Neo-neocon Nails it Again

America held hostage: the Obama administration so far

For a while, I thought each day that I’d finally seen the worst Obama had to offer. Then I realized that was naive of me, and that Obama’s actions would probably continue to become ever more outrageous as he perceived he had less and less to lose.

What do I mean by that? Isn’t he losing more—for example, in the polls—as time goes on? While that’s true, I believe that at some point in the last few months Obama realized he had gravely damaged his own chances of re-election, perhaps beyond repair, and that the Democrats in Congress were bent on doing something similar for themselves. So his calculation was that there was no longer any need to dissemble by posing as a moderate in any way. Rather, it was desirable to take the mask off and push ever more quickly to get as much of his agenda as possible accomplished before 2010, and certainly before 2012.

And what might his agenda be? Statism. Socialism. Destruction of private wealth. Taxation. Rewards for friends (unions, minorities, lawyers, ACORN, SEIU) and punishment for enemies (Republicans, rich people, capitalists and capitalism). Reduction of American power on the international scene, as well as humiliation. Gutting of defense. Chaos and/or abandonment in Afghanistan. Projection of weakness. Appeasement of terrorists. Sowing fear in the ranks of the intelligence corps. Demoralization of the military. If possible, institutionalization of voter fraud that favors Democrats (this last might manage to counter the falling poll numbers, as well).

Have I forgotten anything? Probably. But Obama hasn’t; he’s a thorough man, and he’s got a job to do.

It’s long, but you will want to read it all.

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  1. tt says:

    I read this earlier and thought, huh, that's pretty much my take. I really hope and pray that the American people as a whole will wake up soon enough to keep our country from tanking…

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