A Billboard against Obama

From KSHBTV Action News
Anti-Obama Sign Displayed on Metro Highway
Reported by: Sloane Heller

BLUE SPRINGS, MO. – An unusual sign has appeared along Interstate 70 in Blue Springs.

If you are traveling in the eastbound lanes of the freeway between Adams Dairy Parkway and the Grain Valley exit you will see a sign that appears to be anti-President Barack Obama.

The sign features the hammer and sickle, a symbol of communism and insinuates that Obama will jeopardize the first and second amendments to the Constitution, which are free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

NBC Action News reporter Sloane Heller confirmed late Thursday morning the billboard is owned by William Cody, a metro small business owner. He lives by the stadiums and works in metal fabrication.

He says he isn’t necessarily anti-Obama, but is against the policies coming out of the White House.

He calls the Federal Stimulus Package a waste and is equally upset over the bailout of the Big 3 Auto Makers.

Cody says this is his first billboard and he did it “to vent.” He says, “We voted for change and this is the change we got?”

Cody says he is working on another sign for the same spot. It’s set to go up in December. He won’t reveal the content except to say it won’t have Obama’s name on it.

Let us know what you think. Is the sign offensive, or is it freedom of speech
Click here to see the sign.

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