Links and Comments, Sept 18, 2014

In Search of “Moderate” Muslims

Democracy Alliance Political Activist Network.  No wonder they can get by with so much!

While this panel is discussing “end of life” care for the aging, I’m thinking if we all get ebola or other deadly diseases carried by the recent inlux of illegals there won’t be many left to need it.

The EPA’s Janet McCabe was testifying in the House today on the agency’s plan to cap carbon emissions. And then the power went out.

Sen. Mike Lee to take over  Conservative Senate Group

Our Homeland Insecurity Secretary is a farce.

Do you need a little hope on taking over the senate.  Read this.  and this, and this.

The Iraqi Prime Minister says Please Don’t send troops.

Holder Presses Delay on Fast and Furious Documents  apparently they forgot to destroy their hard drives.

In what was called the largest anti-terror operation in Australian history, police have arrested 15 people allegedly linked to the Islamic State, some who plotted a public beheading.

Media Matters and the DOJ coordinated an attack on a Breitbart reporter.  How much more will we find out about this disgraceful administration?

So we know we carry around so called “good” and bad bacteria, now we are finding we carry viruses around, too.  Maybe there are some things we just don’t want to know.

 He titles this My Positive Abortion story but it is anti-abortion and shows the true nature of abortion.

Only 36% of Americans can name the three branches of government—and yet they are allowed to vote.

Most Americans don’t care for Washington and the bureaucrats there feel the same way about them.

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Links and Comments, Sept. 16, 2014

Misreading Henry Kissinger on Israel.

Migrants in the Mediterranean dying by thousands as they flee turmoil in Libya and Syria

New questions over Obamacare and taxpayer funded abortions.  And in another Obamacare article- from the Hill: The Obama administration announced Monday it will cut off tax subsidies to about 360,000 people if they do not offer proof of their income in the next two weeks.

I have written more than once that while I have an extremely high opinion of Dr. Ben Carson I do not want to see  him run for president, I think he is more qualified to be an above the fray, intelligent man to go to for advice.  I had not thought of this position for him,  Dr. Ben Carson for Vice President.  He is the meaning of gravitas.

3000 US troops headed to Africa to Combat Ebola-  weren’t we told just last week the US was safe.  I can understand volunteers going to help with the outbreak but these are not volunteers. These are American military being sent into harm’s way, no bullets, not bombs, just ebola.

Uh Oh, another Texas grand jury is looking a little less than neutral – Grand Jury that Indicted Peterson was Headed by a Court Official.  Not excusing child abuse if it actually happened, but not excusing partisan grand jury selection either. We can see that happened/

Some liberals talking about the Barbour control in Mississippi.

ISIS makes $3Million per day from oil, human trafficking.

Super PAC contributing to Harry Reid is full of “dark money.”  no big surprise here.

Gore’s Latest “24 Hours of Reality” Promotes Tragic Mistake- Al Gore IS a tragic mistake.  The question is why would anyone believe he knows about real science.

Irony, almost funny, but too serious to be funny. Co-founder of Microsoft  Paul Allen has dumped hundreds-of-thousands of dollars into anti-gun campaigns and now, he’s the proud owner of a WWII Nazi tank.

NOTE:  Bill Bennet Addressed the Common Core on his talk show yesterday.  Thanks to Ed Bonderenka for the link.

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More Links and Comments for Sept. 15, 2014

This is an important editorial.  The Great Unraveling this is one time the New York times gets it right.  What do we do now?  It is up to us to pick up the pieces.

Bookworm on the elitist thoughts on the hoi poloi.  That would be us, the great unwashed of the south or north.

The problem is Islam. from “the Head Chopper Next Door.”

Here is a Pro War on ISIS post from Paul Mirengoff at Powerline Blog.

News you can use - The Senate’s Secret Book of Rules-  a really handy guide to see what is going on.  From USA Today.

Lest we forget- With Hillary and Tom Harkin being in the news today Instapundit links back to this  – Tom Harkin, Fake War Hero.

The Obama administration’s controversial nominee to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division on Monday withdrew his name from consideration for the post.

