Links and Comments, Jan. 29, 2015

The Common Core link I sent out yesterday changed after I posted, Try this one.  I’m not sure what happened with that one.

One step forward, two steps back. That sums up the Obama administration’s proposed lease plan for oil and natural gas drilling.

FDIC changes tactics on Operation Chokepoint.  But then there is also this.

Obama Administration Official Criticizes Israeli Ambassador over Netanyahu visit.

The Farce continues, weird and weirder, whatever you want to call it, Michael Yon emailed this: Just when I thought the world could not get any stranger, the White House said this week that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization, and then General Dempsey sponsored a hagiography of the late King of Saudi Arabia.  Click here to view the article.

Man versus Man  there is always hope but there is also always evil.

It makes me very angry that these protestors were allowed to stay as long as they were.  

It is hard to believe such a vicious Muslim was involved with Homeland Security, but then again…

More on the Obama issue of the 529 plans.  Turns out he was pulling up the ladder behind him, he has one for his own children.

From the New York Times science section: New Report Urges Western Governments to Reconsider Reliance on Biofuels.  I guess somewhow reality has set into the biofuel crowd.

Wouldn’t you just know it?  Female, Minority Professors at Berkeley are paid less than white, male professors.

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Links and Comments, Jan. 28, 2015

Bad Educations seems to start on the West Coast, and then corrupt the nation.  This is just silly.  California Report Cards to  include grades for “grit”, ” gratitude” and “sensitivity  to others.”

God Bless Trey Gowdy – Gowdy comes out swinging.

Sarah Palin got a lot of criticism for her speech last weekend but she had at least one VERY GOOD idea. Break up the boomtown that is DC and scatter government agencies across the country.  You have to admit it, these are words of wisdom,   “If there is to be a department of energy, put it where the energy is created,” she said. “Pack up the U-Haul… what better place [for the] Department of Agriculture than in Ag country so they see how their policies affect the farmers and the ranchers who feed the country.”

CBO says 10 MILLION will lose employer health plans over Obamacare.

Obama Abandons Plan to Tax  Americans’ College Savings  was this just a feint?

Howard Dean apologizes to the Veterans over the American Sniper movie – but not to the right wing nutjobs and chickenhawks.  Boys and girls, that means you.

Progressives suddenly realize they have created Frankinstein.  How many monsters have they created?  More than one.

You might want to send this video on Peak Oil around, it is a great refutation.  And for Climate Change Predictions that DID NOT happen go here.

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Links and Comments, Jan. 27, 2015

Remember The Field of Dreams?  Richard Fernandez writes on the Field of Miracles.  I have a hunch our president wants it soon in a country near you.

Found on Ed Driscoll’s blog last night: Update: One Twitter user squares the circle: Curious to know how many Global Warming alarmists are mauling each other right now trying to get into @WholeFoods NYC before the snowstorm

Why would  you be surprised at fraud and abuse when you are giving away “free stuff”?  Phone Company Outraged by Fraud and Abuse in Obamaphone program.

Here’s another BIG SURPRISE, Russian Oil Company has funneled a lot of money to anti-fracking environmental groups in the US.

2010’s Officially the snowiest decade for the East on  NOAA record’ surpassing the 1960’s.  Well, we are only half way through the decade.

About that growing economy…… there is a video that loads, turn it off and read the article.

And about modeling weather tomorrow or climate change in the next century.  Just remember we are blessed to have much better weather predictions but that is all they are predictions.  Models only reflect the variable put into them for tomorrow or for the next century.  We do not know all the variables that will happen between now and then.  Parts of New York and the rest of the Northeast are being hit by an extreme blizzard.

Barack Obama, Empire Builder,  another great one by Victor Davis Hanson. “We are now in an equally turbulent age of rising empires — mostly due to a new American indifference and passivity. Or, to put it more exactly, President Obama believes that his own legacy rests with avoiding all confrontations overseas, withdrawing as many troops as he can, and cutting the defense budget as much as Congress will allow so as to use the funds to address supposed inequality at home.”[….]” I think the administration’s policy toward the new Iranian Empire is something like, They probably won’t get the bomb until 2017.”[…] Putin is dangerous not just because he runs an autocratic nuclear state and has dreams of restoring 19th-century imperial Russia under Orthodoxy and a new czardom, but also because he has developed a perverse delight in gratuitously humiliating Barack Obama, by exposing his sermonizing platitudes as both hypocritical and impotent. Now that I’ve quoted him, you still need to READ THE WHOLE THING.

According to the internet sources (NBC) Bow Bergdahl has been charged with desertion.

