Another Outrage Discovered

Where Did the American Flag Go?
by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The United States Mission to the United Nations has a new look online. If you check out the redesigned site, you see it’s decked out in United Nations blue, with the U.N. logo prominently displayed.

Fine, the U.N. logo is there. But where is the United States flag? And where did the red, white, and blue that used to introduce the site go?If you compare the new U.S. Mission site to the Mission sites of other permanent member nations, you’ll see that America takes a backseat to not just the United Nations, but nationalism…You also won’t find archived statements from past U.S. ambassadors to the United Nations. It’s all Susan Rice, all the time. That means the U.S. Mission site is currently no longer hosting historic documents concerning our ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Barack Obama’s America, we don’t just apologize for the past, we erase it?

I assume with a little uproar, the U.S. flag will, at least, make a return. If nothing else, members of the European Union, who have already made strides in surrendering their sovereignty, should do the job.
Currently, their Mission websites put ours to shame.

Go to the corner of National Review to see it all! Let Susan Rice know how you feel about this.

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