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The Arrogance of people who think they can change the climate.

At least, or is that at last, we elected a president who doesn’t plan, or have to plan, to enrich himself with speeches or other graft while in office our out of office.

Facebook kept many of us in touch during this hurricane crisis, but for many it is NOT their friend.

Security officers who survived Benghazi say Clinton’s team silenced them

I missed this piece of news on the hurricane hawk, sweet, isn’t it?

Something can be done about this non-profit rental abuse on the local level.  This publicity should help a little.

So they wire tapped Trumps campaign manager, maybe.  One of many articles about this.  Would you believe my dyslexic brain and fingers actually put what the brain was thinking?  I first wrote wire trapped.  Good enough.

Dianne Feinstein says there is no evidence Jared Kushner helped the Russians purchase Facebook ads

Well, this is interesting.  Sally Quinn (she’s sure you know who she is- in case you don’t she was first the mistress of, and then second wife of Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post), anyway, she thinks she killed 3 people with black magic.

I had not seen this before.  The police are protesting the protesters.

I saw this before it was commented or used on WUWT. My opinion is it reinforces both liberals and conservatives “beliefs” in their beliefs.  Both sides think it pertains only to the other side because “we” know the truth.

On the other hand this person seems willing to at least give the other side a look.

I’ve been out of the loop so to speak, maybe the MSM ran with this article on AntiFa, but I know a lot of liberals who still haven’t heard of the group and don’t believe me when I tell them what it is.

One of the best quotes from Trump’s UN speech: “Venezuela has failed not because socialism has been badly implemented but because it’s been faithfully implemented”

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I use duckduckgo as my search engine.  You might want to change to that, too.  They don’t track you, and don’t sell your searches to advertisers.  It’s easy to change, just type duckduckgo into the search engine form and make it your default search engine.  I use chrome only for Facebook and the Rockport Conservatives  blog site so I do not worry about tracking when in the actual google browser.

  Naval researchers announced Saturday that they have found the wreckage of the lost World War II cruiser USS Indianapolis on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, 72 years after the vessel sank in minutes after it was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

The Audacity of this headline just amazes me.  Why the left gave up on violence. I haven’t even dared to read it.  We know they are more violent that ever.

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Trump AG Raked In Campaign Donations From An Oil Tycoon With Ties To Putin

A “Rooney Rule” for ambassador openings

Swain said we all collectively need to tone down the racial identity politics and racist rhetoric and work together to improve race relations. “We need honest conversations, dialogue where people are listening to one another,” she said.

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This is economics and I am not well educated in higher economics, but some of you are and can understand the whole study.  I’ll just choose to believe the headline.  Cutting Obamacare Subsidies Would Benefit Poor, Says CBO

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said police found weapons stashed by white nationalists. Police say they didn’t.  In this case liberals will probably choose not to believe Reason Magazine.

Just who is this guy who caused all the trouble.  Was this a Dem/Prog/Soros inspired and paid for stooge?  An orchestrated attack on Trump and you and me?  It’s beginning to smell like it.

The Menendez corruption trial.

When I read about this video I thought it was from a small, local station somewhere, apparently it was on the major show with a national anchorwoman.  I  was shocked they showed the Trump supporters.

Scott Adams on How to know when you’re in a mass hysteria bubble.

The Kristol Crackup  Bill Kristol  is still hurting that his Anti-Trump stance wasn’t followed by American voters.

Apple funds left wing hate group.  As it turns out it seems all left wing groups are hate groups.

Confederate Monuments are to stay at Gettysburg Battlefield.  I wonder if this would be true if there were a Democrat president.  Of course if there were, none of this would be happening.  It is an anti-conservative, anti-republican, anti-Trump display of hysterics.

When a liberal boycott backfired.  At last a little glimpse of good news.

Go to this link to see the time and how much of the eclipse you will see in your area.

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I cannot believe that CNN actually did this, Calls out Hillary’s pastor for plagarism, but then when I read the article I see it was really just a small update. Nothing to see here, move on along.

Is the Left waking up? Is it too late?  The Atlantic dips it’s toes in the water of explaining the Antifa. But it paints a broad brush in trying to show that among Trump supporters many are racists.  CNN is not so bold, they can’t quite bring themselves to say it is a violent group.

The Associated Press has to print this news, but notice they cannot do it without taking a slam at “Bellicose Trump.”  So, okay it seems that the Trump administration has been in talks with N Korea for months.  But they didn’t mention that bellicosity sometimes gets you this. North Korea Backs off Guam Missile attack threat.

A Federal court has ruled the  state of Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood money.

Sarah Hoyt puts it in perspective. The Fringe

The  Anti-Trump Boubons : Learning and Forgetting nothing in time for 2020.

Statues of Limitation  by Steven Hayward in Powerline.  This is a good one.

My friend Juliette Akinyi Ochieng who blogs as Baldilocks, is a black conservative.  Here is one of her posts: Twin Pathologies: White Guilt and White Anger.
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Allen West has a very good post on his take on the Charlottesville event.  I’ve een multiple sites saying Soros money is behind this.  Also some posts on facebook showing a Crowdsource ad for people  to be paid for protesting.

Zuckerberg does not allow people who go against him to be on Facebook.

I had to laugh at Trump’s response to this.

If you read down into this story from the New York Times you see they admit Black Lives Matter and others were counter protestors, but of course, they see nothing wrong with that.

My friend’s blog post.  She is a noted black conservative in Bloggerville.

A Former FBI agent points out how Comey botched the Hillary investigation.  Did he botch it or was it just a sham investigation in the first place.  I have my opinion.

I hope the threat to Trump is not as serious as this sounds.   Shades of the JFK conspiracy theories.

