Links and Comments, March 4, 2015

Hillary’s email situation gets even worse- the Clinton’s ran their own servers which means they were totally in control of it.  AND the Benghazi committee says she had multiple personal email accounts. Also Washington  post is criticizing like it is a real problem-  about time!  I started this last night, now today, Rush is talking about the media going after Hillary. And I’m seeing lots of articles from liberals turning on her.  But David Brooks is still defending her.  You may not want to check all these links, but they are just what she deserves.

The administration processed about 100,000 applications for amnesty for so-called Dreamers under some of the expanded rules President Obama announced last year, lawyers told a Texas judge late Tuesday, in a move that could complicate their claim that they have halted all action under the amnesty.

This is not the first time the President has used something other than logic, this is just about Iran and nuclear weapons.

The Alabama Supreme Court has put a halt to federal court ordered gay marriage.  Good for them.

Don’t understand the meaning of this but if it is from Obama and concern taxes I am always suspicious.

Did you  hear that Egypt is closing 27,000  mosques.  I’m not really sure about how I feel about this, it is an effort to combat terrorists teachings, but here we have freedom of religion and that is one of our founding principals.   It is, of course, NOT one of Egypts principals. I think I approve, just wish the world had more freedoms.

Here are two takes, they are similar, on Netanyahu’s speech to congress 

Warning there is a video that will have to be turned off.  The FBI bluntly told a potential whistleblower that he could face retaliation by coming forward with concerns about political meddling inside a secret terrorism and counterintelligence surveillance program.

Congress demands White House turn over IRS emails revealing taxpayer info.

Nobel Prize chairman is demoted, probably over his Nobel prize to Obama

Obamaites Behaving Badly.  And that is all I can take for today, folks.  Enough is enough.

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Links and Comments, March 3, 2015

Clinton Arrogance rears its ugly head in this, she was fired for lying and fraud from the Watergate investigation and she has not changed.  Read this also.

You know those old statistics they keep coming out with on women in the workforce?  Glenn Kessler, Factchecker, gives it FOUR Pinocchio’s.

Newt Gingrich on Operation Chokepoint: In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal, Newt Gingrich called the Justice Department’s Operation Choke Point, “the beginning of a real tyranny in the United States,” and said the whole program needs to be dismantled.

I hope it is true that some centrist Democrats have awakened and realized their party has been taken over by progressives/communist.

I have only one thing to say about the Netanyahu speech and the Democrats childish tantrums over it. I am ashamed they are so powerful in our country.

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Links and Comments, March 2, 2015

Primary Rule changes, because Karl Rove is involved I’m not sure if this is good or bad and apparently no one else is either.

They have a plan for fixing healthcare but I don’t really see for sure what it is.  Rasmussen on what people actually think about ACA and a fix for it.

FOUR Pinocchio’s from Glenn Kessler, Washington Post’s Factchecker, for Obama on his reasoning for vetoing the Keystone Pipeline.  The Senate is going to try to override the veto.

Turmoil at the Clinton Foundation   I’m sure many top rated reporters know about this.  This is based on a Politico Magazine article, but I’ve not seem anything else regarding the turmoil but many conservative sites and the a couple of articles in Washington Post address the many foreign contributions.  All of a part of their corruption.

I hope they can actually do something about the undue influence of the Democrats in Austin re our state courts.

This takes some real twisted thinking:  IRS defends tax refunds to illegals who never filed taxes.

A Judge has taken the EPA to task on targeting conservative.  What other agencies are doing it?

Ala Caruba says Obama Negotiates Israel’s Destruction.

Jim Mixon sent around this email about Admiral Nimitz.  I’ve had it and also seen it on Facebook before, but some of you may not have.  We love to visit the Nimitz museum in Fredericksburg, I believe it is now Museum of the Pacific war or some such, but if you have not visited make plans to do it now.  It is wonderful.  Here is the email:  Really interesting, and I never knew this little bit of history:

Tour boats ferry people out to the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii every thirty minutes. We just missed a ferry and had to wait thirty minutes. I went into a small gift shop to kill time.
In the gift shop, I purchased a small book entitled, “Reflections on Pearl Harbor” by Admiral Chester Nimitz.
Sunday, December 7th, 1941–Admiral Chester Nimitz was attending a concert in Washington D.C. He was paged and told there was a phone call for him. When he answered the phone, it was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the phone you would have thought the Japanese had already won the war.
On Christmas Day, 1941, Adm. Nimitz was given a boat tour of the destruction wrought on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Big sunken battleships and navy vessels cluttered the waters everywhere you looked.

As the tour boat returned to dock, the young helmsman of the boat asked, “Well Admiral, what do you think after seeing all this destruction?” Admiral Nimitz’s reply shocked everyone within the sound of his voice.

Admiral Nimitz said, “The Japanese made three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could ever make, or. He told Admiral Nimitz that he (Nimitz) would now be the Commander of the Pacific Fleet.

