I got this in an email today. I’m in an RV park in Effingham, IL with cable and wifi so am checking up on many, many emails. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT TO PASS ON.

Please pass onto your home owner friends……

On November 3rd, there will be Propositions 1, 2, and 3 allowing the State of Texas to start taxing Residential Homeowners. So if you own a home, and these laws are passed, you will be taxed by the State.

I received a flyer from the Secretary of State, Hope Andrade, listing the Propositions that are up for election in November. I called to question them before sending this message out to my homeowner friends.

PLEASE VOTE “NO” to Prop. 2 and 3 (HJR 36) unless you want to pay taxes to the State also for owning a home.

Proposition 2: The proposed amendment would appear on the ballot as follows: “The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for the ad valor em taxation of a residence homestead solely on the basis of the property’s value as a residence homestead”.

Proposition 3: The proposed amendment would appear on the ballot as follows: The constitutional amendment providing the uniform standards and procedures for the appraisal of property for ad valorem tax purposes”.

Thank you.

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