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Obama dragged down by chaos and at home and abroad, not economics

How long until we lose a whooping crane to these and/or would we even know if it happened? These are in California and are allowed to kill protected birds. Wind Power Slaughter: ex-USFWS Agent Speaks Out on Shiloh IV (California)

By the time you read this Perry may have already acted on it. Perry expected to call up National Guard to Rio Grande Valley

The brutal Obama policy that’s really driving the Border Crisis we need to make sure more people know about this, it answers some important questions.           The Department of Homeland Security says the unprecedented deluge of 52,000 unaccompanied minors began in October. That’s just two months after the directive was issued.

This is the evil the cartels do when they drop their illegal immigrants to fend for themselves in South Texas, New Mexico or Arizona.

From Allen West: Arab journalist: Arab leaders pray Israel will get rid of Hamas once and for all

What the liberals think - Morning Plum: Immigration battle could damage GOP for years    I don’t think so, in fact I think the liberals are reeling at how the border issue is harming Obama.

The IT guys who know how technology actually works want the IRS to answer these questions.

Iran extension blasted — by ex-Obama senior officials

Here is a man with no sense or sensibility. Rep. Joe Garcia: “We’ve Proved that Communism Works”

I know this is too many links, read what you can, come back to the others later.


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Links and Comments, July 20, 2014

Nearly a year before President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis on the border, a team of experts arrived at the Fort Brown patrol station in Brownsville, Tex., and discovered a makeshift transportation depot for a deluge of foreign children.

Karl Rove and the modern money machine – the one that is trying to kill the Tea Party groups and candidates.

How Rising Populism is changing the identities of both parties

The Death Panel discussion. Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel brother of Rahm, writing in Lancet;  Dept of Ethics.
A discussion of this at a libertarian site:

African Americans are leaving Austin liberal Austin doesn’t quite seem as friendly as it should

Obama Administration hands Oil Industry a Big Win

Germany Honors Officers who tried to kill Hitler.

A Justice Department fraud prevention program came under fire Thursday for allegedly morphing into actively pressuring banks to deny financial services to businesses for political reasons.

Why Obama should send several thousand U.S. troops back to Iraq

Obama says he ended the ‘War on Drugs.’ Don’t believe him




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Links and Comments, July 18, 2014

Obama said to Assure Hispanic conference on deportations.  That is the CONGRESSIONAL Hispanic conference they are talking about.  People who have taken an oath to uphold the constitution; which country did they think it was from?

Why did the IRS Provide a Trove of information to the FBI?  No matter what they say, the information given was illegal, whether or not they used it or looked at it.

The Chaos in the Ukraine is a real war and it is no surprise to me that it is directed by Putin.

Haley Barbour’s PAC Funded the Racially-Tinged Attacks on McDaniels  didn’t we already have this conversation?  But now he is bragging about it.

A Wendy Davis staffer once pleaded guilty to posing as former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele online in order to illegally obtain his credit report. They are Democrats, what else can I say?

TSA Agent Thinks Washington D.C. is a Foreign Country  are we sure he isn’t right?  Sometimes I think they are on a different planet in DC

Today in 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne died in Ted Kennedy’s car as he fled the scene.  I won’t forget this, but I doubt anyone beyond my generation will remember, or be told about it. via Instapundit

Company Cofounded by Paul Pelosi Jr. Charged with Securities Fraud; SEC: Environmental investment company Natural Blue Resources run by criminals.  Instapundit says SHOCKED, I’m wondering why, because he did it or because he was actually charged?

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Late evening links and comments, July 17, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson and one of his excellent columns. The Turbulent Summer of 2014.

Exclusive documents detail heinous crimes committed by ms13 gang members being housed in Nogales

Looking for a place where Obamacare doesn’t exist? Try moving to the U.S. Territories, where the Obama administration just provided a pretty big waiver from the law’s major coverage provisions.

The end of Animal House  read it all, it is excellent

If Leading from Behind is working it’s not obvious.

The president has spent the last few weeks laughing at everything.  But now he is faced with something possibly new and disturbing; something which a speech or an executive order won’t handle. He must tread very carefully. Above all he must remember that foreign policy is not something he conducts out of the golf course.  Richard Fernandez

One of the important people. Eric Holder’s wife who is a practicing OBGYN does not take Medicaid patients.  Surprised?  I didn’t think so.

We’ve been hacked, at least in our thinking Using the Word Baptist in the Government organization title doesn’t make it a church.   An ACORN affiliate, maybe?  Read this article and you will be breathing fire along with me.  Faith based my Aunt Fanny!!!


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An Over abundance of Crises; Crises around the world; is it our fault?

