Morning News and Links

Every morning I read my news online. I live where there is no newspaper delivery. I start with the Caller Times, which most of you can receive if you want it. I will not be linking to it, since that would be redundant.
I then go to The Chronicle online and get the Houston, state and some national news.
After that comes the Washington Post and I concentrate on the editorials and op eds in that. I also read the news stories that have national concerns.
Then I go to It links to many, many articles. They are posted by her members who have to sign in and allowed access to post, so they are extremely varied, but also conservative. An example is this article from the Weekly Standard online.

These are just examples of where I get news and other articles I post in this blog.
Many of the others come from the Links I have listed on the right hand side of this page.

Read and enjoy.

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