So What Can I Do?

Many of us consider ourselves of too little consequence to effect any political will in America…. after all, we are not heard, so what can we do?

I watched 3 women on the Glenn Beck show who have begun some Mommy efforts that are growing into a movement of young and not-so-young mothers working for change in their schools and towns across the country. Go to these different websites and get tips and inspiration on what YOU can do to make America better for your children. Be sure and read their stories so you will know the extent of their knowledge and experience, and the importance of their roles now.

Barbara Curtis
People who know me now probably think I’m a pretty normal mom. But it took several incarnations (the all-in-one-lifetime variety) to get me here. Mine was not a carefree childhood, but one marked by divorce, poverty, neglect and even a foster home. Wanting to rise above it all, I pursued a good education, eventually becoming a Montessori teacher.

Mary Baker
I am a mother of 7 children, six of whom are grown and one I am currently homeschooling. I blog because the world needs to hear the voices of those who are conservative in the blogsphere. As Conservatives, we must stop allowing liberals to have command of public opinion in America and around the world. We must make our voices and opinions known. I love to talk about the events in our world from a Christian or conservative prospective.
“We understand that all the many lies of progressivism that gave women a basket of spoiled goods, were bad for our families and for our country.”

As a Mom – A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots
Did not get the name of the woman who began this. It states on first page “Network of principled mothers, grandmothers, daughters, & guardians of our nation’s children dedicated to the 9 Principles & 12 Values. “

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