An interesting Article on George Soros

I ran into this article at American Thinker.  I have often wondered about this and I think Mr. Duke has some good answers to the questions on Soros’ ethics.

The Pathology of the Rich Socialist
By Selwyn Duke

People such as George Soros and Michael Moore certainly talk a good game, but the next Mother Teresa they are not. Mother Teresa never criticized the free-market system; wealth just wasn’t for her. Soros and Moore are quite the opposite. They will never take a vow of poverty and dedicate themselves to helping the poor. They just want our civilization to take a vow of poverty and become poor.

This has caused many to wonder: How can someone preach socialism while being the most rapacious “capitalist” imaginable? Well, I have a theory about this.

Read his theory here.

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One Response to An interesting Article on George Soros

  1. Concerned Conservative says:

    I didn't know that about George Soros. I believe that the major Democratic motive is jealousy – and greed. Mainly jealousy – they want what somebody else has earned and they try to put a nice face on it by giving "most" of it to the poor, or so they tell themselves. Actually, they think they will get rich off of managing it or "them", the ones who need help. And, indeed, they are doing exactly that.

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