Two people sent this link to Bill Whittle’s speech  at the Horowitz Freedom Center. I think you will all enjoy it. It is a 15 Minute video but if you don’t have time for the whole thing at one time, click the clock and you can pause and begin where you left off, several times if you need to.

A California School has paid $14,000 for an espresso machine for the teacher’s break room. and that my friends, is just one expression of what Roger Cohen is talking about in the Great Unraveling.

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Links and Comments, Sept 15, 2014

Another Instance of White House interference in an investigation, this one of Hilda Solis at the Dept of Labor

Clinton State Dept official reveals alleged details of document review before turning over to the Accountability Review Board.

Does Obama have regrets, or is the New York Times trying to humanize him? In forming a plan to destroy the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria using airpower and local forces, but not regular American ground troops, he searched for ways to avoid the mistakes of the past. He felt “haunted,” he told his visitors, by the failure of a Special Forces raid to rescue the American hostages James Foley and Steven J. Sotloff — “we just missed them,” he said — but their subsequent murders were not the real reason he opted for war, although he noted that gruesome videos released by ISIS had helped galvanize public support for action.

A 9/11 story you may not have read about  Feds find Anti-Israel and pro-Palestine 9/11 Message to America on Border Fence.

Some States have gamed the system to up their Medicaid share from the federal government

A lot of ISIS war news this morning -mostly cons-  I’m going to link some I’ve seen here:

Obama Knows He can’t Defeat ISIS- America Needs to Wake Up to that Reality too.   How do you fight an ideology, a religion of evil?  What is a win?

Poll: Americans Don’t Believe Obama Will Defeat Isis- Now What?

Iraqi President says Iran’s President should be Present at the Paris Meeting.

Obama’s Unnecessary, Unpromising War.

ISIS, Mao, Ho Chi Min and the Futility of Obama’s Strategy  In the end, if we are to prevail over ISIS, there will have to be the application of overwhelming force. That is unlikely to occur under President Obama. So the world is going to get a lot more dangerous until the next president is inaugurated.

I’m still looking for the PRO WAR articles in today’s news,  last week there were many of them.

Three days after Christmas last year, 13 members of Congress boarded planes across the United States bound for Morocco. Their all-expenses-paid trip lasted a week, and included visits to the cities of Marrakech, Rabat, and Casablanca. But much of what the lawmakers did while abroad—where they stayed, where they dined, what tourist sites they may have visited, and even how much the jaunt cost—remains a secret.

Bad News for 2016 Presidential Run?

Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use iPads.  hmmm……

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Links and Comments, Sept. 14, 2014

The Middle East Maze of Alliances- Victor Davis Hanson tries to sort it out for us.

I did not read Bill Bennet’s piece on  Common Core in the Wall Street Journal.  My husband did and related it to me.  I was taken aback when he was so for it, I believed Mr. Bennet needed to talk to some of the people on the many Facebook pages opposed to Common Core. Now this piece in the Washington Post takes him to task for being paid to write the editorial.  When Dick first told me about it I thought Mr. Bennet was badly mistaken, now I know he was paid for a point of view.  Read both and see what you think.

Jihadi tapes reveal a PB&J code in “culinary school”  sounds strange but read it,  they are using a form of code  that reminds me of the Windtalkers of WWII who used their words in code.  This is not as complex but it is devious.

Crazy things Progressives Believe   This doesn’t even begin to get to all of them.

Liberals in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones  Karl Rove and the Koch brothers make small potatoes compared to George Soros and Union money.

A Good Whuppin?  Adrian Peterson child abuse case renews debate  She is saying where did we go wrong; discipline is needed.

Passport and Social Security Number in One Day if You Are Illegal – and it isn’t fair to those who wait so long who are legal.

Now for a little backroom gossip and dot connection on retired General Green who has been selected to co-ordinate the ISIS campaign.  He should hang his head in shame, but he fits right in with the administration.

If you ever want to argue the bigotry of Margaret Sanger here is a very good link to original texts and writings.