Huge number of US officials attending the Saudi King’s funeral.  Yes, he has been an ally who has supported us, but really, 29?

The WSJ has an article on the US spying on millions of drivers, because they are behind a paywall I will link to this article on it instead.  It is a must read.  If you are a subscriber you can read it here.

The Texas Monthly says This time it will be different on the oil boom. (and bust)

Dana Milbank says the White House is full of Drones,  and he is right. “The drone had his maiden flight in American politics long ago, when John Adams complained to Abigail about long-winded delegates to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. In the 19th century, President William Henry Harrison went on for two hours delivering his 1841 inaugural address in a cold rain without an overcoat or hat. He died a month later.”

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Links and Comments, Jan.26, 2015

Don Surber makes a lot of sense in this post. Why not tax non-profits?  I may not agree  with it all, but there is so much non-profit that is really tax evasion it makes one wonder.

In 2008 Sunni Sheiks warned Obama about his planned withdrawal in Iraq.  He didn’t take their advice.

Federal Judge accuses DOJ attorneys of defrauding the court in the case of ATF whistleblower Jay Dobyns.

The EPA uses Children and Adults as Guinea Pigs.

The Power of Two – in particular these two- The Castro Brothers.

Middle Class Savings is like Blood in the Water- they know where the money is and plan to get it.  This article in USA Today is by Instapundit who is law professor, Glenn Reynolds.

The Hollywood Jihad against American Sniper.  I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, not because I am against it but because I just don’t go to movies and don’t read war books.  Just my personal choices.

When Climate heretics speak   the true believers do not want to listen.  The first part of the sentence is from Powerline but the link is to the Independent UK, I am responsible for the latter part of the sentence.  I am afraid I am becoming more and more cynical.

CBS panelist may have finally figured it out.  Leading from behind is not leading. […]”It’s not Obama’s disconnect they are “blasting”, it’s actually their own.”

Is the noose closing around Gov. Cuomo?  Interesting times ahead.

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Links and Comments, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015

Bobby Jindal gets what many people don’t – Islam and terrorism.  I am not advocating he run for president, I know enough people in Louisiana who feel about him as many here in Texas feel about Perry to think he could achieve a nomination and win.  But he certainly knows how to make some good points.

Have you heard of the Railgun?  If I had, I wasn’t paying attention.  Now I wonder how long, or if, it will be exclusive to us.  I know how our president likes to share the wealth and weapons.

Obama’s latest land grab, is he just trying to stifle the oil development?

The Greatest Generation is an inclusive term,  we’ve all known some of our elders who qualify.  And some of you who read this just may be included.

Pre-K through College, from welfare to medocrity  [….]George Santayana — wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” When it comes to the education of our youth, our nation has long been, and remains, on the path of intellectual mediocrity.

We’ve all heard of Chicago Politicians and they haven’t been Republicans, the same is true for New York State crooked politicians.  One of them is getting his comeuppance and he is very close to the Cuomos.

From The Hill:  Walkers Shows Fire in Iowa.   People ask me who I want for the next president.  I tell them it is too soon to know.  I wish I did, but I think we have some very good people, and some I just don’t want to be president.

McCain Greeted with some Boos in Arizona – but some gave him standing ovations.  I have never understood why anyone voted for him over other Republicans.

Davos’s Destructive elites.  […] The hypocrisy of our literally (literally, Mr. Vice President!) high-flying crusaders against fossil fuels — who overlap considerably with our high-living crusaders against economic inequality — is endlessly annoying if frequently entertaining.

Meddling in a child’s home packed lunch- embarrassing for the teacher, embarrassing for the superintendent even with his all good intentions note.

Dad, the Elderly White Woman and  Race Exploiters, by Lloyd Marcus.  He has some wonderful stories.

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Links and Comments, Jan. 24, 2015

I find I occasionally agree with Colbert King who is very liberal, in this case I agree with him.  There is nothing secular about Boko Haram.

This headline needs explaining and the writer does it very well.  End Obamacare and People Could Die, and That’s Okay.

Someone at the Washington Post thinks Boehner is making an important point by inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress.

The Saudi king did not like Obama,that is going to hurt. 

Jorge Ramos!  Hero to the Latinos, the Pedro Gonzales the writer of the peace takes great umbrage at Jorge, and so do I.   He says in the last part of the post,

Let’s be serious. This is a travesty on so many levels.

1) No one person can speak for the Latino community.  First of all, the word “Latino” is so broad as to mean nothing.  Do people from Peru, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, and Spain really have the same ideology?

2) It insults Latinos in a big way to assume that all Latinos want illegal immigration to be rewarded.  There are many Latinos who live on the southwest borders whose lives have been turned upside-down by all the drug-dealing, killings, and kidnappings going on there.  They want border security, not amnesty.

