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Circa finds the real news and now you can get it too.  More about the illegally gathered and shared data on US citizens.

People are so busy calling Nazi they forget Mussolini and how he came to power.

All the liberal media are saying something like these headlines and then you read down to see their caveat like this: Investigators believe Kushner has significant information relevant to their inquiry, officials said. That does not mean they suspect him of a crime or intend to charge him.

I  watched  the speech Ginaforte made when he was declared the winner.  He looked embarrassed until after he got the apology off his chest.  It was a very good apology.  I wonder if he would have won had it happened a week before the election. Or like I did, did everyone think reporters barging into an office and trying to take over is just too offensive.  He should not have snapped but reporters need to stop being so aggressive also. To listen to the apology  go here.   For the full 9 minute speech go here.

Isn’t this the type innuendo we don’t like when it is used against conservatives or GOP? Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Refuses To Say Whether Russia Holds Damaging Info On Hillary Clinton

Remember the violence in Berkeley when one of the violent turned out to be a Professor?  He has finally been arrested and charged.  via Conservative Treehouse and Breitbart.

After I posted about the 100 days negative coverage on my blog and sent it in an email I am now getting weekly updates from the Shorenstein Center, Harvard Kennedy School.  Interesting that they seem to be following the “only write negatively about Trump” they researched so well.  Read the headlines on their site.

Planned Parenthood has another coverup going on

We are not alone, from The Hill Majority Says Mainstream Media Publishes Fake News.

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Speaking of Fake History.

Did Brennan throw Comey under the bus here?  Better discussion of the whole thing here.

And this asking Did Brennan collude with foreign spies to help Hillary?

Has the EPA swamp been drained?  We can only hope so.

Great moments in Fake News Journalism.

Has Globalism Gone Off the Rails?  by VDH

More about the network of ISIS terrorists plaguing the world.

Praise for Trump from a man who opposed him.

What the CBO’s Uninsured Score Really Means

I wonder if this woman was the one with the backpack that security would not look at.

Timeline of Obama’s illegal surveillance.

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Just one of the crime stories you won’t see mentioned on cable news shows.

Obama spied on Americans for years.

With Friends like John McCain…….. we are all doomed.  Or with friends like this one who is damining with faint praise.    One question to you #nevertrumpers”: had a member of the preferred list of GOP candidates won the election against Hillary, would the left have acted any different?  

An Imam in New Haven, Connecticut, is facing deportation after being ordered for removal out of the U.S. for allegedly defrauding a foreign national visa program.

Outrageous voter fraud in Dallas County

They are getting the rest of the gang of terrorists, a family business.

It is not unreasonable to wonder whether Brennan followed the liberal media down a Russian rabbit-hole, where the absence of evidence would not end his suspicions.

What Trump’s Budget Plan really does.   More of the truth of it here.

A whistleblower has said the Obama Administration knew members of the immigrant surge were MS-13 gang members.  Why is that not being announced on very TV news show, the Washington Post and the New York Times?  Because it is not the story they want to tell.

The Manchester Police and Politicians have blood on their hands.  They have protected the violent and ignored the innocent.  Even to this extent; chastising a girl for reporting a woman with a suspicious backpack, who disappeared before the explosion.

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The Vietnam War, the liberals don’t like war,  (not that any of us do, but some of us realize when it is necessary) but FDR did know how to stir up patriotism once it happened.

I read all the way through this waiting to see what party this mayor belonged  to.  Of course, since I got all the way to the end and it wasn’t mentioned I was pretty sure I was right, it is mentio ned below the article.

Trump was a big hit in Saudi Arabia.  Bookie explains it better than I could ever hope to.  I watched his speech I watched an 8 minute video of the sword dance.  I watched a lot.  The King seemed to me to be delighted with Trump  and his people.  Watch the speech here, it’s long.  watch the sword dance,(this one is 12 minutes long)  look at the people’s faces, it could have been in a James Bond film, I was fascinated with the obvious security guards.  I was taken with the ancient tribal nature of the dance.  It was explained as a victory dance done after winning a war.  I hope we do win a war against terrorism. Here is a cartoon from the Saudi’s showing the lack of regard for Obama.

And  now he is in Israel, and they love him, too.  The plus, he flew there directly from Saudi Arabia in Air Force One.  Why does that mean a plus?  Here’s why.  Also see the discussion on this here.

Northern Hemisphere Winter Snow Cover Increasing  Along with this: “Mini Ice Age is here to stay,” says astrophysicist

CHOOSING SIDES: Berkeley Invited Pro-Terror Groups to Planned Forum on ‘Responding’ to Conservative Speakers.  from Instapundit.

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After Mueller is appointed Trump critics worry, Maybe there’s no scandal.  Whoopsey!

Lessons learned and reminded to us by the master, Victor Davis Hanson.

 Clock Boy’s suit has been dismissed by a federal judge.  Smart judge, crazy kid and his family.

What??!! House GOP has not sent the healthcare bill to the Senate.

Those statistics Rush mentioned, here is the whole study/   on media coverage of the first 100 days.

It’s best to make sure who is doing the leaking before believing them so strongly. But it was the NY Times.

