There may be some defections from the Democrats

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We are very close to no longer being Democrats

This is a hard thing for us to write, especially since it’s not a done deal for us yet, but we think the MSM and liberals’ apology efforts for Muslim mass-murderer Hasan at Ft. Hood might just be the last straw for the Democrat Party with us.

Liberals are doing everything they can to fabricate a delusion that this was not a terrorist attack made in the name of Islam — which we clearly believe it was.  Hasan dressed in his white martyr robes the morning of his murder spree.  He gave away his precious Koran the way Islamic martyrs do.  He shouted “Allah Akbar” before taking the lives of as many of our soldiers as he could.  In the past, he attended mosque with a radical Imam linked to 9/11, and repeatedly talked about how evil the United States is, how much he hates America, and how much Muslims need to kill as many innocents in this country as possible.

This was a terrorist attack, no matter how much the lunatic Left would like to convince you otherwise…or go to great efforts to hug, coddle, and sympathize with the “misunderstood” Muslim terrorist.

This has just gotten ridiculous.

Our loyalty to Democrats was forever shaken by the activities of the Rules & Bylaws Committee that met on May 31st, 2008.  On that day, we stood in the pouring, torrential rain soaked to the bone holding signs that demanded Democrats count every vote and operate a fair nominating process.  We will NEVER in our lives forget a small Japanese woman in a pink raincoat whom we saw holding a Hello Kitty umbrella with a sign written in washable marker that said, “Every vote counts”.  She stood out there by the driveway of the RBC’s hotel until the rain dissolved the paper of her sign and all the marker washed away.  And then, she just started shouting and screaming for all votes to be counted.

And the DNC, instead, took delegates away from Hillary Clinton and gave them to Dr. Utopia.  They actually TOOK numbers from her and gave them to HIM so that superdelegates could be more effectively pressured to abandon her and hand the nomination over to the most leftist and radical person who has ever run for, let alone been elected, president.

Since May of last year, Democrats have engaged in one crazy, destructive scheme after another, from the reckless Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” spending that was rammed through without even being read by voting members of Congress to the insane economy-killing Cap & Tax nonsense and the deranged takeover of 1/6 of our economy in the Utopiacare debacle.

In regards to all of the above, we’ve consistently felt that after Democrats’ defeat in the 2010 midterms and Dr. Utopia’s defeat in 2012, that moderate Democrats would take back the party and move everything back to the center, where we think the party belongs.

But, honestly, we are so disgusted by the Muslim apologists on the Left that we don’t know if we can continue being Democrats anymore — that we need to accept the fact that we are indeed Independents now.

Independents who support the Clintons and their allies, but no longer moderate Democrats, as the Democrat Party has gone so far to the left, and resides now in such lunacy, that there’s no room for us moderates anymore.

Not that moderates are wanted, as the RBC meeting proved, and as Donna Brazile so consistently emphasized all last year.

The only party loyalty we have rests in the Clintons themselves, and their loyalists. In truth, that’s what’s kept us calling ourselves “Democrats” when in reality we are now “Clinton Moderates”, without a party of our own.

We will vote against anyone who didn’t support the Clintons.

We will happily vote Republican when a good, non-religious zealot is up against a corrupt, machine-candidate, Obot.

We have absolutely no respect for the Democrat Party after the way it’s behaved the last three years.

All of the above would have been UNTHINKABLE to us in 2007.  Never in our lives did we think we would vote Republican or call ourselves Indepedents, but that’s where things have certainly moved.

As we process this further, we’ll write more on the topic, but the concerted effort from the White House and DNC to paint Muslim terrorist Hasan as some sort of misunderstood angel on a murder spree is just too much.

For YEARS we’ve heard Republicans talk about what an insane cancer liberalism is, and how much liberals want to destroy America as we know it.

We never believed them…but the last few days have given a new clearness to everything for us.

Liberals are truly running to the defense of a Muslim terrorist…and not running to help his victims…not running to protect Americans from further attacks like this…they are running to defend a murderer.

It’s appalling.

And we think it might just be our very last straw with these loons.

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