Are We Welcome at the White House? Updated

Would we be banned by the Secret Service? Read this story at Patterico Pontifications and watch the video. UPDATED
Rick Santelli Not Welcome at the White House
by DRJ

In February 2009, CNBC business reporter Rick Santelli vigorously objected to Obama’s “spread the wealth” policies in a rant that many believe inspired the Tea Partiers:

“On CNBC’s “Squawk Box” Feb. 19, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor reporter, along with several traders, expressed his outrage about President Barack Obama’s plan to “spread the wealth” for people that didn’t deserve
it. He said a stimulus should go to people who live responsibly rather than some sort of housing bailout to people that lived irresponsibly….”

In an interview today, CNBC reporter John Harwood asked White House Press Secretary about Santelli. Remarkably, Gibbs responded that while he had previously invited Santelli to the White House for coffee to discuss the subject, the Secret Service probably wouldn’t allow Santelli to come now: watch video here


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