyn tells it like it is, and quotes John Hindraker of Powerline extensively on what is wrong in America to lead to the rise of Donald Trump.

Why This black lives matter leader left that group

George Soros wanted to pick the Supreme court replacement for Scalia.  Who do you suppose he picked earlier?

Trump: Outrage or genius on accepting the outcome?

Video shows DNC planned to use women against Trump supporters.

Clinton gave out highly classified information on nuclear launches during the debate.

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I don’t expect to see any major news outlets playing this video of a woman Clinton assaulted over and over and over.

Clinton doesn’t even know what planet she’s on– a Clinton operative on Hillary in an email to Podesta

All Soros all the time.

CNN doesn’t allow the truth, cut the connection when Hillary is called a liar.

Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times

I cannot believe this actually ran in the Washington Post,  General Cartwright is paying the price for Hillary’s Sins

Discord amongst the Obama brothers.

Here’s a link to the Enquirer trash talk on Hillary if you want to go there. It might be true, some of it might be true, maybe there is smoke where there is fire, but judging from her and her husband’s history I would say there is at least a cinder of truth. I haven’t read it.

If you want to watch that Project Veritas video of underhanded Democrat tricks  and cheats, you’ll have to look for it.

Victor Davis Hanson on our Neutron Bomb Election, what a good name for it.

Soros-Connected Company Provides Voting Machines In 16 States

It isn’t just the Clintons, John Kerry’s daughter got special treatment

Judicial Watch has some damning emails about Hillary and the server IT’s person.

This is all I can take for today.  I have a big week ahead and may not be posting on some days. My twin sister and I are being feted for our 80th birthday on Saturday. My children will be here, some for a week.  I am looking forward to having a great family time.

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That guy who shot at George Zimmerman got a twenty year sentence for attempted 2nd degree murder, but there is some background to the story.

Four MILLION???  Ineligible and dead voters across the US.

Wikileaks says John Kerry and Clinton had Assange internet cut off.  Didn’t they know that wasn’t the only source of those emails.  The Wikileaks people are much smarter than that, they have backups around the world.

Conservatives need not apply to be in the Smithsonian New African American Museum.

Undercover Video: Dem Operatives Boast of Deliberate Scheme to Provoke Violence at Trump Events

Newsgate 2016

Trumps Invisible Shield But marginalized average Americans hurt by Democrat policies and used by Republican politicians.  These are the “everyday Americans” that a flawed and filthy rich Hillary loathes.  These are the “everyday Americans” that a flawed and filthy rich Trump embraces.

Unbiased Journalists” gave $382,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  And they help the Clinton’s campaign strategy of Attack, Attack, Attack!

The New Wikileak links speak of campaign, Benghazi, and Israel.

The Indiana State police are investigating after the Indiana Secretary of State discovered that thousands of dates of birth and names were changed on voter registrations  via

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We are at War in Somalia. Read the Hot air take on it.

One of the reasons to give over control of the internet,  Assange’s Internet has been cut off by a state entity.  The unverified claims of state sabotage come as WikiLeaks continues to release damaging documents, most recently thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. That entity would have had this power anyway, but I feel we will be harmed at some time by our nation or another nation’s control of the internet.

The Selling of America by the Clinton Campaign

Truth is the Nuclear Weapon of the new cold war.

Lawmakers find Quid Pro Quo between FBI and State over “Altered” Classified Clinton Emails.  This is serious and you probably won’t find much about it on Clinton loving news sources.  Or as they are named “The Criminal Media- A Bunch of Drips” on Townhall.  And there are Way too many coincidences.

Donald Trump’s Moral Fervor

There are tapes of Bill Clinton, released by Gennifer Flowers, that use words I don’t plan to repeat here.

Victor Davis Hanson makes The Case for Trump in the anti-Trump National Review.  Amazing. Against the idea of voting for a third party he quotes: Yet in a veritable two-person race, the idea of expressing positive neutrality, to paraphrase the Indian statesman V. K. Krishna Menon, is to suppose that tigers can be vegetarians. Please read it all. 

And my other Favorite essayist, Richard Fernandez, says The Kingdom loses its magic. The Saudi Kingdom is going broke.




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Hillary’s emails reveal a life full of deceit.  That goes without our having to say it. Why is this news, I guess it is because we have so much proof now.  Not that the morning shows want to address it. They even show how they tried to collect anti Juanita Broaddrick data. The Clinton campaign believed the Obama campaign flooded the vote with illegal voters.  Chicago Politicians are known to do that. And then take credit for a Supreme court ruling.  Chief Justice Roberts should be so proud. /sarc  They were worried about her taxes and health issues.  They should never have worried, the media would have looked the other way for any issues.

