Posts from Gateway Pundit

I do read every day. Today they have all this:

ANOTHER PHONY OBAMACARE DOCTOR– Is Really a Far Left Nut …Update: She’s a Realtor- Never Practiced Medicine

White House Organizes Obamacare Rally in Jackson, MI– Bus in SEIU Members From 146 Miles Away

Dems Cheered Blocking Social Security Reform in 2006– Now It Could Face Default Within 2 Years (Video)

PALIN SLAMS OBAMA Over Funding Brazilian Offshore Oil Development
(the gov’t is sending money for oil exploration in Brazil!)

Flashback: At Daily Kos Hate Website Obama Told Far Left to “Brook No Compromise” On Progressive Agenda

Barney Frank to Town Hall Constituents: “What’s the Matter With You All?” (Video)

And that is just today. You might want to make Gateway Pundit one of your daily reads. (just don’t stop clicking on Rockport Conservatives!)

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