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9 Things We Learned From an Ex-Cambridge Analytica Exec who got her start with the Obama Campaign.

I missed this when it first came out. Donald Trump, Tragic Hero.

Judicial Watch is really watching out for us.  You might want to give them a small, or large, donation.  They have sued DOJ for Comey’s Conversations With Special Counsel Mueller, particularly important now that he has said in an interview he leaked documents in an attempt to gain a special prosecutor.

Comey and McCabe, where will it end?

If you needed more proof that classical literature is dead, if you needed more proof there is a segment of the population who want neither Christianity nor Jewish history taught or read, here it is.

McCabe got the order to shut down Hillary investigation from…Obama?  or just his minions.

Rebels Without a Cause – rebellion really isn’t what it used to be.

What McCabe lied about is the important part of the story, it’s being ignored. He lied about leaking a conversation in which the Obama Justice Department pressured the FBI to stand down on an investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

Comey, Cohen, Dershowitz, and Scooter Libby: the rule of law I feel exactly as Neo does in this, I hate all the Comey related posts, yet I keep doing it because what he is doing, and has done, is so egregious I cannot help myself.

Hmmmm….. Powerline blog gets the same emails I get from the DCCC and other fundraising divisions of the Democrats.  I look at them and mock them, too.

Conservative speech is being censored on major social media.  There are alternatives, but they do not seem to be catching on, probably because they are not as good.

Interesting statistics on the defensive use of guns.

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There is so much going on in the news these past few weeks. I’ve had a house guest so posting has been infrequent.  (more than usual)

I think the world is a better place since Trump has become president. At least we have hope for the Korean, Iranian and Syrian situations. The world has hope when America leads.

I guess it’s because I’m elderly (really old) but the words Democratic Socialist just give me the creeps.  I fear for my country.

Female temptresses and Washington are nothing new now or then.  Fidel and the newsperson, no surprises there.

Dems file lawsuit alleging Team Trump, Russia and WikiLeaks worked together to disrupt 2016 elections

This trap was set well before Trump won  Don’t mess with the established bureaucracy.

Trump checkmates Democrats in sending Pompeo to North Korea

Judicial Watch statement on McCabe referral.

 Eric Holder for Prison, Not President

So many Comey links, here’s one, and a quote from it: The obvious contradiction inherent in discovering his self-recorded words “I don’t leak” in a memo that he deliberately, and possibly feloniously, leaked makes him a national joke.

Depending on their political persuasion different media report on the Comey memos in different ways. AP says this while the Washington Examiner posts the actual memos for all to see.

Congress Pursues Clinton for Hiding Fusion GPS Payments  I hope this really goes somewhere other than the black hole of hidden political chicanery.

Victor Davis Hanson on Colluders on the Loose.  “If collusion is the twin of conspiracy, then there are lots of colluders running around Washington. […] Ironically, collusion of all sorts — illegal, barely legal, and simply unethical — has been the sea that Washington fish always swim in.”

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Why the Left doesn’t like Jordan Peterson.

There is a link between Comey and Scooter Libby.

How extremes happen,  it’s easy.

Who makes the president’s decisions? Why, the president, of course.

Putin Funds America’s Environmental Movement

It is hard to be a conservative college student, or even a professor who defends one.

Did you miss this in 2016, as I did?  The Flight 93 election.  For the follow-up read his latest.

Comey’s last stand for the deep state.

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I guess Well Fargo just cannot be bullied, at least not on this issue.

This is long but very interesting on politics and science. This is a video of the author being interviewed by John Stossel.

One of the biggest Black Lives Matter accounts on facebook was an Australian troll.

Why some black lives matter and some don’t. It depends, of course, on how the story can be spun.

People who weren’t on Facebook would never have heard of Diamond and Silk it it were not for the way Facebook shadow banned them. I remember You Tube also demonetized them, I don’t know how that has come out, but in the case Facebook seems to be caving to some very bad publicity on action against some beloved black conservatives.

You may not want to watch this whole video, it isn’t long, but the truth is Acosta will never think Trump has done enough about anything, especially Russia ‘Let Me List a Few’: Sanders, Acosta Spar Over Trump’s Actions Against Russia.

