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CPAC straw polls strongly favor Trump.

Rules of engagement adjusted

The New Nationalism in America

How Trump Won, that’s not the title of the piece but it is what it is about.  An interesting read.

Maybe some Democrats are smarter than others, Ellison did not win the leadership role.  Alan Dershowitz had threatened to leave if Ellison were elected.

Anti-Trump Democrats are best allies of some Senate Republicans.

Democrats are inviting immigrants to first Trump speech to Congress.   I think the press will love it and not see it as the ploy it is.

The judge will not throw out the Bowe Bergdahl trial because Trump called him a traitor during a campaign speech.

The Leader and organizer of the next women’s march is a Palestinian terrorist.  (I thought she had a hand in that pussy march, too.)

Mike Rowe firmly believes in the American work ethic.

The Climate Science Debate Illusion  I do not agree with Scott Adams on many things but he certainly brings clarity to many other things.  Also this:  Hundreds of scientists petition Trump to withdraw from UN Climate Change Agency.

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This is one of those stories that leave you just shaking your head.  Jesses Jackson Jr. gets $138,400 in benefits after spending time in prison for stealing from his campaign funds.

Leftist Jews Should Quit Lecturing Trump about Anti-Semitism

More on the new climate theory.

A USA Today editorial seems to think Trump is doing okay globally.  I think they hate to give him that much credit.

Politico is trying to help the Democrats dump their losers.

The mind games of the press and others.

Rep Lieu: Yes, there are groups that are organizing people to show up at town halls.  Oops, he accidentally told the truth while trying to explain it away.

Conservatives want repeal, and they want it now.

Ann Althouse on a Nicholas Kristoff piece on liberals who hate and paint others with a broad brush.  If you can get behind the paywall, here is the original.

Donald Trump’s CPAC speech. Listen at your leisure.

Scott Johnson of Powerline on Hacking then and now.  This is a be sure to read.

Some in higher education are worried about the twitter world of liberalism.

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An article in which a reporter has to admit Trump was right about Sweden.  Those in Sweden have many excuses for the bad events.

Democrats attack Trump for enforcing THIER immigration law.

The difference in MCain and Trump.  It’s a big difference.

What do YOU think about the Dreamer situation?

Turkey?  I hope this ends well.  Power is not easily given up by a tyrant.

Using the word enemies is only wrong when the Republicans do it.

I guess I am just too much of an old fashioned girl raised in Texas but this article mentions Ryan didn’t wear a helmet while riding a horse.  The man was on the border, look at the picture, all I see is cowboy hats. A helmet, did they think this was in New York City?

Remember that biased CIA agent that whined he had to quit, he was a contributor to Hillary.

John McCain is such a jerk.  I can’t think of any other way to put it. Behind a paywall but headlines say it all.

The Progressives are anti-Semites  Anti-Semitism is a big problem but why all this blaming of Trump?

That old Story about LBJ and the supposed Cronkite moment


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AG Sessions needs to halt the persecution of this WWII veteran.

The US paid billions in benefits for people who did not even have  a SS number

Obama is not a great writer, or speaker for that matter.

About that Swedish vandalism  More here.

The Liberal Media have much more in mind.

If they take Milo down, You’re next.  More on the Milo thing here.

All our children are brainwashed to believe in Global Warming.

The Palestine Lie is Past Its Sell Date

The “Unbiased” Press in all its glory.

What do you think?  Should high school students be required to pass a citizenship test?

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How Sweden has become an exporter of Jihad, thanks to Ray for the link. Now even the Washington Post has to admit Sweden has a problem.  But they caveat with this so they won’t look so bad for shaming Trump wrongly. By and large, integration has been a success story there, save for incidents such as Monday night’s, which have taken place in highly segregated neighborhoods.

A looming problem – Regulatory Dark Matter

Fake News Rap Sheet:  Last week the MSM  told THIRTY-SEVEN Lies

The Moral dilemma of gene editing.

Poor Fellow- leaving the CIA because of Trump, like they say, “don’t let the door hit you….”

All the “unbiased” reporters who helped try to elect Hillary.

