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From Alamo City Pundit:
Texas Republicans Make Ham-Handed Mis-Step Before 2010 Elections

January 5, 2010 by Johnny Alamo

Republican Party of Texas Welcomes
New Executive Director
January 5, 2010

Austin – The Republican Party of Texas starts the New Year off with a new leader. Chairman Cathie Adams has selected Jesse Lewis to become the Party’s next Executive Director. Mr. Lewis comes to the Party having served here before, as a Field Representative, a Statewide Field Director and its Deputy Political Director from 1999 to 2003. His extensive background includes everything from grassroots work training thousands of candidates, campaign managers and volunteers, to serving on the executive staff of a large state agency, overseeing 90 employees. He also served as Chief of Staff to Texas House Members Arlene Wohlgemuth and Sid Miller.

“Jesse is a remarkable Texan, a remarkable Republican and he’ll be a remarkable leader for our Party,” said Chairman Adams. “Having him at the helm as we enter the crucial 2010 election means that we will have a sure hand who has steadily led many winning campaigns, and whose experience covers every aspect of state politics. We’re excited to have him bring his knowledge and enthusiasm to the Republican Party of Texas.”

“Selected”? What is this “Selected” Crap?!?This is Texas here. We were an Republic before we were even a state, and good men died at the Alam and at Goliad so that free Texans could be free to vote for their representatives….

….Assuming this is the same Jesse Lewis (and Cathie Adams’ statement is deliberately vague in this regard, isn’t it?), it means Jesse Lewis works for the state government in Austin as essentially a PR shill for the Perry Administration.

If you are a Republican or a conservative in Texas, you will want to read the whole article.

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