Does the media really understand what that raid on the President’s lawyer means? Do they think they will be the ones not eaten by the alligator? If Trump falls the country as we have known it falls.

The governor in this case was prosecuted and now she says it was a dream. Watch out for political prosecutions they may turn around and bite you.

There are a number of writers on Powerline Blog, Today they are all worthy, just go read the whole thing. One of them even gave me a little laugh,Should Trump sit down with Robert Mueller. . .and tell him he’s fired? That would be cool. ”                                                      
If wishes came true. From Don Surber: Mueller should not be fired. Mueller should be arrested and charged with political espionage.
That won’t happen, but I trust that something calmer and more effective will occur.
I hope that the president will empower Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz to raid the offices of Mueller and every one of the two dozen Democratic lawyers he put on the public payroll with absolutely no vetting by Civil Service or Congress.
Furthermore, Horowitz should raid their private law offices and their homes.
Then — and only then — fire Mueller and his henchmen for abusing the authority of the special counsel.”

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CNN has found out the Trump administration knows how to prepare for talks with N Korea, who knew?

People like Cheryl Zuckerberg of Facebook can opt out of an interview if they think it might be less that amiable.

Social media has no qualms about admitting they are trying to shut down conservative voices.

No one can call “racism” here.

We will never know just how many scandals were associated with Ted Kennedy.

‘They were on our side’: Obama campaign director reveals Facebook ALLOWED them to mine American users’ profiles in 2012 because they were supportive of the Democrats I believe I’ve mentioned this before, just be sure to remember it when Zuckerberg testifies to congress.

SCRATCH A LIBERAL, FIND A FASCIST: “The bill will “require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site. The goal of Senate Bill 1424 is “to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories, the utilization of fact-checkers to verify news stories, providing outreach to social media users, and placing a warning on a news story containing false information.”  From Instapundit

This article explains how insidious social media is in its leftward tilt.  Today Fox news is talking about the duo of Diamond and Silk, as being unsafe for the community.  Silk said at the end of the segment, “If a privately owned bakery has to go against their Christian values to bake a cake, then Mark Zuckerberg is going to have to suck it up buttercup and allow Diamond and Silk to speak our truth.”

I will add that I have recently noticed that Facebook is putting its little circled, italic i on article linking to the National Review.  It is doing that to many conservative sites saying they have been known to have Fake News. Today it has expanded and is putting it on what it considers legitimate stories from WSJ and NYTimes, but does NOT say anything about having carried  Fake News.  Trying to be fair, I suppose.

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Kevin Williamson, anti-Trumper recently of the National Review and hired away and fired before he could really turn around for an anti abortion tweet considered beyond the pale. “Congratulations, Jeffrey Goldberg. You’ve worked your way up to a position of management and leadership at a major media publication, and now you’ve agreed to give the Woke Twitter crowd veto power over your personnel decisions. Who runs The Atlantic? The loudest complainer on staff who makes Goldberg nervous.”  David French has this to say about it.

Richard Fernandez calls it another bridge burned.  He is right, of course.

If you aren’t worried about the mid term elections, you should be.  I certainly am.

What is the FBI hiding?

Trey Gowdy is giving up on congress getting anything done.  Also the stonewalling DOJ.

Are the good times over? Are we headed to hell in a handbasket?

Sometimes I wonder how subversive Facebook is, or is it really just a liberal do-gooder who thinks they can solve it all, even health problems?  Be afraid.

This is interesting, Trump sanctions the Russian oligarchs.  Did they help Christopher Steele with the dossier?

If you don’t get real data, you don’t get real results.  Climate date is very politicized and when it’s wrong it can cause some serious damage. (that’s what I learn from being married to a scientist for 60 years)  And on that note read this article against white evangelicals and climate. I did not expect to see such proof of what I wrote in the first sentence.

Medical schools are politicized too, and it is not by accident.  I am appalled at this article about the MCATs which every medical student has to do well on.  From the article: Dr. Darrell Kirch, president and CEO of the AAMC, expressed his vision in a candid 2011 speech at the University of California, Davis: “I am a man on a mission. I believe it is critical to our future to transform health care. I’m not talking about tweaking it. I’m not talking about some nuanced improvements here and there. I’m talking about true transformation.”  It tells me some of how my granddaughter was transformed into a liberal med student.