The Washington Post isn’t pleased with Gorka

The subversion of the presidency, Seven Days in February, by Victor Davis Hanson.  He makes some very important points.

Trump’s new immigration guidelines.

Reporting? The liberal media have much more in mind.

Fake news, Swedish style.  This is enough to turn the strongest conservative stomach.

Apparently I missed this when it first came out  Just case you missed it too, here is a an ex-CIA agent speaking out against politicalization of the organization.

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For the time being at least, China has finally had enough from N Korea.

Those infamous ICE raids got just .07% of those with removal orders.

Yes, things are different here between the coasts.

Politics in middle school.  I think I would have done more than write a note, and apparently this parent did or we would not know about this.

Apparently Democrats have realized impeachment talk isn’t getting them anywhere.  I would be quite pleased if they managed to figure out you are not insane if you disagree with them, also. PESD is PTSD for Dems who cannot stop crying over the election.

The MSM is still not admitting to troubles in Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, or at least one of the contenders.

A Female Muslim who is a life long liberal who voted for Trump.

Sometimes Ann Coulter goes too far, not this time.  The silence of the Lambs congress.

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Good ole Texas, Voter ID is really, really necessary.

Well, Well, Well.  The Congressional Black Caucus Is Planning To Meet With Trump.  How the mighty have fallenCummings says he never rejected a meeting. On Sunday, he attributed the late acceptance to Trump apparently not being “in contact with his staff properly.” Un huh, sure.

A Democratic Federal Election Commission official who pushed to regulate the internet and has been absent from public meetings for months is resigning, according to an announcement.

Bookworm on the Progressives Dangerous plan to use the 25th Amendment against Trump it does sound very much like the Soviets, Mao and others of his ilk.

The 2016 election marked an earthquake in the diversity industry. It is increasingly difficult to judge who we are merely by our appearances, which means that identity politics may lose its influence. These fissures probably explain some of the ferocity of the protests we’ve seen in recent weeks. A dying lobby is fighting to hold on to its power. Victor Davis Hanson at his best.

Andrew Klavan on choosing sides,  Deep State or Donald Trump.  He chooses Trump.

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Who was on that 7th floor of the state dept who got fired?  Shadow government.

Organizing for Action is pretty blatant about their organizing but the newspeople still think this is all just local, grassroots protesting.  They even have this posted on Facebook.  Did we, the Tea Party people, show them how to do it?

Democrats Real Global Warming Fraud Revealed

The Secret Door, or those writers the left never admitted existed.

Drain the real swamp:  Academia  this is going to be the last to go, it is three generations of entrenched leftism.

Sally Yates should probably be prosecuted for this, turnabout and all that.

A Brief History of Intelligence – the cartoon, and it isn’t a pretty picture.

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The Three Headed Hydra Of The Middle East.

Trump was rural America’s shout back. One way or another, he will be its last.

A Two- state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t what the Palestinians want, they way death to Israel.

Nearly 2 Million Illegals were registered to vote in the last election.

Pity the poor leftovers from previous administrations, they are, “sob, sob” being let go.   The New York Post is calling it a “bloodbath.”  This should be happening in many departments.

On a related note:  The Leaky John Brennan

The Wikipedia purge

When will they admit they  have gone to far?  Glitter Ash for LGBT Christians and others for Ash Wednesday.

The Left camouflages a “rolling coup attempt” as a righteous national security push.





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The Canadians have a different take on things.  Maybe it is because they are not focused on taking Trump down.

A Rogue Intelligence community, many books have been written about this, I had hoped to avoid it in my lifetime.  According to the New York Times they’ve tried to find something bad but haven’t been able to.

Breaking News from NPR, Flynn did nothing wrong, or nevermind, we got what we wanted, anyway.

If it bleeds it leads, or something like that, and if it doesn’t maybe we can make it bleed, or, or. or. …… Fake news leads.

But dangerous or not, the game is afoot. Richard Fernandez in The Fight for Washington.

Fake News Tries to scrub it Soros sources of insurrection financials.

How to evaluate a president.

Two more anarchists caught by Project Veritas have been arrested.

I’m listening to the President school the press on how to actually cover the news. If you get a change try to catch a video of it.

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