I like this title.  Will Democrats Bet That Their Party Can Fly With Only A Left Wing?

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Temperatures cooler now than when Al Gore won the Nobel Prize.   Related article: Is Summer over for the Northeast?  The articles says there may be warmth in store for September, didn’t we used to call that Indian Summer?

Public beach access confirmed in California. Here in Rockport we lost access a long, long time ago.

Elizabeth Warren’s  senseless hold on a nominee.  She is also adamant that the Dems not move to center.

The media loves to associate Trump with haters whether it’s true or not, but when it come to Democrats, well let’s just say, not so much.

The Plague is rampant in fleas in Northern Arizona Counties.

Hmmm… I wonder why Bannon would be one of the leakers?

Why did it erupt in Charlottesville?  I’m still wondering about that. Be sure to scroll down to this: What it was like on the ground at Charlottesville

I did not know the Antifa was formed in Germany in the 1980’s.

Someone needs to ‘splain this to Mark Zuckerberg, he clearly doesn’t know as much as he seems to think he does about “climate change.”  And BTW I think the promoters of that term now want to change it to “extreme weather.”

Also this: IPCC Knew from Start Climate Data Inadequate

A little over a year ago President Obama let N Korea  know “We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals”

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The press tried their best to ignore and squash the Cinton/Lynch tarmac story. There are multiple articles on this, this is just one of them.

Democrat Senator To Stand Trial Over Corruption

Russian Collusion in the Democrat Inner Circle?  An overload of Red Diaper babies.

The Nation on the VIPS report saying it was a DNC leak, not Russian hacking that ruined Hillary’s chances with the leaked emails.  The DNC has its feelings hurt. This says Brennan started it.

The conspiracy plot thickens.

This is long, but listen to at leat 10 minutes, he makes his point early.

Found at Ace of Spades:

undocumented democrats.jpg

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If you need the evidence of voter fraud, Judicial Watch is gathering it for you.  But the Democrats will never admit it is true.  You might want to go to their press room page to see all they are doing.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is looking up from under the bus.  Can they blame it all on her?

When Fake News isn’t fake.  The only thing fake about the current Koreans flap is that  it is being blamed on Trump.   Silly me, I’ve been thinking he inherited this from quite a few former presidents.  More here from MSNBC.   I watched a small segment of CNN this morning and actually saw a good pushback from the anchorwoman to the Hillary spokesperson.  The CNN person actually quoted Bill Clinton and said, “how is that different than what Trump said?”  When she got a canned answer she repeated the question very firmly.  I’ve  tried to find video but have not.   I guess CNN is not proud of a good reporter.

Anti-Trumpers need to fire on the real enemy not the conservatives.  Ahh, but that’s the problem, conservatives are their enemy.  Some anti-Trumpers/Never Trumpers believe only  their brand of conservatism counts, others are just RINOS, Dems and the press.

Al Gore’s new film on climate change isn’t selling well.  Just like his predications aren’t.

Another Judicial Watch reveal: Federal authorities arrested six persons last week involved in an apparent scheme to produce false identification documents through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), some of w hich were then used as ID to illegally vote in Boston, reported Judicial Watch.

Here’s a list of the  5 latest big screw ups of the New York Times. Funny how they are only about Republicans.

An end to the massive EPA slush fund?  We can only hope so.

It is sickening  to me to see just how corrupt the DOJ was concerning the tarmac meeting between Lynch and Clinton.  What do we do when there is no justice in the Department of Justice.

When the Nation prints this about those leaked emails, we should all sit up and take notice.  It may be the truth will finally out to the leftists.  Found at Just one Minute blog.  Check it out for the other links on this story.

Liberal are for science until they are not.  In this case when it departs from their social justice theories that there is no difference between the sexes.

White males need not apply for this $10,000 social justice journalism grant. In journalism today I doubt anyone will see the hypocrisy.  Can you imagine the lawsuits if it were for white males only?


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Good little girls and good little boys are being taught to protest, not a good thing.

The truth about transgender in the military, from a transgender who is retired military.

Proving the truth of his memo.

The Long Short Leash Political correctness runs amuck in the USA and in China.  Not a good way to run things.

Scary news from the Washington Post, and it isn’t fake news- North Korea is currently making nuclear weapons.

 Emails from a reporter for the New York Times to government employees obtained exclusively by Breitbart News demonstrate that the newspaper’s employees are not just on the receiving end of leaks, but are actually soliciting government employees to become leakers.

I hope they stand strong on this: Army refuses to scrub Confederate names from Brooklyn base

There is new advice on your passwords. It’s a little like the heart health medical facts turned upsidedown.

I cannot send this around too often.  The Democrats plan to destroy Trump.

IowaHawk (David Burge on Twitter): Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

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400 Pages of emails on the Clinton/Lynch airport meeting???!!!  They must have thought it was more important than we thought.  And that press they mentioned is still the only press following this.

This is from the Atlantic. Since antifa is heavily composed of anarchists, its activists place little faith in the state, which they consider complicit in fascism and racism.”
I don’t think it is supported by most on the left, at least, once they understand who the Antifa actually are.

A lot of Journalists and there editors apparently did not read the Bible in their literature classes, DNA does not refute the Bible.

It is true hypocrisy that we didn’t read in every form of media about the bakers refusing to bake a birthday cake for the boy who wrote Trump a well publicized letter.  The media went to a lot of trouble to “out” the child, thinking it was a false letter.

Is it our only hope that the Democratic party is also disliked?

Bookworm knows firsthand what is wrong with socialism.

The magical mystery tour of the Minneapolis International Airport.  Why give anyone a tour?

My question is Rosenstein going soft on Comey’s leaks?

Who was the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world?

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