Admiral Nimitz flew to Hawaii to assume command of the Pacific Fleet. He landed at Pearl Harbor on Christmas Eve, 1941. There was such a spirit of despair, dejection and defeat– God was taking care of America. Which do you think it was?”

Shocked and surprised, the young helmsman asked, “What do mean by saying the Japanese made the three biggest mistakes an attack force ever made?” Nimitz explained:
Mistake number one:
The Japanese attacked on Sunday morning. Nine out of every ten crewmen of those ships were ashore on leave.
If those same ships had been lured to sea and been sunk–we would have lost 38,000 men instead of 3,800.

Mistake number two:
When the Japanese saw all those battleships lined in a row, they got so carried away sinking those battleships, they never once bombed our dry docks opposite those ships. If they had destroyed our dry docks, we would have had to tow every one of those ships to America to be repaired.

As it is now, the ships are in shallow water and can be raised. One tug can pull them over to the dry docks, and we can have them repaired and at sea by the time we could have towed them to America . And I already have crews ashore anxious to man those ships.

Mistake number three:
Every drop of fuel in the Pacific theater of war is in top of the ground storage tanks five miles away over that hill. One attack plane could have strafed those tanks and destroyed our fuel supply. That’s why I say the Japanese made three of the biggest mistakes an attack force could make or God was taking care of America.

I’ve never forgotten what I read in that little book. It is still an inspiration as I reflect upon it. In jest, I might suggest that because Admiral Nimitz was a Texan, born and raised in Fredericksburg , Texas — he was a born optimist. But any way
you look at it–Admiral Nimitz was able to see a silver lining in a situation and circumstance where everyone else saw only despair and defeatism.

President Roosevelt had chosen the right man for the right job. We desperately needed a leader that could see silver linings in the midst of the clouds of dejection, despair and defeat.

There is a reason that our national motto is,  IN GOD WE TRUST.




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Links and comments, March 1, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson takes on Obama’s lack of knowledge about the United States.  And Mark Levin takes him on about our immigration history. 

King Abdullah says ISIS has a tiger by the tail and the gloves are off.

A court has cleared the way for some deported illegals to return and apply for citizenship  proving to me that some judges don’t have a clear grasp of reality.

This is a liberal coming “out” as a Christian, a born again, saved by grace Christian.  Read it.

I watched on C-span2 After words last night as Tucker Carlson interviewed Alan Ryskind, author of Hollywood Traitors: blacklisted.  It is worth watching and you can click the link to watch it.  Even if you watch it read this on America’s enemies in Hollywood, then and now.

Now Trigonometry has been called racist!

Richard Fernandez found a copy of Mein Kampf  in his church giveaways.  He got it removed, read this and be on the watch out for unChristian items in church. He says: ” Evil intentionally leaves its artifacts in the most sacred places of its victims in order to gauge  whether there is any resistance left about.  If there is no reaction they’ll enlarge the abomination.  Today Jihadi John will be lionized as beautiful.  Tomorrow he will be a victim.  By next week the taxpayer will be paying him money.

This is understandable. It is less easy to explain the lack of reaction in Western society. Lately we don’t seem to notice anything; we have the responsiveness of a corpse and its interesting to consider how long till we become one. I wondered how long that Mein Kampf sat on that shelf,  if  one or several Western parishioners who recognized it stifled the impulse to object to its presence under one of the many inhibitions were are lumbered with. Please read his whole article.

Some Muslim leaders are definitely calling it Muslim extremism on the terrorists.

On College admissions Asians,( real Asians nor Muslims) are penalized 50 points for being so much smarter than other races.  Blacks are give 230 points.    Read the condensed version here.

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Links and Comments, Feb. 28, 2015

Benghazi- is anyone surprised that Hillary’s people knew it was a terrorist attack?

The American Meteorological Society writes a letter of reprimand  to Rep. Grijvalva’s investigation trying to tie climate “deniers” to their grantors business.  It is scurrilous and good for the AMS for their letter.

IRS- Judge, Jury, Executioner AND grave robber

Bring back the Bush Doctrine with one addition  I am sure there are some differing opinions on this.

Former Obama Campaign Aide now works to oust Netanyahu  And BTW did you know the senate UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution of welcome to him.  No Democrat tried to stop it. And a group of black pastors has asked the Congressional Black Caucus not to skip the speech.

 Why don’t liberals care about black on black killing?  We see this locally in the Hispanic gang killings in Corpus and our local small towns.  How many of those drive by shootings are solved?  Anyone know the answer?  Let me know if you do.

Ben Laden WAS in charge of Al Qaeda until he was killed.  Contrary to popular liberal and conservative thought, he was not a washed up invalid living in the sticks doing nothing.

I always wondered what the ice age looked like, check out this link.

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Links and comments, Feb. 27, 2015

This story on finding the bodies of illegals is gruesome and not something you will see in the newspapers or TV.  But it is true and sad.