Peter Thiel is doubling down on donations to Trump The only major Silicon Valley supporter of Trump.

Vandals spray painted Trump supporters vehicles outside a rally in Bangor, Maine.  Notice how Trump is referred to in the article. I believe it would have been written very differently had it been Clinton supporters. And the Republican Headquarters in Orange Co, NC has been firebombed.

Let’s make a deal, more of the Democratic arrogance.  But the truth is no deal was necessary with the FBI, it was already in the administration’s pocket.

Alicia Colon decided to vote for Trump.

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Refutes Trump accuser, claims he was on the same flight directly across from them.

They are still telling the enemy the war plans.  Remember “loose lips sink ships?”  They never heard of it.

Another heartbreaking revelation in those emails, again, no  help for Benghazi. Chelsea an able fund raiser under multiple email accounts.  The most explosive of the Wikileak emails so far.

Don’t waste your vote on corporate Democrats. #InvestYourVote,” Stein wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: I watched what is probably the same video yesterday, she was not endorsing Trump, and she was more or less asking for votes but listen to what she says.

Megan Twohey of the New York Times Caught in a Media Hoax and CNN called her out on it. Apparently this person has a Trump vendetta.  And this one is not to be believed either. Remember that quote “where do I go to get my reputation back?”

Trump Does the unthinkable, unthinkable to the media that is.

Judge dismisses civil suit by Sandy Hook families against gunmaker/dealer. It not the gun that does the shooting, it is just the tool.

The Apprentice contestant accusing Trump contacted him for business help this year.

It’s not an election, it’s a war.

The DOJ will not prosecute the EPA over that gold mine disaster. Is there anyone who thought they would?

Hillary’s Waco Deception

Oh my, poor Chelsea, what do you do when you find your parents are sleazy, profit seeking political hacks.  Why, you base your Phd dissertation on it. And then you join them.

There is actual fire in the smoke Trump is raising about the email coverage.

Readying for the war?  Life in the real world.





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Trump’s Accusers are Hillary Hardliners– and here is the proof.

She still can’t remember.

It’s official the election is driving us crazy, the elderly hardest hit. I admit it, I’m losing sleep over it, it is right now 2:35 a.m. and here I am at the computer.

 George Soros is pumping money into the Houston Attorney General race.  Why?

The biased press exposed.  Only to us.

NBC is sitting on tape of Lisa Meyers interview of Juanita Broaddrick’s interview telling of the Bill Clinton rape.

The leaked emails show Comey lied to us and Congress.

296 Refugees Diagnosed with active TB in Minnesota, most are Somalis.

Wikileaks media Hall of Shame

Colin Powell doesn’t look very distinguished once you read his leaked emails.

Are Pollsters factoring in voter fraud?

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I did not know Dan Senor is married to Campbell Brown, former CNN anchor woman.  No wonder this couple has been accused of leaking that Bush/Trump tape.  Thanks Paul Ryan, he works for you.

That woman from 30 years ago is tied to the Clinton Foundation.   What a farce. The Amazing timing of the accusations.

On Comey This is a big development. This means there are some great, traditional, honest people inside the FBI and DOJ who will not let this stand. They know that Comey is a dirty cop and they are disgusted

At least one Democrat is willing to stand up to the Clinton Cabal, I hope he lives to follow through on this.

New ad on the Clinton Corruption.

If you have any doubts all those rioting, protesting groups are Democrat Party inspired, this should erase any of those doubts.  And if you are Catholic or evangelical you are a BIG Target of them. Paul Ryan finally found his Trump voice over them.  From the Wikileaks emails dumps. There is much worse than calling people deplorables in those emails.

Climate activists have shut off a major oil pipeline.

There have been many advisers who have quite after a huge scandal in Gov. Cuomo’s administration.  

Video shows a protester holding a “rape” sign at Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas rally on Wednesday night was beaten by a mob of Hillary supporters near the media pen.  Not the first attacks.

Wikileaks shows just how the Clinton camp and the media conspire to beat everyone.

I’m not sure I am not going to declare a moratorium of news until the election is over.  I’m sure most of you feel the same.  Some much trash talk, so little real world talk.  The world is on fire and you would never know from most news sources. It is hard to take, some of the stuff I have seen I can never erase from my eyes, and you will not get it on even cable news. There is even an Obama sex tape now, I know what it shows, I refuse to look.  I’ll keep trying but it is a sacrifice some days.

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