From the other McCain- Practical Advice for Killing Obamacare

From the middle of his article:

Ordinary Americans need to realize how much power they really have, if only they’ll use it. Last week, I was in a senator’s office on Capitol Hill, waiting in the lobby to meet somebody, and the phones were ringing off the hook with callers demanding that the senator vote against Judge Sotomayor.How the senator will vote, I’m not sure, but when the calls are running 3-to-1 on a certain issue, that makes a difference. When the calls are running 5-to-1, it makes an even bigger difference. And when John Cornyn gets booed in Texas . . . well, betcha that got his attention, huh?

People this is advice WE need to follow. Go to the link and READ FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. This is important advice for us. We must follow through.

After I posted this I saw that Dolley Doright had posted a link to the same article, I am leaving them both up because IT IS SO IMPORTANT! RC

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