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Team Hillary is working overtime to block former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne from appearing on ANY broadcast network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. From the Drudge Report headlines.

Also leaked files show they trained workers to ask for money to get around campaign finance laws.

Even though this was a Fox news story out of Pittsburgh you have to read pretty far down to find the party this corrupt politician belongs to.  But I already guessed it, bet you did too.

FRACTURE Richard Fernandez on the world.  If you read only one link today, make sure it is this one.

They did release those omitted words in that transcript, but it isn’t all the transcripts.  Does it make any difference?  The man was an Islamic terrorist, no matter how they try to paint it.

Is this hacker our friend?A hacker who claims to have infiltrated the Democratic National Committee’s server posted documents on Tuesday he says came from the party’s digital files.”

Sarah Hoyt is on to something, a shift in the wind.  I can feel it coming.  I hope she is right.  Well I know she’s right (wing) I just hope she is correct.  I like her thinking.

You may want to read this post on Islamic terrorism, an excerpt: Obama and the sycophants he has installed at the helm of the American government are still importing tens of thousands of un-assimilateable, hostile Muslims (not our former interpreters who we promised could come here) into our country and setting them up with our tax money. Why?                                        Mistaking the government for a competent entity that cares about the average American citizen is insane. We’re on our own when it comes to Islamic terrorists folks and my question is what are you going to do about it?

Politicfact in no more unbiased than Snopes.  You might want to try this one Truth or Fiction. but there are no guarantees from me.

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Where do the refugees come from?  And I ask can we call them all refugees?

A Massive Wind Farm off Long Island is of course causing some dissension.

Loretta Lynch has something in common with Susan Rice, they both made all the Sunday big news shows to hide the truth.

Corrected Gravis poll has Trump well out in front of Clinton at national level It is a little hard to know who and what to believe. But CNN says Hillary’s lead is down to 5 points.

New York, New York, what a corrupted place.  New York Values, doncha know?

We all know what the redacted words are but Loretta Lynch and the administration think we are dumb as rocks and can’t fill in the blanks.  But we can cause we are not Democrats.

Foggy Bottom Breakdown all is not well in Obamaland. Although you won’t see it on the big time newscasts and newspapers all is not well in Hillaryland either.

Found on Instapundit who found it on Facebook.I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in future textbooks.

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Some college professors are smarter than others and are willing to admit when they’ve been wrong.

Now read this from a professor raised under communism.

In the 2009 campaign Obama booted THREE newspapers from his plane.

Former Navy Seal Scott Taylor won the 2nd Congressional District Republican primary  in Virginia against Rep. Randy Forbes, GOP establishment stalwart and longtime Obamatrade supporter from Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.  A win for the conservatives against the establishment.

Why Liberals support Muslims who hate everything they stand for.

I don’t know how long Vince Scully will be around after he dissed socialism on national TV.

Why was the writer so surprised at this liberal agreement of CBS talking heads?

Letters by and about Obama’s father, Obama apparently has not even read themMaybe his keepers kept knowledge of their presence from him until just lately. That is just my speculation.

Why the Lone Wolf Terrorist is a Myth

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The past six presidents have used executive power to block certain classes of immigrants.

Trump and the polls, a list of links:                                                                          Donald Trump Unfavorable Polls                                                                               Evidence for Massive Liberal Bias inIPSOS Polling of Trump vs Clinton.  Reuters-Trump support edges higher in wake of Orlando   (be sure to read this one)

Top Secret Clearance for sale, call and ask for Hillary (then get on a national security panel)

“CNN deserves credit for admitting its liberal bias and doing something to correct the problem,” they have a long way to go to be balanced, but it is an acknowledgement of a need.

It’ the middle of June and already more illegal families have crossed the border than all of last year.

Islamaphobia Kills But we don’t have as big a problem as Belgian–yet.

 Snopes is a believe it or not site as far as I am concerned, usually I read it all and believe it not. Snopes’ main political fact-checker is a writer named Kim Lacapria….. While at Inquisitr, the future “fact-checker” consistently displayed clear partisanship….. She described herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She trashed the Tea Party as “teahadists.” She called Bill Clinton “one of our greatest” presidents. She claimed that conservatives only criticized Lena Dunham’s comparison of voting to sex because they “fear female agency.”

