The Anchoress on Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!
Monday, September 7, 2009, 10:39 AM
The Anchoress

As you gather with your families today, for one last cookout, enjoying your easily-purchased beer, cold-transported from the brewer, your propane grill -probably invented by someone who’d forgotten to buy the charcoal lighter fluid, some time in the past- texting on your phones and so forth, remember to be thankful; say a prayer for those who have less, particularly those people who dream of living the life you have while facing oppression in third-world countries, where their “president” is shutting down radio stations and romancing the despots and the despot-lovers.

Say a prayer for America, whose own president -eager to “remake” America- seems disinclined to lead, and appears to love the despots while supporting those who try to usurp their own constitutions.

I can’t add to this, go read it.

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