Ron Burris is Guilty of Something, But That’s Ok…

Dear Congress — in case you’re still wondering why your approval ratings are so incredibly low, this is just another example of why: you’re a bunch of criminals who refuse to police each other. You refuse to convict each other, to weed out the bad people. So guess what, you’re all a gang of criminals.

And this letter from the Senate ethics committee says so. Read it. He lied, he decieved and he basically conspired with then-Governor Blagojevich to buy Obama’s Senate seat. This letter basically says he’s guilty but they aren’t going to charge him with bribery. Too bad, because that’s what happened. Corruption. This letter (which is signed by Barbara Boxer and the other committee memebers) says that’s what happened.

But he gets away with it. Thanks Senator Boxer, et al. Great precedent you’re setting.

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