Response/Defense to "We’re Going to Let You Die"

Richard Hernandez on Pajamas TV has a Response and Defense to the Robert Reich item posted yesterday. Professor Reich was his professor so he couldn’t believe he actually said those words, and therefore went to the site of the entire speech to put them in the context of the speech he was giving. The original blog does that as well, as Prof. Reich was saying “if a politician told the truth, this is what he’d say”.

The fact that he was saying what a “truthful politician would say” gives me scant hope — that he and others of his persuasion see that as a solution gives me the heebie-jeebies! I knew that’s what they thought but they keep saying otherwise!

What their fallacy is, is that they begin on the premise that government and higher taxes will solve these problems – they will NOT!! Some problems are simply unsolvable, but economic problems are fixed by lower taxation not higher taxes.

Education is fixed by teaching basic facts, and true history and not politically correct history and “social studies”. It is not fixed by higher salaries – though in his defense, he does call for getting rid of the turkeys, and that would be a major step. The best thing would be to get rid of the departments of education where theory is taught instead of facts .

Read his article here>>

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