Healthcare Truth on NPR (no, really!)

I was fortunate to be driving home late last night. I clicked on NPR (its good stuff is at night — “This American Life” was the program.) and I was shocked to hear the reporter (Chana Joffe-Walt ) objectively reporting something that was contrary to the Obama healthcare platform and agenda. And she was blatantly pointing out the discrepancy.

She discovered, and then corroborated the myth that creating a public option would reduce health insurance costs through competition.

She interviewed ex-CEO of Aetna. Jack Rowe, who explained how the health insurance business worked and that competition currently DRIVES PRICES UP due to the dynamics of hopitals’ buying power. She (the reporter) admitted she didn’t believe it. And let’s face it, it is counter-intuitive, no matter how much left wing koolaid you’ve been drinking and broadcasting. So she dug deeper.

She went to Uwe Reinhardt, PhD, a health care economist at Princeton. (And because NPR is such a stickler for sound, I’ll tell you it’s pronounced “ou-ver”.) And she juxtaposed Reinhardt’s explanation of the truth with the sound bite of Obama saying competition would drive costs down.

She plays the speech — Obama pitches a gubment plan as the solution — and then asks Reinhardt “Has he got this picture right?”

Reinhardt: “I don’t think he does. I wish I had a half-hour with him to explain it to him.”

Even though Obama’s talking loud and confident — it ain’t true. And Obama doesn’t just say this one thing in this speech, he wraps the falsehood up in a full on assault of the insurance companies and our health care system in general. Yes, our health care system. The broken one, which, if you’ve lived enough years, has probably saved your ass from death or serious health issues two or three times now.

It’s kind of like the reporters making up stuff about Rush… make up facts to support your agenda. Repeat often for credibility of the incredible.

Just to be clear, this is no shift on NPR’s part. They’ve corrupted their show “This American Life”–which is typially a great story telling hour–and made it for now an expose’ on the horrible health care system in the U.S. If I didn’t know better, I’d call NPR a wing of the Democtratic party, but they’re so much further left than that.

Too bad Obama didn’t take Reinhardt and some other guys on the plane trip to visit the Olympic Committee. It would have made the trip a good use of his time.

Below is the link to the show page and the broadcast file (mp3 format). The file takes a long time to load, but it’s interesting. And a glimpse into how NPR is trying to support the Obama agenda, but keeps bumping into the truth… both for and against.

Page of Show:

MP3 file of show:

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  1. Rockport Conservative says:

    It must be really hard on those committed liberal hearts to have to report something like this.

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