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Unintended consequences this would be funny if it didn’t cause us so much trouble and expense in the first place. It is just pressure to take us back to horse and buggy days, and we don’t want that kind of pollution. In the enviornmentalist opinion the CO2 we exhale is a bad thing.

Those enhanced interrogation techniques have done more than were reported by the Washington Post, today they had to backtrack with a new article. Via Power Line

Newsbusters has an article on Walter Cronkite you may want to read. If you want more Media Research Center has it.

The birth Certificate issue reared it’s head. It is a short video via Gateway Pundit.
I think someone was surprised! Mike Castle is a representative from Delaware, “Gee, I wonder what his party is?” Anyone want to guess?

From Instapundit some links:
Obama Care and the Tea Party Effect by Donald Douglas.
Best Ham Sandwich Evah, just heard Rush reading about this one, too. Ham + Pork!
Finally the New York Times is going after Murtha! follow the money.
A roundup of videos of health care protests.

There is so much to keep up with and it’s beginning to look like we may have a chance to turn it around. We just have to get out there and email, call and show up on the doorstep, in some cases, our elected officials.

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