3) It also insults Latinos to claim that this is their big issue simply because so many illegal aliens are themselves Latino (am I allowed to say that?).  A Latino small business owner may be more interested in lower taxes.  Latino parents may be more interested in school choice.  Pro-life Latinos may be more interested in stopping the subsidy of abortions.

In other words, Latinos may be interested in the same issues as non-Latinos.  Instead of trying to treat them as a group with a monolithic list of needs, why not deal with them as individuals, who have the same interests and needs as everyone else in the country?

Why not go to them and say something like this?  Latinos are like everyone else.  They want freedom, opportunity, and the ability to support themselves.  The Democrats wave amnesty around like a carrot for Latinos to follow, assuming you’re simple one-issue voters.  Instead we offer you the rule of law, protection for private property rights, and an environment where it is easier for businesses to grow and create jobs.  Which is more important to you?

But mush-mouth Republicans could never say that.  They simply look tongue-tied and uncomfortable before Jorge, because they don’t believe in any of these things.   Which do you think is sadder: Jorge’s mischaracterization of Latinos, or the Republicans’ inability to articulate for conservatives?

The only thing I have left to say to Jorge is, “Vete!  Vete ahora!”  Which I looked up and translated as Go Away, Go Away Now!  I definitely agree with this writer,

I wish everyone who reads this email would just eliminate me as the middle man and go straight to Belmont Club every day.  Richard Fernandez seldom fails to be the icing on the cake of ideas.

Housing bubble billionaire lectures us on materialism – EVIL

Is the Britain, or America, of 2015 Capable of producing another Churchill?  I suspect we have some right now, but I don’t think they will overcome our leftward tilt.  With the media we have it is like climbing Mount Everest.   An hour after I read this I ran into this, look at it, it certainly proves the point I am making.  I in no way think of Sarah Palin as a Churchill, but as a symbol of the fear the left has of a real leader rising up and the depths to which they will go to destroy them.

The World burns, America Fiddles – this is exactly what I’ve been thinking as all the news channels have been fixated on underinflated footballs.  More bread and circuses.

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Links and Comments, Jan. 23, 2015

That part of yourself you used to own, Richard Fernandez on the new religion.  I have been saying the same for a number of years.  We have a new religion loose in the world, repent and save the earth is their motto.

Ruben Navarette on how Hispanic is Ted Cruz.  For many it doesn’t really matter.

Now it’s the EPA who can’t find their emails,   I sense a pattern here.

 via Instapundit:  YES, YOU CAN CATCH A COLD FROM BEING COLD  I guess our mothers were right.

We can only ask ourselves why John Stewart is more concerned about Boko Haram than most news people.

And why the Republican party thinks it can always get by with pro abortion acts.  This is a very frank article on what to do about it.

We live in perilous times. There are few times in my long life I have feared as much for the safety of my country as I do today.  We have a president who began with an apology tour and may end up with a war with the Middle East which was not exactly as he intended.  I wonder when he will realize, if ever, the great harm he has done to so many.  In saying that I am not speaking of the citizens of the USA, but of the  pitiful people being overtaken by the Islamic religous zealots, as well as the people of Europe who are being threatened by the Russians once again.  As usual, one of my favorites, Richard Belmont has written it much better and informed that I could ever do.  Clouds on the Horizon.

Great, the enemy of my enemy is my other enemy.  

via Instapundit:   “IT’S COVERUPS ALL THE WAY DOWN: Whistleblower: Pelosi Covered Up Role In Crisis. “We’ve long suspected the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission wasn’t honest in examining events before the meltdown. But an ex-commissioner says the probe was actually a full-blown political cover-up. In a just-released book, former FCIC member Peter Wallison says that a Democratic Congress worked with the commission’s Democratic chairman to whitewash the government’s central role in the mortgage debacle.”

The book is Peter Wallison’s Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again

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Links and Comments, Jan. 22, 2015

Civil War brewing for the cultural left.  Unfortunately I also see a lot of backbiting on the Conservative/Tea Party Facebook sites and blogs.  

A Black Vanderbilt professor who is dismayed at Obama, his policies and his birthplace.

It’s the anniversary of Roe v Wade.  Planned Parenthood is working exactly as Margaret Sanger planned it: 138,539 black babies, nearly one baby in three, were killed in the womb in 2010. According to the CDC, between 2007 and 2010, innocent black babies were victimized in nearly 36 percent of the abortion deaths in the United States, though blacks represent only 12.8 percent of the population. Some say the abortion capital of America is New York City. According to LifeSiteNews, the city’s Department of Health reported that in 2012, more black babies were aborted (31,328) than born (24,758). That’s 55.9 percent of black babies killed before birth. Blacks represented 42.4 percent of all abortions.

