NPR: Rare Mideast Agreement On Obama Prize

That’s the actual headline on NPR — and the agreement is between Palenstinians and Israelis who, in these man-on-the-street interviews, agree that “something definitely stinks” (as one Palestinian put it) about Obama getting this award.

Listen here (on as the two sides finally agree on this world-view perspective.

Obama did not deserve it. We all know that. The more important point here is that a media outlet that slants its story choices and perspectives far to the left — is actually broadcasting the truth, fair and balanced. It’s rare that it happens in political stories at NPR. Perhaps even they can’t ignore the truth. (Ok, I’m dreaming. Hell would have to literally freeze over. And they’d still attribute it to global warming.)

You can hear NPR doing the same in America with man-on-the-street interviews in the US. Six out of 7 people they give voice to in this story agree he did not deserve it. One person actually says “I thought it was a joke.” Read the transcript and/or listen here.

Even Saturday Night Live couldn’t make this up. We’ll see if SNL mentions it this weekend. I’ll be surprised if they do. They annoyed all their leftist Hollywood friends pretty significantly with last weekend’s sketch on Obama. I’m sure they’re being pressured to resume Plan A “THE EMPORER STILL HAS CLOTHES”.

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