Al Gore vs Sarah Palin

He should have known better than to get into an argument with a strong woman.  From Politico here is her reply to his put down:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hit back at former Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday for calling her a global warming “denier.”
Speaking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday, Gore criticized an op-ed Palin wrote for the Washington Post calling on President Barack Obama to boycott the global climate change conference in Copenhagen.
“The deniers are persisting in an era of unreality. The entire North Polar ice cap is disappearing before our eyes,” Gore said. “What do they think is happening?”
“It’s a principle in physics,” Gore said of climate change. “It’s like gravity, it exists.”
Palin took to her Facebook page late Wednesday to respond to Gore. 

“Perhaps he’s right. Climate change is like gravity – a naturally occurring phenomenon that existed long before, and will exist long after, any governmental attempts to affect it,” Palin wrote. “However, he’s wrong in calling me a ‘denier.’ As I noted in my op-ed above and in my original Facebook post on Climategate, I have never denied the existence of climate change. I just don’t think we can primarily blame man’s activities for the earth’s cyclical weather changes.”  

Palin then turned her response to the so-called “Climategate” story as evidence that scientific findings are “flawed, falsified, or inconclusive.” 
“Former Vice President Gore also claimed today that the scientific community has worked on this issue for 20 years, and therefore it is settled science,” Palin wrote. “Well, the Climategate scandal involves the leading experts in this field, and if Climategate is proof of the larger method used over the past 20 years, then Vice President Gore seriously needs to consider that their findings are flawed, falsified, or inconclusive.”
“Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists,” she added. “You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it.”
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2 Responses to Al Gore vs Sarah Palin

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Palin certainly has a gift for rhetoric. However, it is highly disrespectful of her to suppose she can judge the work in a field in which she has neither training nor expertise. As a society we support specialists who devote their lives to very specific lines of work, and when they have something to tell us they deserve our respect.
    Thank you for reading my point of view. Chris — a scientist from an unrelated field — medicine.

  2. Rockport Conservative says:

    I would also ask the same of Al Gore. As you probably know he is not an expert in the climate field, either. I feel it is highly disrespectful of Al Gore to think no one of us out here in the great "unwashed" cannot judge for ourselves. He is not a scientist and does not know how science can be, and has been corrupted for political purposes. Think Lysenko.
    Most of the work he has been using has now been discredited. I've seen the emails but that is not what I base my findings on. The text messages with the code showing the very bad science is what I am basing my findings on. And while I am not an a scientist, my husband is, and we have been believers in the earth continuing to do what it has always done-that is warm and cool, warm and cool, and so on to infinity. As a planet we know it is eventually going to cool completely.
    I believe it is the height of arrogance to think humankind is capable of changing anything except their own little sphere of influence and that does not include changing the climate.

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