There is now a criminal probe into the “found” Lois Lerner emails.  One of the emails said this: No one will ever believe both your hard drive and mine crashed within a week of each other.  She was right about that, we didn’t believe it only the mainstream media did.

Just as we suspected everything Eric Holder does is driven by race,   he is really probably the most racist person he knows. 

An American citizen living in Bangladesh is hacked to death for  speaking out against religious extremism.  That would be by a Muslim, of course.

Jeb is really playing hardball, I don’t want him as a candidate or a president.

Those Wascally Wepublicans could still come out looking good on the immigration bill  if they really want to.

Internal audit slams DHS for cancelling technology to fight bio-threats.

Paglia: Feminism equals “Whining, Narcissistic Victimology.”

ISIS Next Target is Lebanon

New York City surrounded by ice floes.   Brrrr….

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Links and Comments, Feb. 26, 2015

Are the Walls that protect Al Sharpton beginning to fall?  I would like to think so but it will take more than this.

And the same may be true for Rham Emmanuel  he is in a runoff for his political life.

Boehner, is he setting himself up for defeat, or just us.

Susan Rice laughs when Charlie Rose asks about the Ukraine?  What is going on here?

Obama speaks: there are going to be some jurisdictions, and there may be individual ICE officials or Border Patrol, who aren’t paying attention to our new directives. There are going to be consequences. and he is speaking of those who are actually wanting to enforce the law, not his directives.

A Dear Mitch letter.

I am not one who promotes Dr. Carson for president but I am one who thinks he should be used as a great idea man;  a great leader of conservative thought.  He was the kickoff speaker at CPAC.  Read about it here.

What happens to liberals when other liberals are through with them?  Richard Fernandez has the answer.

Bookworm asks:  What Can the Republican Congress do?  this is long but needs to be read.

After FCC vote can Texas cities now offer their own internet service?

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Links and Comments, Feb. 25, 2015

Apparently Snopes scoffed at and attempted a rebuttal on the Obama Muslim gang sign.  Read the rebuttal of Snopes rebuttal and see the video footage here.

Maybe that is just part of the reason most people think the President doesn’t love America.

Sweden’s Multicultural expert on Islamaphobia has joined ISIS in Syria.  So much for open mindedness.

In an earlier article today I read that only 23% of people are on twitter.  I have to admit I have a twitter account but I very rarely use it, maybe a total of 10 times in 2 or 3 years. Apparently Politifact uses it as a part of fact checking, or in this case actually, not fact checking.

27% of British Muslim have some sympathy for the motives of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists.

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Links and Comments, Feb. 23, 2015

A Question of Personality

Mike Rowe on the Minimum Wage

 Turkey Invaded Syria a Little Bit Yesterday — probably a couple of days by now.

Obama’s  DHS spent $250M on office redo’s, furniture and renovation.  You have to work to spend that much money

Scott Walker is a threat to the existing social order

Just another member of the any means to an end party. Immigration attorney and Obama supporter is arrested for fraud- surprise, surprise

David Axelrod busted on his lie about his father’s communist ties.  Which is worse Muslim or Communist?  Whatever we have a mix of both.

Ann Althouse links so I don’t have to in this column -The Washington Post goes after the top Two Presidential Contenders in interestingly different ways.

The usual two faced Hillary actions – equal pay is for others.

Yes, The Senate Democrats Torture Report was Politicized – by Democrats and the Press.  

Fire or Ice?  It’s an Ice Age for Sure.

Is he a Muslim? Look at this picture then you will know. 

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Links and Comments, Feb. 13, 2015

Both liberals and conservatives are disturbed by Obama’s war plan, or is it lack of a plan?  Eugene Robinson says this: The first of many questions Congress should ask is why Obama wants to pursue a military solution when he says none exists.    Krauthammer says this: And don’t forget the blankets. America was once the arsenal of democracy, notes Elliott Abrams. We are now its linen closet. Charlie Cooke in National Journal writes about the dilemma and its causes.   Every time I check my email I see something new on this, I don’t see many who are defending it who are not a part of the admiistration.

The Drudge Report is my home page, but I often click links in my emails before I go to it.  Here the New York Times gives it the credit many liberal media do not.

I could not find a way to link to National Review online’s Morning Jolt with Jim Geraghty but the headline speaks for itself.  The American Presidency in 2015: Speak Loudly and Carry a Selfie Stick

Scalia and Ginsburg – the play?

Why Too Much Fiber is Unhealthy for the Elderly  I had no idea, and it is really hard to start thinking of myself as elderly.

I’m not sure how much linking I will be doing for the next few days.  We are having a family celebration.  My cousin whom I have not seen in many, many years is visiting, as are my brother, my out of town sister,  my son, and my daughter and her hubby.  I will be thinking of you though- well maybe not.  I may send some short emails, or maybe not.  Just know I am having a very good family time.

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