Let’s Not turn Loose of this Katrina crutch

I don’t want to appear less than compassionate, but….
I lived in Louisiana for 30 years, I know the infrastructure there and how very political the happenings of Katrina were. And they just can’t let it go. It was Bad Boosh’s fault. I happen to know that the first responsible is the mayor, the second is the governor. Kathleen Blanco could not make a decision and federal help was delayed because of it. I’m writing a personal opinion on this because I saw this in this morning’s Politico.

President Barack Obama, marking the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, said in his weekly address that he will visit New Orleans later this year. The announcement comes after a front-page editorial in Thursday’s New Orleans Times-Picayune, entitled “We’re counting on you, Mr. President,” called on Obama to visit and to make good on campaign promises for further federal help in fortifying and rebuilding the city…..

Obama said that strengthening storm infrastructure is a priority, adding an implicit repudiation of FEMA’s performance under President Bush: “In Washington, that means a focus on competence and accountability – and I’m proud that my FEMA Administrator has 25 years of experience in disaster management in Florida, a state that has known its share of hurricanes.”

Read it all at Politico.

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