Conspiracy theories – Have they been confirmed?

None of us here are surprised by this : Call it Global Warming or Climate Change – It’s a lie!!!

Flopping Aces has a great post. Please go read it.

For years I’ve been swimming upstream against the current of the popular green beliefs. When my children came home and told me what they were being taught, when those idiotic mercury light bulbs came out, and now, finally, this!

My parents raised my brothers and me to be responsible, logical and conservative in our dealings with nature and our impact on it. To appreciate the wonder of it all. To not foul our nest, as big as that nest might be, to help where and when we can. But above all to enjoy the natural world around us.

It enrages me to be preached at by people who think they know better than I about my personal conservation habits. The smug condescension of their belief that the common person can’t ever live up to their standards as the zip around the country and the world “preaching the word”.

I wonder, have they ever spent the night in a tent out of reach of electricity, in the silence of everything but the natural sounds of the night? Have they ever just sat on a beach, alone but for the awsome beauty of the waves and the wind?

How DARE they.
How dare we let them get away with this. Don’t let it pass, don’t let up.

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