Palinized: Prejean Not Pretending

Carrie Prejean’s biggest crime was mentioning she was against calling it a marriage when two gay people want to share a house and all their stuff for the rest of their lives. Of course she did this as Miss California, and she said it on television during a pagaent. It was sin against the boob tube and its politically-correct (no matter what[ft hood]) liberal elite culture that own the tube stuff, watch the tube stuff and control the tube stuff.

This young woman is not perfect, but I see she is of strong character. She went on all the liberal media platform shows — and didn’t back down on her contention that there is a double standard in the liberal media when it comes to attacking conservatives. She says she’s been “Palinized”. And she has. (Some of it is her own doing, unfortunately.)

Watch as she points it out to Larry King, and he challenges the point — she counters by saying if Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly said about Michelle Obama or Sonya Sotomayor things that Keith Oberman has said about Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann — they (Hannity, O’Reilly) would be kicked off the air.

And it’s true. Uncategorically. Liberal media attacks the messenger — the person. Meanwhile, conversatives continue to attack the messages and address the issues that hurt this country without making it simple personal attacks. Obermann rants endlessly without repercussions. Attacking the messengers in every way shape and form.

And Prejean is on these shows, not pretending everything is fair and balanced. It is soooo refreshing and real.

This video clip conveniently edits out the point where Larry King’s rebuttal is, which I did not see. But I’m sure if it was any good, they would not have edited it out. I also saw clips of her on “The View” takling to Barbara Walters exactly the same way, with the same result. These “great” broadcasters are so used to their own pablam they have no idea what to do with a smart, feisty conservative women who also happen to be right (not just politically, but accurately). Of course, Prejean will be marginalized due to her various scandals, and that’s too bad, because she’s right.

Keep your eye on her. CNN and others will try to silence her. [Lou Dobbs] But the truth cannot be silenced.

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