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They are blaming the millennials again.  Is that fair?

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Picks Could Ignite a War With the Left  You could have fooled me, I thought we already were in a war with the left.

New York City Traffic is Horrible –by design? I think with that many people it is going to be horrible even without trying.

Columbia University’s Climate, a visit to an alternate universe.

The Jobs Report is a Perfect Example of Fake News

Chris Cillizza is surprised and happy with Trump’s picks for cabinet posts. These media people seem to not understand the man does know how to get things done.  How do they think he made his business into what it is today?

It’s the Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years! A Great big Thank You to Ernie Alexander for sending this to me.




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When a minor isn’t actually a minor, how discerning is that vetting they’re supposed to be doing?

The left is going after the Fixer Uppers, the horror, they go to a church whose pastor believes  homosexuality is a sin!

Trump has filed a legal objection to the Michigan recount.  And the Michigan GOP has filed with the FEC in objection.

New CEO Moves, Scott Adams explains the good moves Trump knows how to make.

A discussion about What will replace Obamacare.

Gov. Abbot vows to cut spending for “Sanctuary Campus” schools.

How the jobless rate drops  The number of unemployed fell by 387,000 to 7.4 million, lowering the jobless rate from 4.9 percent. But only about a third of that drop occurred because people found work. The rest reflected a decline in people looking for jobs. The government doesn’t count people as unemployed unless they’re actively looking for work. In other words they lie about it. If that link doesn’t open for you try this one.

These people should be shamed and fired immediately for joking about a Trump plane crash.

Non-citizen voting has not been debunked. My personal opinion is that millions of them can be found in California.

OH ! The money wasted by the EPA on gender studies of employees.  I have a question, if gender doesn’t matter, why do they care? I am just shaking my head on this one.

Panic in Progressive Park, What if Trump is actually good?

I haven’t had the TV on so I don’t know if the cable news people have this or not, but it’s about time the Feds halt new citizenship approvals after Obama administrations gaffe on background checks.  But I do feel for those who are legitimate getting trapped in this web.




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The Party of Teeth-Gnashers.  VDH on the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who lost the election.

Fake News isn’t the problem mainstream news with an agenda is

News Outlets Rethink Use of the term Alt-right.

The EPA caves on coal, at least the scuttlebutt says so on some Texas coal fired plants.

Trump’s Conservative Dream Team I might have a few quibbles with it, but I am just a little ole lady.

NYC is the late term abortion capital.Legal abortionists were the perpetrators. Elected officials, Supreme Court justices and elites who condone and rationalize such killings were the co-conspirators.”

When Media Lives Kill

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Many were decimmated by ISIS but the Sunnis were the majority losers.

The Washington Post’s editorial on Castro.  They tell the truth on this. And then surprise, surprise they published this letter to the editor Most Hate Crimes on not on Muslims, but on Jews.

Shiva for Hillary  Also the five stages of climate grief.

Merkel is planning to deport 100,000, or at least she said she will.  ‘Bout time.

One of the Muslm congressmen is working with a man who is affiliated with an Al Queda related group.

What they really, really think about the rest of America.

Harvard Classmates Hardly recognize the Steve Bannon of Today.  Maybe it isn’t Bannon, maybe it is the classmates. Or read the story about the article here.

Pelosi has outraged some Black lawmakers.

This is quite a play on words, historians take note.  Feel The Burr: Hamilton Generation Re-Writes History To Justify Trump-Hate


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The Real Alexander Hamilton was no Liberal

Facts the Protestors do not want you to knowAnd Now the Army Corp of Engineers has ordered the protestors out.

Michigan has already had a recount and certification, but does that really matter to liberals.

Electoral College voters have been deluged with death threats.

Obama urged Clinton to Concede?  Is he becoming more statesman like as he leaves office.  Nah.. couldn’t be, he really didnt want her to win more likely.

195 illegal immigrant “kids” per day released on the border.  I would like to know the ages of these kids.

