Toyota is leaving California and sending even more business to Texas

This is how Alamo City Pundit Puts it:

GM Screws Thousands of CA Union Workers; San Antonio Picks Up the Slack

I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the story; GM (and Chrysler) goes hat in hand to the Federal government — Federal government nationalizes GM, fires CEO, restructures company, offers “Cash for Clunkers” to get people to buy cars from new Government Motors monstrosity . . .
However, somewhere along the way, the idiots restructuring GM an Chrysler – most of whom have never actually worked outside of government in their lives – forgot about the NUMMI plant in California where GM and Toyota make cars (and trucks) together.

And apparently, the Unions thought Toyota would just play along with the madness:

FREMONT, Calif. — Toyota Motor Corp. officially confirmed Thursday that it will relocate production of the Tacoma pickup from a plant in Northern California to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in San Antonio by next summer. As part of the plan to shift Tacoma production to San Antonio, Toyota will stop making vehicles at the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant — its first manufacturing facility in the United States, which started in 1984 as a 50-50 business deal with General Motors — in March 2010.
Toyota’s decision to end its 25-year relationship with the NUMMI plant, which also produces the Corolla, came nearly two months after GM said it was pulling out of the joint venture.

Read here to see his theory on exactly what might have happened.

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