5 Things That Republicans In D.C. Need To Understand

by John Hawkins

1)………”Newsflash: unless it’s a really extreme case, no Republican politician should be on TV denouncing conservative talk radio hosts or bloggers. It’s fine to let people know where you stand, but you don’t have to push your own guys off on an ice floe to do it.”

4) Fight!: One of the reasons Joe Wilson created such a seismic reaction on the Right is because the GOP usually comes off like such a bunch of wimps. While Republicans in Congress do deserve a lot of credit for hanging together and voting against Obama’s agenda, there’s a missing sense of urgency.

The Democrats are methodically destroying the future of this country. They’re running up an astronomical debt, they’re taking over huge segments of the economy, and they’re going to annihilate the quality of medical care in this country with this health care bill. Meanwhile, most of the Republicans in Congress are playing pattycake and Senate “leaders” like Mitch McConnell are talking about how wonderful the bleeping TARP program turned out to be. There is a complete and utter disconnect between the gravity of the situation and what we’re hearing from most Republican “leaders.” Joe Wilson may have been rude, but at least there is a sense that he understands what’s at stake.

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