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So . . . they punked Barack Obama, huh? Damn fool. Eventually, even the press is going to figure out that Barack Obama isn’t nearly as popular as people presume. In America, or internationally. A “popular” President simply doesn’t get punked like that.

While talking with a good friend during the last week, I’ve wondered — we both have — about the remarkable squandering of multiple great opportunities by Barack Obama. This friend is much more of a fan of Obama than I am but we both hate to see “the first” fail so miserably, so predictably, in his first year as the Chief Executive.

And fail, he has.

I’m beginning to think some grown up needs to sit down with him and have a detailed discussion on what is, and is not, “presidential.” My man (our man) the President doesn’t seem to have a clue. Pimping for an American city to host the Olympics is definitely NOT PRESIDENTIAL.
While talking with the same friend I referenced earlier, I decided to send the friend a commentary from Britain’s Melanie Phillips — Who Does He Think He’s Kidding? — because I’m intensely interested in seeing, and assessing, how successfully the opposition is “tagging” Barack Obama. Phillips quoted a devastating Washington Times assessment (they called Obama’s efforts “the worst foreign policy ever“) and they tagged him thusly:

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