The Case of the Mystery Virus – It is as we thought brought to us  at this time from South and Central America.

After 30 years of lies, New York Times Admits “Assault Weapons Are a Myth”

Today’s feel  good story- Wedding photo found in World Trade Center Rubble has found a home

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Links and comments, Sept. 13, 2014

Sometimes the news I read makes me feel so completely helpless.  This did, and then I thought of how helpless the people at the mission in  Benghazi must have felt.  State Department Memos Show Security Guards were Bugging out months before the Benghazi Attack.  

It’s nice to know when the Pope agrees with me. Pope Says Worlds Many Conflicts  Amount to WWIII.  I think we have been in WWIII for a very long time. 

A Kindergarden teacher has had enough of bureaucracy and is standing up for less tests and more teaching time.

I don’t understand why media and Hollywood stars think it is their duty to “flip a district.”  also don’t understand why the Washington Post thinks it their duty to choose which one he should flip. In PowerLine Scott Johnson says Bill Maher Flips his Lid.

Dana Milbank says Ferguson Tragedy is becoming a farce.  When did he first notice that?  It has always been a farce.  If they want to protest let them protest on black killing innocent blacks.

Why is Obama Kicking the ISIS Can Down the Road?  I think we all know the answer but read this rendition of it anyway.

Islamic States Twitter Silence Making News  but then I also found this on ISIS takes to Twitter to find Mates for Militants.  So Twitter can rest easy it is still being used.

Kerry “Taken Aback” by James Foley’s Mother’s Reaction to Handling of Case.  It wasn’t his son, he wasn’t threatened.  Even the brother is claiming he was threatened by the government.

Uganda Foils Somalia Shebab cell threatening imminent attack on the US.  Al Queda on the run again, running towards attacking the United States in any way possible.

Mob Rule Economics — and politics I might add.  Thomas Sowell, one of my heroes.

Bromides About Bombing  some in depth thoughts on modern warfare.

Flagship German Offshore Windfarm Project Humiliated by Technical Faults.  Who could not have seen this coming.  Well, the Greenies for one.

Silent Coup.  I have wondered why media and others have thought the Senate could pass a bill to change the first amendment.  It takes much more than that to amend our constitution.

What do you know about the volcanoes in Iceland?  They could wreak havoc for years to come.  Watch this video if you really want to be scared.  It is a long one but interesting history.

Revisiting the Real Cause of the 2008 Financial Crash -this is an in depth discussion

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Links and Comments, Sept. 12, 2014

John McCain is not too old to learn, or read the polls; whichever caused it he has decided our porous borders could be a major security problem.

THIS IS BIG. The New York Times, the paper of the ultra liberal, is saying Obama acted unconstitutionally.  They seem to think it is a first for him, it is not.

A group helmed by a major donor and policy adviser to Democratic Senate candidate Michele Nunn is under investigation by the Georgia secretary of State for alleged voter fraud.

The Federalist says Ted Cruz was Right – to walk off  that stage in protest.

Federal Judge Rejects Truth Squad Ohio Law for Political Advertising

A Senior Administration Official says Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria, that must be big news to the Saudis and Syrians, as well as the Iraqis and Jordanians.

I hope Mary Landrieu is defeated, she is facing some serious legal problems but in Louisiana that seldome makes a big difference.

In New York Third World Cabbies say expecting them to shower is racist.  Okay….

Watch Each of the last four American Presidents announce we are bombing Iraq

Political Insurance?  Yes, watch Bill Whittle.  via American Watchtower

Carbon dioxide is part of photosynthesis. The only danger to the planet a level of 1,000 parts per million carbon dioxide (more than double what we now have) is a world overrun by kudzu.


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Links and Comments, Sept. 11, 2014

Main House Foe of Export-Import Bank “Swallows Hard” at 9 month Reprieve.

I seldom watch CNN but last night I did not watch the president so I wanted to know what the major cable channel news sources were saying so I saw John McCain take Jay Carney to the woodshed.  It was fun to watch, I don’t really like McCain but he was not going to take lies sitting down.

Just in case you want to know the richest members of Congress.