On February 25th I wrote a post  titled  If we are weak who is going to protect the world?  I am afraid we are finding the answer to that question.  Of course, in each particular case it is not something we have overtly done that is responsible.  What we have done is a passive omission of strength not shown.  It is what we have not done. We have not stood strong and able, we have not given a moral stance to our positions, in fact in this administration everything is relative or if not relative it is our fault and for which we should apologize.

In that post I said

I hear many people say, and read what many people write, “why is it our job to protect the world?”  Well, here is my answer on that.  “Look at history.  See what happens when the USA is weak, wishy washy, run by appeasers, and isolationist.”  WWI and WWII come to mind.


I am not a national figure, I have no stature in political circles, but I have lived a long time and I see the world through eyes that were young during Pearl Harbor, but I remember it well and I remember history beyond then and up until today.  I have always loved history and know very well the old saying “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  It is my sincere hope and wish that the USA does not allow a global war to happen because we followed a man known as Barack Hussein Obama over the cliff.

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Links and Comments, July 16, 2014

 Just a short list today, yesterday’s was long enough for both days.

Obama may be misreading the 2008 Immigration law – to his own advantage, of course.

Dead Immigrant Boy Found Floating in Rio Grande  this is news to the rest of the country, but to those of us who live nearby it is old and yet always disturbing news.  Most of the deaths we hear about are in the brush country and desert.

Children sneaking into the US aren’t always alone,  Another one of those “gee, who knew?” headlines.

Law Enforcement Officials say an Article Claiming Chaos in Sarita is a Hoax

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Links and comments, July 15, 2014

On Global Warming, Follow the Money and goodness knows there has been plenty spent on it.

Neocon asks this question – Do you wonder whatever happened to this bill?  I wonder how many anchor babies have been born since theses bills were introduced?

ALL education, higher and lower, has too many administrators. New Analysis Shows Problematic Boom In Higher Ed Administrators

The Odd Book One Texas Rancher Found Near the Border  you can learn to speak Urdu from this little booklet, well, a little anyway.

The Government Is Using Subliminal Songs To Scare Immigrants  I would not consider this to be subliminal, it is meant to deter, but I wonder if the young boys don’t think of it as an exciting adventure and they will conquer the Beast.

Somehow I missed this news, did you?  Things I thought I’d never see: Egyptians supporting Israel against Hamas

Just looking at the Drudge Report this morning I find so many headlines that I have “snarky” answers to without bothering to read them. Among them these:“Group At Center Of IRS Scandal Has Never Been Interviewed By FBI Investigators”;  “People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity”“INTEL REPORT: 95% of Migrants Expect to Receive ‘Permisos’ to Stay in USA…”“HARRY REID: Judge Judy Would Throw Out Boehner’s Lawsuit In ‘Half A Second’”

Less than 3 percent of the U.S. population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday in the first large-scale government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation.  No surprise to us, but to some of the media, or maybe all of the media, it is.

I don’t care what else Dana Milbank has to say in this article, but I found this first paragraph so funny I had to share it with you. President Obama has described his foreign-policy doctrine as an attempt to hit singles, doubles and the occasional home run. But at this stage of the game, it looks as though he has popped out, grounded into a double play and been hit by a pitch.

These are not children, these are grown men.  (a short video)

First planeload of deportations, I think we can think Jeh Jackson for this at least token.  It should send a message, this is not from a US paper.  Did any of them carry this?

This land is our land…. or at least it used to be. Lawmakers Throw Light on Secretive ‘Operation Choke Point’

This headline with my instant rebuttal is from Instapundit,Border Tsunami: Has GOP Forgotten How to Play Offense?  My question – when did the GOP ever know how to play offense?

On this day in 1931 my parents were married.  They now have 92 descendants, four of whom are deceased, and one more great, great grandchild expected in December.

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Links and comments, July 14, 2014

I find this easy to believe – EXCLUSIVE: HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church from 2010 to 2013 to Prepare for Obama’s 2014 Invasion!

Instead of separate links to the articles in this site I am sending a link to the site so you can see some of the sites I visit regularly.  Canada Free Press

Why now? For a really good explanation read this. Why are so  many more Central Americans Trying to Cross the Border now?

Why Is Congress Again Using a Budget Process that Will Protect Ineffective Programs?

Where do you live Mark Zuckerberg?

I am not a scientist but I agree with this one and have always thought it was so. Key words: Science is an incredibly successful narrative that we patch together the best way we can. But it should not be sold as perfect or all-powerful. There’s so much that science will never be able to explain

Citigroup announced Monday that it will pay roughly $7 billion to settle a federal investigation into risky subprime mortgages, the type that helped bring on the financial crisis.   After reading this I did a Google search “What Obama Administration officials are linked to Citigroup?”  Try it, you will get many more hits than you have time to read.