Texas A&M system announced today that it will end its relationship with the Confucius Institute. That may be the best news of the day.

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Trump Is Cutting Old Gordian Knots, apparently that is why he causes such dissension, that and just being elected.

Why are people still allowed to have five children?  Not a good question to ask in a free country.

Passing the REINS Act as a trade rule could be the single most consequential achievement of Trump’s presidency.

Mexico is helping with the migrant train problem.  Hmmm… wonder if that Nafta threat helped? Apparently not for these in the migrant groups.  But, of course, it had nothing to do with Trump.

Privacy isn’t only dead.  It’s decomposed.

How the Russia Investigation discards the rule of law.  Here is the link to the Byron York article.

10 Reasons the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional.

They are all guilty but some more than others.  Brennan’s role in the Russian dossier procurement.

Why NeverTrumpers think they will be treated “nicely” by the left is beyond me.

A lot of us believe that we’re in a cold civil war and that the left is now determined to leverage its sociocorporate power to coerce conservatives into either parroting the leftist line or else remaining strictly silent.

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I’m willing to bet if the Democrats get in power this type thing would only enhance one of their people. Not that any of you would take that bet. I can see that anyone who believes the Russia stuff would be a hero. Don Surber has this to say: Press attacks on EPA chief are absurd — and futile

This FISA story just get worse with every reveal of documents.

This in my view would be a constitutional crisis in itself. Former presidents are just former presidents with no constitutional authority.  Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman speculated the Mueller special counsel probe will result in some sort of finding that will lead to a “constitutional crisis.”    That according to Friedman will lead to former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama having to step  to and prevent a constitutional crisis.

That caravan is splitting into small groups – must be using the divide and conquer tactic.

“Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor praised fellow Justice Clarence Thomas during a speech Tuesday, and said that while they may disagree ideologically, “I just love the man as a person.”    Well, who wouldn’t when she says why. I applaud her honesty and hope it leads to some of those students becoming less anti-conservatives.

Of course, some of our presidents, many in fact, have interfered in other country’s elections.

That You Tube shooting yesterday was another shooting that could have been prevented and wasn’t.  Her own father turned her in, nothing happened. The police found her and let her go.

The War on Men, What good are you if you won’t die for me?

Rosenstein Memo confirming Mueller could investigate Manafort came a week after raid on Manafort’s home.  Mueller needs to go, he will not resign, he has no shame.  His history is not a good one.

Good news! Dan Rather is here to teach you about fake news  disgusting.

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Politics, Leaks, Hedge Funds and Wall Street  How to make money in Politics.

This site is one I have never seen before but I think it can be trusted when quoting about this nerve poison from Russia.

At last, Fact checkers to check the fact checkers.  I keep seeing spy vs spy for some reasonbut this is a legitimate need.

Why We Hate the Media, Chapter 12,784

CNN mocked for glorifying JFKs ‘legendary’ infidelity after harping on sex allegations against Trump

My friend and blogger, Baldilocks, has twice blogged about Scientology and Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakan.  Now National Review has finally caught up with her.

The curious case of Andrew McCabe’s legal defense fund  via Instapundit

Taken from Instapundit, TO ERIC HOLDER, A CITIZENSHIP QUESTION ON THE CENSUS IS VOTER INTIMIDATION, BUT TWO JACK-BOOTED THUGS WITH BILLY CLUBS SHOUTING RACIAL EPITHETS IN FRONT OF A POLLING PLACE AREN’T: If you’ve forgotten how the Holder Dept. of Justice failed to enforce voting rights law when the victims were white (and then denied it), this detailed statement will serve as a reminder. And it wasn’t just the New Black Panther Party casePosted at 8:47 am by Gail Heriot

How a generation lost its common culture.

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The government is not accountable, justice does not always prevail.

Good luck to these pro-life students but I seriously doubt the media is going to give them the time of day.

Trump Census Citizenship Question Helps Black Americans  The writer explains it.

Have you heard about the seventh grade class assigned to write to lawmakers to support gun control?

America’s two-party system isn’t going anywhere That’s what I’m afraid of.

New unemployment claims hit lowest number in 45 years

The Democratic Party Collusion Story Gets Worse

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