Presidential Priorities

via an article from The Barnstable Patriot: Priorities by Steve Tefft. In this article the author lists all the many fundraisers and play dates the president has had since General McCryhstal sent Secretary Gates a request for 40,000 troops to be sent to Afghanistan.

Here’s his list:

1. Hosted a Ramadan dinner at the White House.
2. Vacationed at Camp David.
3. Met with PGA champions.
4. Met mwith NHL champion, Pittsburgh Penquins.
5. Lobbied via letters with the Olympic committee to get the games for Chicago.
6. Traveled to Pennsylvania for fundraiser for Arlen Spector.
7. Hosted a screening portions of Ken Burns special on National Parks.
8. Appeared as the sole guest on Late Night with David Letterman.
9. Went to Copehagen to lobby for the Olympics for Chicago, no luck.
10. Met with doctors in the Rose Garden. The doctors were provided with white coats as a PR stunt for healthcare.
11. Played basketball with some of the cabinet members.
12. Spoke to nation after winning Nobel Peace Prize.
13. Spoke at dinner for gay rights activist.
14. Attended Fiesta Latina event on White House lawn.
15. Spoke at event establishing Edward Kennedy Institue for the US Senate. Funding is assumed diverted from Defence budget.
16. Spoke in San Francisco at fundraiser for DNC.
17. Spoke at New York City fundraiser for Democrats.
18. Spoke n New Jersey at fundraiser for John Corzine.
19. Went to Boston for fundraiser for Govenor Patrick.
20. Went to Connecticutt for fundraiser for Sen. Dodd.
21. Golfed at Fort Bevoir.
22. Shortened meeting with Afghanistan advisors to go to Florida for two fundraisers for Democrats.
This only takes us up to October 26th.

Read the whole article in The Barnstable Patriot.

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