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Democrat Who Opposes Sanctuary Cities Wins Virginia Governor’s Race

I just found this article and the same rage this woman shows has been shown to me by some of my near and dear on Facebook who would be nothing but sweet in person.

We have dumbed racism down, but these incidents cause us to turn a blind eye to the real thing—in case we ever have one.

The Church of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Watch this video and then the comments.  The video is serious anti gun, but the comments are hilarious.

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This is surely not the first time immigrants have claimed to be a family when they weren’t.

The strife inside the two parties is irrelevant—when compared to the larger existential war for the soul of America.  Victor Davis Hanson.

Also from Richard Fernandez  Suddenly it gets complicated.

An example of the left’s views from  Time Magazine as shown in Real Clear Politics.

A man from Texas arrested near White House said he was going there to shoot white policemen.

Democratic pollster and former Clinton ally Doug Schoen believes the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton warrant a special prosecutor.

A major Democratic donor thinks the Democrats have moved too far left.  Ya think?

Journalists have been busy on twitter trying to invalidate the claims of Donna Brazile.

Debunking the claims of some journalists about the GOP platform and Russia.

About dishonorable campus reform.

High Crimes and misdemeanors, or maybe not.

I like this headline:  Democrats Drive Toward the Cliff and Hit the Gas. via Instapundit

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Links and Comments from several days

Thousands attended protest organized Russians on Facebook.

Podesta’s downfall sends shock waves through K Street

More and more  about that tangled web they wove.  We have a broken FBI.

Politico Hides Fusion GPS Employment Of Key Source  by Mollie Hemingway in the Federalist.

Research on the most resent terroist.  And here.

China and South Korea, Trump’s foreign policy is working.

Andrew McCarthy has views on the Manafort and Gates indictment.

The Washington Post actually gave the Dems 4 Pinocchio’s  on their tax cut stance.

About those Osama bin Laden papers.

Press insider is concerned about the direction of “journalism.”

In spite of Democratic opposition two conservative women were just comfirmed as federal judges.

Donna Brazille’s book is being talked about on Rush.  I read that excerpt, there are tire marks on Hillary.  But Donna can’t get to far away, she went on to feed her questions in advance on the debates.

More on that Uranium One deal from Obama/Clinton.

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CNN’s undisclosed ties to Fusion GPS.  This may explain why CNN  gets  those leaked scoops.

This is true, but is it also wishful thinking?

Podesta/Paul Manfort connection?

The Mother of all Scandals.

Devin Nunez has discovered a lot of Democratic dealings.

And Lewandoski says there is a problem with the FBI.  Ya think?

Outside the lefty bubble someone finds he is very unpopular.

Is it possible some liberals are getting a clue to the problem of being such liberal educators?  Yep they are getting a clue.    from yesterday there was this.

Where do those millions of kids go to get their education back? Bill Gates Tacitly Admits His Common Core Experiment Was A Failure.

The judge in the Menendez trial refused the request for a mistrial.

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Investigate this.  The real problem for the intelligence community and the DNC  and the Trump Dossier.

The JFK files and Bill Ayers.

What is the Sacred to the Modern Left?

Google should practice what it preaches on net neutrality.  And all of social media Faceboook is censoring conservatives, also.  I don’t mess with twitter much but I understand they have stifled conservative tweets on some prominent persons also.

There are many blogs I used to go to daily. I still visit many sites but there are, or were just too many blogs to read them all. Tonight I decided to visit my old haunts and found this.

Here is Betsey’s Page in which we learn how deeply the MSM are helping the Kremlin in distrupting America.

This is Stacy McCain and sidekick Smitty. on Halperin and the Soros connection.

UH OH!  Never Trumpers are caught in the pre-Dossier, at least they say it is pre-Dossier.  More about this at Ace of Spades.

A physicist says Global Warming has become a religion,  I’ve been saying it for a long time, but then I am not a a Nobel Prize winner.

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While some MSM channels find nothing to say about the big news about the dossier, there is a lot on the internet.

This one has a timeline.

This one says the liberal elites are willing to sacrifice the Clinton’s on the altar of Get Trump and make it look non-political.  Not an easy task.

This one shows the “New DNC” is distancing themselves from the old mean  DNC.

The Wall Street Journal has this, it is behind a paywall, but you might want to google it and see if there is a link that will give the whole article.

The FBI was very involved in this.  James Comey should wind up in a federal prison.

The Washington Post’s take on what it means.  It seems pretty factual but you would never know from reading the other articles on the Post’s website that are all against Trump.

Here are some numbers on the degree of bias in the “Russian” reporting.

And this article is about an American Uranium firm bankrupted by the Democratic administration.

Two top social media sites have their long swords out to stop Prager U.  It makes me think Prager U has been making some common sense headway.