Legalized abortion is working out exactly as Margaret Sanger intended. Sanger, the founder of the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was part of the eugenics movement back in the 1930s. Her goal was to use abortion to cull what she considered inferior races from the human gene pool. According to Sanger, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” She opened her first abortion clinics in inner cities, and it’s no accident that even today, “79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located in black or minority neighborhoods.”

And the GOP has caved on the bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks.

The Center for American Progress is revealing its top donors.

The Argentine prosecutor who was found dead under mysterious circumstances was not in a locked room, a very interesting situation for those who think it was not suicide.

Victor Davis Hanson on Churchill.  Never once does he mention our current world politics, but when you read it, you can do your own comparisons.  They are pretty embarrassing.

Al Gore at work again: There is a plan floating around Davos redesigning all the cities so they don’t need cars.  I don’t know where all these people were born and raised but it probably wasn’t a small town in Texas.

Powerful New York State Assembly member taken into custody –  just what I would expect of a Democratic New York Politician.  Not that I am prejudiced or anything.

Kurdish Forces claim to have pushed back ISIS from parts of  Northern Iraq

Who comes up  with these studies?  Tweets can better predict heart disease rates than income, smoking and diabetes, study finds.  I cannot believe enough people are into tweeting to make any kind of a statistical study relevant.

Samuelson is Refuting Paul Krugman’s take on Carter and Reagan money policies.

If you are interested in UFO’s Two decades of mysterious UFO files are now online. X-files viewers take note.

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Links and Comments, Jan. 21, 2015

Dana Milbank on the SOTU and terrorism While America slept?

Climate Change skeptics now oversee nation’s climate science. There is no doubt climate changes, that is the history of the earth.  The current climate change scientists think of humans as being capable of changing it. They also enjoy some very big monetary benefits from trying to prove it.  The Washington Post believes in climate change as being effected by humans and are very alarmed by those who do not believe in their new religion.

Some VA whistleblowers are getting relief from retaliation.

Romney’s speaking fee is far less that Clinton’s – either one of them.

Obama proposes law that already existsI did not watch or listen but I believe this writer. […]Meanwhile, of course, President Obama himself pays women in the White House less than men. 

The kid who said this would be nowhere if his name were not Luke Russert:  “Joni Ernst was nothing but a pig farmer this time last year….”

Nemesis 1 – Hubris 0  by one of my favorites but needs to be read by all.

Note to all – Women are veterans, too.

This is hard to believe but Thomas Friedman, a New York Times exalted, liberal columnist is quoting and approving an article written by conservative Rick Lowry.  They are both calling out President Obama for not calling  Islamic terrorism  what it really is, Islamic Terrorism.  The amazing thing is that 2/3’s of  Friedman’s column is actually a quote of Lowry’s column.  Good for you Thomas Friedman. 

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Links and Comments, Jan. 20, 2015

This is what REAL friends do, from Don SurberCanadian Foreign Minister John Baird met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem today and said: “Canada does not stand behind Israel – it stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel.”

The 25 Most violent cities in Texas-  You might be surprised at some of these.

It’s time for the employer mandate to go.  This ran first in the Washington Post but I didn’t see it there so you are getting it from the San Antonio Express News.

We need to talk about anti-Semitism.  The left has become so mired in a post-colonial worldview that it refuses to understand that the struggle is not between Western European colonialism and a post-colonial Third World, but between different eras of colonialism. Arab Islamic domination is not post-colonial; it’s a colonialism that predates it.

When Western leftists make common cause with Arab and Islamic nationalists, they aren’t being post-colonial, they’re advocating an earlier form of colonialism that led and is once again leading to ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass slavery and the destruction of indigenous cultures; including that of the Jews.

Richard Fernandez on government waste, past and present.  Robin in Deadwood Forest  The ideal government reform program would consist of establishing a Federal Department of Deadwood (right next to the Museum of Failure) to which surplus bureaucrats from other agencies could be transferred.  Want to cut EPA in half? Move them to Deadwood.  Having trouble with certain educators at Atlanta Public School system?  Promote them to Deadwood and their pupils might actually learn.

 From Breitbart: What strikes me as odd is how people are discussing the Obama “Legislative Proposals“, ie. “free college” and “tax the rich”, as if he actually means it. I’m sure people reading this understand that: the legislative branch passes laws; the executive branch enforces laws; and the judicial branch interprets laws.  

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