Why All the Posts about Climategate?

You may wonder why I am making all these posts. It doesn’t just have to do with the actual science, that is extremely bad, but if you consider what “they” are trying to do to us in the name of the environment, global warming (recently knowns as climate change)* you should be as alarmed as you are over healthcare. They both will take away our freedoms, our money and our heritage.

Ours is a family of science. It is what we do. Not me personally but my husband has always been, and still is in retirement, a scientist. Our children were raised with inquiring minds. Our vacations were always associated with field trips.  We collected fish, we watched dolphins, we walked the beaches and collected shells, we noticed what was going on around us in nature. One son has found new species of  cycads, salamanders and scorpions, even though that is not his life’s work. We’ve known how science works.

The people who perpetuated this fraud as shown in these emails and files are not using proper science. They have soiled the name of science.  It means a lot to me and eventually it will effect every thing we do in our country, how we live, how we travel, our quality of life.  This is why it has affected what I have posted.

*the word climate change was used after they knew we were actually cooling.

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