In Which the Saintly Anchoress Trys to Remain So

And fails, justifiably so.

If you simply want to understand why our current government is in such a rush to implement (or force) unpopular (and seriously unaffordable)policies onto America -even as our friends across the ocean are busily hammering up signs shouting “Here be Monsters,” and trying to warn us away from dangerous waters– well, it’s because shut up. The Democrats do not give a crap about your quaint wonderings.
In the headlines, I see an American president who does as he damn pleases and serves himself and his pals, before the American people. I see a congress that is comfortable living in full-scale betrayal of their own pre-election rhetoric, and rather contemptuous of the people it claims to rule serve and to protect; contemptuous of their values and contemptuous of their concerns, contemptuous of the very idea of exceptionalism, except for themselves.
Perhaps they reason that if the American people were stupid enough to believe them (and the press that abetted them in all their lies, in all their faked indignation about cronyism, partisanship, ethics, transparency and personal character) then they really do not have to care. Why should they -the glorious they– be held accountable to the easily duped?
If there are noisy, unsophisticated rubes ranting on about a full-scale betrayal of democratic values in America, the Democrats are not listening and have somewhere else to be; the limosines are waiting, the private jet engines are running, despite the planet-death, and the Democrats are on their way out the door, which has opened upon a misty darkness. They have their coats over their arms and as the America they helped to overindulge and spoil calls out, “but what are we doing, where are we going,” they look back only briefly, in deep disdain.
Frankly, my dears, they don’t give a crap.
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