Walter Cronkite – hero of the left

The death of Walter Cronkite is a wake up call as to how long the liberal press has been acting against our best interests. He decreed the Vietnam War to be a quagmire and then it was. Facts did not matter. Millions died in Cambodia after we withdrew from the area. Vietnamese who helped us were imprisoned or killed. Our military who made it home were not welcomed as heroes but were shamed. It is a black mark on our honor the way they were treated. Do I sound bitter? I am. I have a son in law who is a PTSD victim of that war. He was so thrilled to see how the Desert Storm vets were welcomed back. Even though many were not in favor of the continuation of the Iraq war at least the military have been treated honorably. Let’s keep it that way.

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2 Responses to Walter Cronkite – hero of the left

  1. Anna says:

    Well said!

  2. Linda says:

    John has long held that Walter Cronkite was as great a contributor to the losing of the VIetnamese War as Robert Macnamara and other leftist-thinking leaders of the time. Some even believe him to be even more damaging than Jane Fonda was to the American cause and to our military in particular. The oft-played video of W.K. walking down a village street in Vietnam was falsified with gunfire and mortar rounds dubbed in. He used his visit there to declare that the war was not winnable. W.K. was trusted by Americans; he used that platform to push his own opinion and that is not true journalism.

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