Michael Yon Reports from Afghanistan

I get email updates for his new reports.  He reported the Iraq war and is now embedded in Afghanistan.
This is his latest email:

It’s turning cold in Afghanistan. The 2009 fighting season has more or less ended, though we can expect to see reduced fighting until probably March or April. Spring Break in the United States will be Spring Offensive here. Though it’s December, our commanders already are talking about Springtime and how to hurt the Taliban while speeding development. Likely the war will reach an all-time peak during 2010. This could be a very bad year for the Taliban.
President Obama’s decision to send more troops is popular among the troops here. And for the first time I see a real fighting chance emerging. Though sharply increased fighting should be expected, there are cracks in the Taliban. They are not invincible and we can beat them, and finally I believe we probably actually will. (Touch wood, and pass the ammo…)
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