This Title is Spot-On: Obama and Balloon Boy

When I read this title I thought: “Man, he’s got it!! Obama is nothing but an empty airbag!” This is what I believe – he’s a bunch of hype with no substance. Now this is fortunate for us, because we know that if he could actually get his plans made law, we’d be screwed, big time. I don’t usually use language like this as I am a refined lady, but, sometimes it’s the only way to speak the truth. Mr. Medved has a different but very valid analysis about television hype and our viewing habits. I excerpted a little, but go read for yourself if you like.

by Michael Medved

In the Age of Obama, all dramatic developments connect somehow to the Dear Leader himself even a seemingly frivolous distraction like Balloon Boy. In fact, the strange but thoroughly publicized non-flight of young Falcon Heene offers unexpected illumination on the essential appeal of Obamanism.


“Though Balloon Boy briefly upstaged even the president, Barack Obama offers the same powerful appeal. His style of governance, based on the model of the permanent campaign, pledges to identify recognizable winners and losers in every confrontation, representing another step forward in the ongoing attempt to transform politics into televised sport. The notion that the president might make important progress in private or gradually or without great fanfare is utterly foreign to this administration. The old Cartesian formula of I think therefore I am has been modified to the far more media friendly I speak therefore I am. A day without some televised Obama pronouncement (or four or five) is a day without sunshine from the Sun King. No president– not even presidents who served two full terms delivered more big speeches than this chief executive has provided in a mere ten months. And every single one of these epochally eloquent addresses counts as automatically dramatic and historic. (Just think about his historic speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, or his dramatic healthcare address to Congress, or his unprecedented presentation to the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen – or, maybe better to forget about that last one).

The Obama way involves big gestures, florid claims, urgent declarations, unceasing storm-and-stress, and promises of imminent deliverance or destruction depending on whether the Maximum Leader succeeds or fails. The silvery balloon ascends thrillingly skyward, though no one knows either its flight plan or what it carries inside. A weary, battered nation gets no chance to catch its breath or get its bearings. The artificial deadlines the Miracle Man adores closing Guantanamo in one year, a final vote on health care reform by August (ha!), Cap-and-Tax by years end (now fortunately abandoned), cutting the deficit in half by 2013 (really?) these ridiculously rushed timetables also fit the manipulative patterns of his TV presidency.

By definition, watching the tube is an impatient indulgence, with spectators craving the immediate satisfactions of a games final seconds, or a dramatic shows scheduled conclusion with all plot lines neatly resolved. The Obamanauts deeply fear the possibility that their most devoted followers will soon pick up the remote control and switch channels on them, moving on to a fresher fetish or fad. In fact, the increasingly audible rumblings of frustrated interest groups (gay activists, immigration reformers, unions, environmentalists) echo a deep-seated indignation that ten months of historic, dramatic speeches failed to produce the instant transformations universally expected. “

The whole article is here

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