I think a complete investigation is needed as to how Omar Mateen was allowed to buy a gun legally. And why he was not on a constant terror watch list.  I’ve heard the excuses, I don’t believe them. This is just one of the reasons, you’ve heard about a lot of them. This ball was dropped and it landed on many innocent Americans.  Not just the killed and wounded plus their families, but the dissent that it has caused on the political scene. Ammunition for the anti-gun lobby, a cudgel to beat Christians and their values and a political football for all sides.

If you read online and watch Fox news you heard about this.  I don’t know if the other sources carried it. ” The Obama administration Friday struggled to contain the fallout from a leaked internal State Department cable signed by more than 50 mid-level diplomats slamming the White House’s Syria policy and calling for “targeted [U.S.] military strikes” against forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad to boost embattled pro-U.S. rebel forces.” I did a google search and did not find anything pertaining to what are considered the major newspapers, the Washington Post and the New York Times. There was a link to a CNN story and USAtoday.

Maps with interesting data: ( there are a lot of overlaps but each one has something different)  

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the House on Thursday rejected two GOP proposals to prevent the Obama administration from enlisting young illegal immigrants to serve in the military.  This just defies comon sense.

From Reason Magazine:  Climate Change Prediction Fail.

On Privilege and Poverty People who have seen both know the difference.

A look into the scary mind of a liberal and it is a book review.  It’s about Muslims.  And for the record, along with the Muslim history and predictions in this book, 51% of Muslims in America want Sharia law and 60% Of Young Muslims are more loyal to Islam than America.

America has suffered a terror attack every year under Obama but it is still our fault.

Democratic “tracker” fired for stalking (tracking overtime)

Did you know glacial flooding is still possible?

Gun Control Advocate sentenced to prison for weapons trafficking. A former Democratic star player.

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CIA Chief will tell Congress what many of us already know, IS is sending operatives to the west.

Muslim harassment in Denton, Texas doesn’t go over well.  At least this one carried his Koran and not a gun.

Clinton’s war actually did make a difference. It led to a very real and very tragic humanitarian disaster.

Divided News in America  This article says in a simpler time they might have sat together and watched Walter Cronkite, who is in my opinion one of the reasons America is so leftist today.  For years and years we had a communist sympathizer sitting in a newsroom giving us the only the news he wanted us to hear to fit his agenda.  Today he is the one all the liberal newsers look up to.  That tells you a lot.

When will America return to Realville, will a change of administrations do it?  Have we gone too far down the fantasy road? Too many educated with liberal written school books, movies, videos, music? The Media Meme: Blame GOP for Orlando while turning sole focus on gun control.  

Armitage to back Clinton over Trump, remember he is the one who actually “outed” Valerie Plame while letting Scooter Libby take the blame, I don’t think we like his ilk anyway.

John Brennan is the person who — after U.S. Muslim groups demanded he do so – “purged” all mention of Islam and jihad from law enforcement counter-terror training materials in 2011″  There are rumors he is a convert to Islam, read all the different views on that here. It could be he is, he certainly acts like a friend to Islam.

John Kerry admits some Muslims are radicalized.  Shhhh… don’t tell the liberals.

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A Democrat Physician’s Case for Trump

The Clinton Foundation received nearly $17.7 million in donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state but you will have a hard time finding the information.

Why did the FBI drop the Mateen investigation?  Because the guidelines told them to.   I think we need to change those  guidelines.

But we were called racists when we said it was the inner cities…..

Not many names are as valuable as the Clinton name.  Read this one, too.

I watched this one small segment of Hannity last night, a very important one by a whistleblower on how much knowledge has been purged of those who would commit crimes against us.

Co2 is a valuable gas, we need it for life.

The Washington Post smears Trumpexpect more of the same.

The College Board is at it again. To the victor belongs the spoils and the writing of history.  This has gone on too long.

Have you seen the person who took a hostage at the Amarillo Walmart was a Muslim?  Unless you frequent right wing blogs and groups on Facebook you probably wouldn’t know that.

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Today is flag day. Today is a day of mourning, it is at half staff.

half staff

If the roles were reversed would the media be having a conniption fitWonkette Website is selling t–shirts showing Hillary beheading Trump.

Hmmmm…. guess it’s a criminal investigation after all.  Judge Links Clinton aide’s immunity to “criminal investigation.”

As of this writing: Florida Governor says Obama hasn’t called me.