Found on

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I HAD BEEN ASSURED THAT VOTER FRAUD WAS A MYTH: Dallas County Whistleblower Tapes Democrat Campaign Worker Describing Voter Fraud Schemes.  from Instapundit

MAYBE THEY’VE BEEN PENETRATED BY THE RUSSIANS: Democrat Asks, Why Is Intelligence Community Trying to Up-End President With These Leaks?   I mean, when Dennis Kucinich is the voice of sanity. . . .  from Instapundit

From Ace of Spades come this: A Coup if they can keep it.I’m not sure if the persons organizing the coup are the intelligence services, the media or the Democrats.  I do know they do not have the constitution in mind. There is a huge list of links below the post.

Scott Johnson in Powerline blog says this: Trump agonistes The reporters working the Trump takedown are accomplices in violations of the Espionage Act together with the perpetrators among those “current officials,” but the Espionage Act has long since lost its deterrent effect on senior officers of the intelligence community performing extracurricular missions. It is more honored in the breach than in the observance.

And the Decmocrats are going  International with Resistance.  How patriotic is that?  /sarc

Weather events in the past were more extreme, contrary to what the warmists would say.

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There were provisional changes in that veto from Christie on the child bride law.

Guilty of Hate Until Proven Leftist  I fear for our country.  Most communist countries got that way by violence, not elections.

Good Riddance, James Comey, Obama’s Enabler.   A man committed to only his own interests.

The Media Finally Admit Obamacare is Collapsing.  I’m not sure that is true.

An Administrative Judge Has Pled Guilty in a Massive Fraud case,  There is a massive amount of money involved.

Why Are Democrats Afraid of an Election Integrity Commission?  That is an easy answer.  This has better information on those opposed to it.

If we want to win wars, we should stop being the world’s policeman. And defend ourselves instead. It’s from the middle of the essay but the point of the whole thing.  Read it all.

Trump Busted Buffets monopoly when he let that pipeline go through.

This is a wonderful interview of Victor Davis Hanson by Ginnie Thomas.  30 minutes of your time and well worth it.

This is some constitutional history I did not know.

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While the liberal media and democrats are still screaming over Comey N Korea is saying okay, maybe we can talk.

Second round of Somalis are deported.

This is seriously disturbed art. I didn’t even look through all of it, it is sickening and disgusting. Before the election there were many sites saying Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta and many establishment Democrats, Clintons, and all were in a pedophile ring. I thought it was somewhat overblown rhetoric,  after seeing this, I am afraid I am convinced it was true. At least for the Podesta brothers.

Angry doctor on our health care costs.

The laughing stock media is full of itself.

I’m afraid I’ve let  you down, I missed the Racist Banana episode.  Follow the link in the story for the full banana truth.

The existential threat to Trump’s presidency,

Andrew C. McCarthy is definitely not in favor of a special prosecutor.

Deconstructing the Imperial Presidency – or the so called imperial presidency.

The American Left is talking itself into violence.  And smugly feeling extremely justified in such.

The excuses people make for child abuse are alarming.   Chris Christie is the PC governor who has gone off the rails in this and landed in  lala land.

Read this article and then see my comment under it on where the country is headed.

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Some things you probably won’t see on major news broadcasts:

Russian fighter jet passes within 20 ft of US surveillance plane over Black Sea.

Aetna’s Withdrawal From Exchanges Highlights Obamacare’s Inherent Problems

Largest US Solar Panel Maker Files for Bankruptcy

Even the South American indigenous peoples are on to the socialst/communists.

A jury found former Democratic Congresswoman  Corrine Brown guilty of wire fraud and conspiracy charges, in a case filed last year by the Department of Justice.

This is one you probably will see as it is so very important to the general piling on.  As if there is not enough griping at Trump CNN is appalled at his two scoops of ice cream.

American Greatness reacts to the black mindset on anything Obama. If you don’t know who he is, here is a bio He is a very distinguished black man.

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Obama administration underreported number of American unmasked by NSA in 2016 seems like a good news time to put out something that won’t be noticed in the furor over Comey.  However, it is in a minor footnote of a report.

Trump is guilty of having no guilt. 

Bob Woodward says No, this is different from Watergate and explains why, but the Schizophrenic s in the media and Democrat party are having a hard time making up their mind on whether Comey is good or bad, being who they are it depends on whose ox he is goring.

For the fun read on this Mark Steyn steps in for us.  Posse Comey Tantrum.

Breitbart is pointing out the case the New York Times made for firing Comey, of course that was before Trump did it.


The Latter Day Saints are removing their 14-18 year old boys from the Boy Scouts of America.

Texas A&M won’t fire professor who called for killing white people.

And in the real world news: US Forces push into Mosul in the battle against ISIS.  We wouldn’t have to be doing this if Obama hadn’t turned loose the reins of power to the lowest of the low.

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State for all records provided by them to Senator Benjamin Cardin’s office related to alleged Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.  The New York Times reported ‘a cache of documents marked “secret”’ was sent to Senator Cardin.  Where would be without Judicial Watch?

Now, let’s get back to the real scandals, the Clinton’s Foundation and money raising for favors.

Ending with the good news, Joblessness has hit a new low.

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