What they are doing to Defeat Obamacare in Lafayette, LA

Is anything like this happening in Texas?
I got this in an email from a friend and former neighbor.

Do you know how your senators are going to vote on your health care?
The proposals on the table in Washington include all sorts of new mandates, taxes, and overall more government control of our health care. Instead of giving us more options, the Democrats’ plans so far would severely restrict our options and would cost us taxpayers trillions of dollars in new debt. (Examine the bill for yourself online!) We all agree we need health care reform. But a government takeover is not the solution. Do you want bureaucrats and politicians making your health care decisions? Sign the petition here to tell your senators and representative to take their hands off our health care!
A government takeover will allow Washington bureaucrats to take away your right to choose your doctors and hospitals and delay – or even deny – your access to the care you need. No one should come between your family and your doctor. When it comes to health care reform, patients must come first.
Bring your family and friends out on TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2009 to the Patients First tour!
Make sure your voice is heard against a Washington takeover of your family’s health care,and support real health care choices for every American. Click here to
We’ll have free food for the family, top-notch speakers, fantastic t-shirts and tons of information from organizations in the community.
What: Patients First Tour – LAFAYETTE
Where: Hilton at the Lafayette Airport, 1521 West Pinhook, Lafayette.
When: TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2009
For many in D.C., cutting costs means cutting care – your care. Join Patients First and let Washington know that a one-size-fits-all government plan doesn’t fit all because patients have different needs. Please forward this e-mail and encourage friends, family and co-workers to come out to this free event.Hope you can make it!

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