Almost three dozen illegals were dropped off in Weatherford by an 18 wheeler.  I am of several thoughts about this.  One of my thoughts is “thank God they didn’t suffocate.”  Almost all of them we rounded up and apprehended.

You’ve probably heard this, I do not know what this man was other than a Muslim full of hate, many are saying he was actually gay. I do no know how that changes things, except for the hate crime aspect.  People are still dead and wounded, the liberals are still blaming his gun, right wingers and Christians.

Hillary Clinton, Saudia Arabia’s president of choice.

Chik-Fil-a’s generosity in Orlando has been making it all over Facebook but for those of you who don’t do Facebook, here’s the story.

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ISIS said 3 days before the attack they were planning to attack Florida.

You may not have heard this about the shooter’s father, read it here.

The shooter worked for security firm, a MAJOR DHS contractor.  This company: But where it gets more disturbing is that as Judicial Watch reported several days ago, in a post titled, “DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads Of Illegal Aliens Away From Border“, border patrol sources said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents. As a reminder, the government classifies them as Other Than Mexican (OTM) and this week around 35 were transferred 116 miles north from Tucson to a Phoenix bus station where they went their separate way. Judicial Watch was present when one of the white vans carrying a group of OTMs arrived at the Phoenix Greyhound station on Buckeye Road.  (NOTICE:  neither of these are mainstream media sources, you may find this information there, but not to this extent.)

The political agendas came out by 7 am yesterday morning. The LGBT community is trying to make this all about them.  It is not all about them, it is about the ISLAMIST hatred towards all of America.  A dissolute America as they see it.  I admit I do not like the cultural degradation that has gone on in the last 40-50 years, but I, and my friends the so called Christian fundamentalist right or left (and they are both), have never considered anything but prayer as a tool to be used against hedonism. This is from one of his former co-workers.  From almost local KTSA we get this: The Next Shoe to Drop in Orlando.

Between 2001 and 2013, the United States permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States.

Facebook deleted Pam Geller’s Stop Islamization of America page after yesterday’s attack.

Wikileaks plans to publish more of their illegaly gained Clinton emails.  Just to prove the State Dept could  do it if they wanted to.

One of the reasons I don’t take statins, the other is that they caused a huge problem with my liver and kidneys.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “The war was always there, but we did not go to it any more.” he wasn’t speaking of the current administration and a good many American citizens, but he could have been.  There is none so blind as those who will not see… another Richard Fernandez post on the administration that doesn’t see Islamic terrorists time and time again.

Did Obama change his mind about closing Gitmo even before the latest terrorist attack?  Politics is everything in his world, I think he did.

I know it’s hard to believe but apparently some rabble rousers got a  clue after the Orlando attack. La Raza council cancels anti-Trump event.

Both Trump and Clinton adjusted their politicking after the attack

I wondered about this yesterday when it was announced, still wondering what is really going on today. Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson cancel China Trip after Orlando Massacre Is something more planned by the administration, do they know of more attacks to come, what is going on?

There are so many posts on leftists refusal to blame Islam, Muslims, Islamists, and instead blame guns, assault rifles, whatever they can to take on right wing crazies, as they call us, I cannot stand to read them, let along link them all.  All I can say is IT WASN’T RIGHT WING BIGOTS WHO DID THE DEED.





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Identity politics, Krugman gets one right.

Also in my opinion Romney gets one wrong. He’s still mad cause he was called a loser, now he is acting like a sore loser.  Sorry, Romney, you already had your chance and blew it.

Whoever said that truth always wins out hasn’t spent much time in Washington about the mind of the president and his ilk.

GOPe  Pundits should relocate to Realville

This idea to stop telemarketing calls is a very good idea.

Some laid off workers who were replaced with foreign workers are very brave to speak up and leave money on the table instead of taking the hush money.

Wikileaks founder says Google is helping Clinton’s campaign

The President is on TV saying we aren’t sure what caused this act of terror, a surprise to some who know this: NBC News’s Pete Williams said law enforcement officials told him that the gunman called 911 just before the killing spree began, and pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

NYT and NPR a Recipe for Cluelessness – they just don’t comprehend Chavez corruption and socialism ruined a prosperous country.

Much of history has already been rewritten.  After we who lived through the FDR (and later) years are the ones who know.  Be sure you write your history down.

Now that the LGBT is targeted I hope the liberals will admit how large a threat Muslims raised here and coming here are to our safety.

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