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Conservative books on top, but NYT concludes Marx is “back in vogue”

Mark Levin held the #1 spot on the NYTimes best-seller list for 12 weeks this summer.

Culture of Corruption has held the top spot for the past 3 weeks.

Glenn Beck’s latest book has topped the paperback non-fiction list for 9 weeks.

The latest broadside against Obama from Dick Morris and Eileen McGann has also been on the NYT list for two months.

So what does a NYTimes book reviewer conclude?

Why, Karl Marx is “back in vogue.


Bugseeds and milkvetches and pyrgs, oh my!

Sean Paige explains how Obama’s environmental bureaucrats are exploiting Endangered Species Act listings to destroy jobs, drive up energy costs and thwart progress.

If you aren’t in the habit of reading Michelle, go there and browse today.

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