Local readers of this email may have seen this in the Caller Times: While inane attempts are being made to eliminate rigs-to-reef programs in the gulf, a more reasonable plan is progressing steadily to enhance a local artificial reef with a 155-foot coastal freighter.

Maybe there is hope, a Democratic Party reformer won in Rhode Island.

Residency requirements-  it seems the Landrieu judge stretched a point as she has been elected, and has been more than once.

Senior Commanders of ISIS opponents are killed in explosion they were the “moderates.”

Poor girl, Kate McDonough in Salon is all upset because the website GoFundMe will allow anti abortion supporters to raise money but will not allow women to raise money to fund their abortions.   I’m proud of that site for this stand.

You’ve probably heard about this, but this is a sympathetic article about Ted Cruz walking out in support of IsraelCongratulations are in order to Senator Ted Cruz who, when he found himself facing an audience that was hostile to Israel, turned around and walked out”

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Dec 7th and Sept 11th, Days I will always remember

I was a very young child in 1941, yet I clearly remember that day.  I was much, much older on Sept 11th, 2001 and I will also always remember that day and remember it even more clearly.

Both days changed my/our lives in many ways.  Pearl Harbor affected the country as a whole, emotionally and physically.  We overcame a lot, we pulled together, everyone had a stake in the game.  And we came out ahead.

9/11 was a shock to the fiber of our being and the country seemed to pull together briefly yet in truth we did not. Our country was still reeling and being torn apart by the absolute hatred that came about because of the election of 2000 and the long legal wrangling afterwards.  The Democrats were not about to support George W. Bush in any endeavor for any length of time.  The  liberal media was also his enemy and as a result the whole of the United States of America has suffered for it since.

I am 77 and I do not believe this schism will be resolved in my lifetime and I plan to live to a really old age.  I have become very cynical of “the opposing parties,”  I see the DOJ not enforcing the laws; I see the IRS and the EPA attacking conservatives to the point that if they were Republicans, people would have been jailed, perpetrators would have been outed, and their political lives and careers ruined.

I did not listen to the President’s speech tonight.  I actually wonder if he has the best interest of the American people in mind, and sometimes believe he does not. He sees us as a colonial power and has worked steadily to bring that power down.  Can we get it back?  I don’t know if we can.

I do know that I have been trying to sound the alarm, something must be done.  I am not in this alone, there are many like me. I wonder if this is just the typical elderly rant, things are going to hell in a hand basket.  I would like to think so, but I do not.

It is the young people who must make the difference.  I wonder if they will.

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Links and Comments, Sept. 10, 2014

House Passes Bill to Halt EPA Water Rule

Obamacare’s Quiet Summer is About to End.

U.S. Confirms ISIL Planning Infiltration of Southern Border  I would say this is a day late and a dollar short but it is well over a year late and millions short at the least.

Los Angeles is the epicenter of cartel money laundering

A  Foreign Policy conducted in a Drug Addled Haze - this is possibly part of the problem, that and being raised by communists  will alter the way you think.

DHS will Ask Stores to Watch Customer Purchases for Terrorist  clues.  I hope you aren’t in need of a new pressure cooker, that is the only item mentioned.

Did you hear about this?  A School did not want to let in a Lt. Colonel in with his daughter because he was wearing fatigues. Goodness, they were afraid he might offend a student. This make me ill.  What has our country become?

Whenever we can we follow the law.  Oh yes, me too.  But I am not IRS Commissioner Koskinen.

Did you know Jay Carney is now working for CNN as an analyst.  He certainly has plenty of experience lying to reporters, so now I guess he will pontificate.  via Ace of Spades

Former Wisconsin Prosecutor: Hyperpartisan Wife, Hyperpartisan Prosecutor, Hyperpartisan Staff Drove the Walker Investigation   This is worse than the Austin group.

Media Bias runs amuck amongst the biggies. NYT Baghdad Bureau Chief on Obama and Iraq: Yup, He Ignored All the Problems for Political Reasons

Via Ed Driscollthis_is_progress_2-28-14

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