From research my husband, Dick Hoese, has done we get this: Convicted felon designed EPA’s playbook for faking science and this:  EPA’s Playbook Unveiled: A Story of Fraud, Deceit, and Secret Science  This is a PDF file and a minority report from the US Senate, it will download automatically so check your downloads to read it.  This is what Dick has to say about it:

According to this a now jailed convicted felon was responsible for current regulations based on 1970s data that was never properly examined under the Clean Air Act,  and  also supported by the current EPA administrator. My last dealing  (two decades ago) with the  EPA gave an inkling to something going on there. It had to do with the conclusion being more important than the data, which is what apparently happened here. While it is a logical error to blame something or somebody without the connection, the 1970s data does not seem to exist.

The connection is not clear yet, but since this deals with ozone and dust in the air, it is a small leap to classifying storm water a pollutant.

Another Hoese heard from, my conservative son sent me this link as an instance of how Democrats are turning away from Obama:.

No, this is not a movie script about a corrupt government. It’s real.  The Federal Department of Justice has decided not to investigate the CIA for spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which just happened to be investigating the CIA — on its Detention and Interrogation Procedures.Democratic Senator and Intelligence Committee member Mark Udall is one of the Senators saying they need to keep investigating It’s corruption and it is happening.  Meanwhile, here’s proof that Udall has disembarked from the Obama train.

Now if I could just convert that liberal son…..

Some faculty members from Brandeis University show how far a “liberal education” has fallen.  Liberal doesn’t mean what they think it does or maybe just not what it used to be.  These people are to the left of Obama, or as they refer to him, Obomber.  “What fools these mortals be.”

I recently had a discussion with some not very intelligent, think with your emotions, people on Facebook.  I wish I had this to link to at the time. Self Restraint, Not Drugs for All, to Stop HIV

Okay, folks, that is all for this A.M. I will probably be back at this again later today.  If the internet were a road I would have “miles to go before I sleep.”  So much to read, so much to report, so little time, and I wonder how much impact on the grand scheme of things.  But I try.

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Links and comments, Sunday, July 13, 2014

I find this easy to believe – EXCLUSIVE: HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church from 2010 to 2013 to Prepare for Obama’s 2014 Invasion!

And this is on video:

“As long as (U.S.) immigration reform is not approved, the exodus of children to the United States will continue,” Jorge Ramon Hernandez, the senior representative of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, said at the talks.

Will we take care of those who helped us as interpreters?

Crack Down on Scientific Fraudsters  more of this is needed.

In a related article  More Challenges to the EPA  -both of the articles via Dick Hoese

The federal government is continuing to dole out billions of dollars to people who shouldn’t get them.  nothing new or startling here, apparently CNN has nothing else to cover……..

We’re from the government and we are here to help The Costs of Obama’s Housing Mistakes Keep Piling Up

There are some really dumb women in the world, and I’m sure all of them think they are special.  43 suspected mistresses found in RFK Jr.’s phone  I also suspect many would not really qualify for the word mistress which would indicate a more longtime liaison than a few meetings.

The fun link of the day, via Jim Van Gilder  Welcome to the USA by Ray Stevens from May, 2010! (updated)

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Links and comments, July 11, 2014

That Study Showing Kids With Same-Sex Parents Fare Better? Yeah, the Media Left a Few Details Out.

The Immigration Reform that worked in the Past.

According to Border Patrol sources, violent MS-13 gang members are using the Nogales processing center in Arizona as a recruitment hub and as a transfer point for gang members to get into the United States.  I am sickened and hopeless about how this crisis will end.   What a glorious  country the United States of America was.  Original article from Judicial Watch here.

Jesse Jackson thinks Obama should care more for Chicago’s children than he does for illegals.

Hmmm…   maybe we better check a Pennysaver or Quick Quarter for a way to make a lot of money and maybe get some live in help at the same time.  Ad Offers More Than $6000 Per Month to House Foreign Minors

You need to see the picture here, it would frighten me but because I have been to the La Brea tar pits and nearby streets it doesn’t.  Tar bubbles up there all the time, you have to watch where you step.Park Service closes Yellowstone road because underground heat is melting the asphalt.

Richard Fernandez again, the difference between wolves and quick kill predators in relation to what is happening to ObamaThe last page of the article is the best.  Read it all.

 And for Texans, here is the good news:  Mossberg Announces Expansion to TX Manufacturing Facility

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