A Very Interesting Take on the President and his People

Neo-Neocon a very interesting blogger in her own right, has titled her post today
Lamaze class and Obama: the morning after .

This is what she says:

Whatever could the connection be between Lamaze class and President Obama?

When I was pregnant I went to Lamaze class to learn breathing and relaxation techniques that would help me during my delivery. I was a pretty good student. I practiced assiduously, and when my husband squeezed my hand (or whatever paltry exercise was supposed to simulate the pain of labor) I huffed and puffed right through it like a champ.

I made a tape of favorite music to soothe me between pains. I packed a little bag to take with me. In short, I was all prepared.

Except I wasn’t, as it turned out. Not at all. I don’t know about
others, but for me Lamaze class turned out to be something between a cruel joke and a cruel lie.

She goes on to equate labor as being very hard and quite a surprise, but nothing compared to what comes later for the next, 21 or so, years. I had a little chuckle at her analogy, but it is very good. Read it all.

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  1. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Ruth, my first wife and I had our child born at home, as planned. We had been given a book by our Lamaze instructor that said that in our lovemaking, I gave my wife a gift and at birth she was returning it to me. So that should be a tender loving moment also. I clearly remember my wife threatening to kill me if I touched her one more time.

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