If You are in San Antonio go to Whole Foods Market

Alamo City Pundit reports on a buycott to be held on Tuesday 9/o1:

Your Alamo City Pundit (hey — that’s me!) is calling for a “Buycott” of the San Antonio Whole Foods Market at the Quarry Market. A “Buycott” is a Reverse Boycott — bring your grocery money for the week, and a little more to support Whole Foods.

In keeping with the “Reverse Boycott” idea, Alamo City Pundit is requesting that we keep this as low key as possible. No demonstrations, no signs, no loud angry noises to cause problems for the staff at Whole Foods — leave that to the Liberal Leftoids. However, wear your Tea Party T-Shirts if you’ve got ‘em, or any other apparel supporting Whole Foods, the Constitution, or other similarly appropriate stuff. Let the staff quietly know you’re there, and that you support them. (Red, White, and Blue would be good).

You can read more about it at Alamo City Pundit.

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