The Democrats dug their own grave with identity politics.  Which leads into this: Paul Krugman illustrates the damaged political psyches of the left.

Fidel Castro was from, and had, a very troubled family life.

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Some feminist are definitely NOT pro abortion.

In Europe Right Wing Parties find their voice after Trump’s election.

I wonder if Obama got “too late smart?”

Is this how you start a revolution?

The privileged here will probably still be privileged with Russian citizenship.  But they won’t be any saner.

The government really is a bully, and they wonder why Trump?

The Washington Post asks the question was Hillary the anchor dragging down the boat in the election.  Why yes, I think she was.

Uganda is closing down schools funded by Zuckerman and Gates.

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Happy Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  Let’s count our blessings and pray the world finds peace.

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I agree Trump should not be saying anything about prosecuting or not prosecuting Clinton.  It is the job of the attorney general and the DOJ.

I also agree that the SPLC should lose non-profit status.

From Hot air: Call it the Five Stages of Democratic Blame-Throwing, with apologies to Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.

Gov. Cuomo aides indicted, media pretty silent about it.

Texas Judge halt Obama Overtime Rule

Weimar Germany, Weimar America  This is interesting. What is your take on it?

You’ve probably heard about the group who want to contest the election.  The Washington Post doesn’t agree, at least Philip Bump Doesn’t.

The author of this article is pretty proud of himself, and doesn’t mind smearing Jeff Sessions.

Gulag, Western Style

Thousands of Green Cards gone missing?  What a farce.

Bookworm is enraged at the anti-Semitism of Progressives who are now using it to promote someone they think will turn others away from Trump.  She has a valid point.

Hypocrisy and the Media.  Stephen Green from Instapundit

And the good news is – A CNN poll shows a majority expect a Trump presidency to succeed.

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I’m not sure, but it is possible, Dan Balz actually gets it.  This is as unbiased an article as the Washington Post has published since Trump won the nomination. After the nomination and during the campaign time till election he had nothing but slamming articles in the WaPo.  Many are still being written.

with Trump’s victory, many tech leaders in Silicon Valley are extending an olive branch

Noam Chomsky is not amused with we earthlings who voted for Trump.

The Democrats are facing a “be careful what you ask for” concerning a filibuster for appointees.

What in the world is going on with the gubernatorial race in North Carolina?

Tolerance is easier to preach than to practice.

Combating the hearsay about Sessions.

If I posted this before, forgive me, it is still very important.  It is directed to Liberals from a person who thinks Trump is terrible but still realizes he is being maligned.  You are still crying wolf.

“Lecturing people from the stage may make them feel good, but it is what got them into trouble in the first place.”  From Richard Fernandez The Big Pretend. He also says: The Leftist impulse is founded on the conviction they have a special position in the “arc of justice”, a privileged vantage in the moral universe, a place in the vanguard of history.  To suddenly admit they don’t, to admit that they are no better than anyone else and possibly a good deal worse is not an easily correctable fault.”  and later he says this:The reason the liberal project will never perform an autopsy on itself is because that would reveal there’s no there there.  It’s the pretend that counts. The big secret the Left never wants to face is there’s no “arc of history” they control.”   If you read nothing else I send today, read this.

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I think we will really have to wait and see on the popular vote, but in the meantime these maps from the New York Times are interesting.  Republicans are doing extremely well.

President Obama has just set a new record for rules and regulations, his administration spitting out 527 pages worth in just one day, as he races to put his fingerprint on virtually every corner of American life and business.  I’m sure Trump and his people have their eyes on these so they can be overturned ASAP.  Apparently Obama has mistaken how to win friends with how to lose friends and influence people.

You’ve all probably heard about the YUUGE oil find in Texas.

 JPMorgan Chase being fined an immense amount.  If the Clinton Foundation is ever thoroughly investigated there may be some more fines like these.

Ryan stops vote on bringing back earmarks.

Here are some links I’ve saved from the past few days, no comments, just links.

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