The CanadiansReally Get it

UPDATE: the links are fixed
Somehow the conservative Canadians seem to feel freer to tell it like it really is. Here is another reason why I say that.
Obama, the remaking of America, the reverie for a police state
By Toby Westerman Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nationalized health care is only the latest page in the ongoing saga of
U.S. president Barak Obama’s attempt to remake/reinvent America into a socialist utopia. Without fail, an ever-vigilant, all-powerful central government with police state powers will also arise to assist in tending to the “needs” of the dependent population.
Almost unbelievably, a recent poll taken in Germany confirms that once dependency is bred into a people, the longing for security becomes so strong that a police state is preferred to the uncertainties of a freesociety. This is a stark warning to Americans.
Go read it all. He just cuts to the chase.

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