The DOJ and the liberal slush fund  is finally exposed as real. The swamp is deep.

There is a reason conspiracy theories are formed and the Las Vegas event  shows us some of them.

I have concentrated on the big news of the day, week and possibly year.  This sentence is all you will read by me about Flake.

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This is assessment of Weinstein and people who enable him is probably true .

What were they thinking to appoint Mugabe in the first place?

What a tangled web of intrigue from the cabal of Clinton’s and the FBI and Russia. It’s long, but you need to read the whol e thing.  Read this, too.  I’m praying we can get justice for this evil but I am very doubtful.  This is being compiled over several days, Here is something new including some Podesta connections.  The Hill is getting closer and closer to all the details.

This audit of HUD shows Democratic accounting at its worst.  The Castro twins from San Antonio are nothing but trouble.

We all knew this, but we also know those teachers were taught what to teach in the teaching colleges now called universities. The article is called Paglia: The Dumbing Down of America Began in Public Schools.

Damning with faint praise.  This is an interesting article from PBS, saying all the uproar over Trump is over the top, while writing as if it is justified.

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This article by Peter Hitchens is interesting, but even more interesting is the side article titled: It’s not just Corbyn’s advisers who have communist links.

The plans to turn America Socialist/Communist is so deep it is almost unbelievable, but it is a work making very good progress, thanks in part to people like the predator Harvey Weinstein and his ilk.

Victor Davis Hanson, an historian of the past and of the present,  Status Quo Blues.  National Review is also posting parts of his new book on WWII.

Pamela Geller on why we cannot trust the FBI.  I’m afraid it is thoroughly corrupted and we will never know how deeply.

I put this aside last month but after the revelations of sex scandals this month it is a little more pertinent, and makes one wonder if the so called fake news of Democrats and child abuse might not be real news.

Speaking of the Russians, I suspect this is one item you won’t see on MSNBC, I haven’t watched news shows so I haven’t see it anywhere. Obama and Russian bribery before the days of Trump. My title not theirs.  I’m guessing the author of this silly article in Newsweek either had not hear of the bribery before this or thinks if it is Democrats it just doesn’t matter.

Soros means business and has turned over $18 billion to change America to socialism.

The abuse of young boys in Hollywood and the entertainment industry was also an open secret.

Uh oh, Claire McCaskill gets FOUR Pinocchio’s from the WaPo Factchecker. She must be out of favor.

Comey was a Clinton man all the way.

I doubt the WaPo will be doing any factchecking on this showing Obama did not call Kelly when his son was killed. Former President Barack Obama did not personally call Gen. John Kelly, a Marine General who had commanded a multinational force in Iraq, when his son got killed in action in Afghanistan, according to an administration source.

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The Obama IRS used taxpayer information to push Obamacare.  Thank You Judicial Watch.

Bergdahl  is planning to plead guilty.

Mainstream charities are funding the “antii-Trump resistance”

The lecherous Weinstein visited the Obama White House 13 Times.  Where are all the “pussy hat” brigade on this one? And so the Weinstein plot thickens, Cain and Abel, I cannot believe his brother hasn’t known this for years.   Also Friends in high places.

Stephen Paddock meant to kill many more, at many places, well above the number he actually killed.

Gee, where have we seen something like this?  ISIS Sympathizers Planned to ‘Create the Next 9/11’ With Attacks on Concerts, Subways & Times Square: Feds  Next question, was Las Vegas an entrapment gone wrong?  We aren’t getting many answers.  Conspiracy theorists are thinking Fast and Furious again.

Charlie Daniels tell the truth about gun control.

Why is the FBI stonewalling Congressional  investigators on the  Trump dossier?

Finally, the targeting of Republicans and shooting of Scalise has been called terrorism.

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I don’t know if this makes any difference to anyone, but this is interesting in telling how Peurto Rico is broken.

We don’t get much of this news anymore Brexit.

This is something we all knew, but media bias has been confirmed.  And this:  from Bob Schieffer, former CBS News anchor. He noted last weekend on “Face the Nation” that the media seem to have become increasingly geographically centered and insular, with one out of five reporters residing in New York, Washington or Los Angeles, up sharply from one in eight as recently as 2004.

Even more draining of the swamp.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out ending duplicate programs, but it did take someone with cojones.  Sorry, I’m a lady and can’t use that other word.

Take this for what it’s worth, but the questions are unanswered.  I have not watched all the videos referenced, but if a woman indeed stood up and said they were all going to die, before the shooting started I would expect someone had a cell phone video of it.

The Daily Signal (from the Heritage Foundation) refutes and teaches Jimmy Kimmel.  I doubt he is listening.

Failure to Adequately Fund Military Puts America at Risk  (Also from Daily Signal)

Is there anything Soros doesn’t have money in?  Taking a knee for Soros

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