Great Men You Don’t Know

Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 3:58 PM

The beautiful story of ordinary men who served their community in ways above and beyond the ordinary call….many men, all dedicated to making life better for other ordinary Americans.

….And it was made even more beautiful by the fact that these men saw nothing heroic in themselves; they saw only the hero in each other.

Gimbl finally agreed to allow a dinner in his honor because the Boy Scouts needed to raise funds, and this was a way to do it. So, if you think about it, even his moment of public recognition and praise was a sort of sacrifice for Rick Gimbl; he walked out of his comfort zone in order to help out the Scouting organization he loves.

A hero is as a herodoes. Even when their good deeds go unmarked by all but God.

Ordinary men. Ordinary heroes. On their honor, they will do their best. It is an honor to salute such people, today. God bless them all, says I.

Go here to read the story of how they helped remodel a home for a wounded war veteran…

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