The Silliest Nobel Peace Prize Ever

This particular award was so outlandish and unthinkable that I was completely blindsided. And it angers me!! When I was 16 years old I was a pacifist, but I was never as stupid as Obama. After all, I’d read Life magazine all through WWII so I KNEW about evil in the world and that America was the Good Guy in the world. Obama has no clue!!

Here am I, and many like me, watching as Obama hands over the Good Guys to the Evil Ones with no clue as to what he is doing. Arrogant and gloating, he thinks he is the One with All Knowledge. I wouldn’t care if he fell if he only fell alone, but we, the American people, are going right along with him.

Doesn’t he have any knowledge of history? Does he not know that capitalistic, freedom loving America gave the greatest hope any people have ever had? No, he does not. Steeped in liberation theology, he sees only evil in America, and he is riding the charge to correct all our ills!!

May God have mercy upon us.

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