Lessons for Republicans, too

Vodkapudit quotes Professor Bainbridge:
Stephen Bainbridge on what ought to happen next:

The Democrats have now fumbled their opportunity, but that doesn’t mean that those of us who were fed up with Bush and the K Street Gang are ready to forgive and forget the GOP failings. They are going to have to convince us that they are again worthy of our trust.
How does the GOP go about doing so? Unlike some, I have no interest in seeing the GOP join hands with Obama for a few rounds of Kum Bay Yah followed by swallowing some version of Obama-lite. The GOP needs to articulate a positive program.
Yep. As the Tea Party movement shows, there’s a lot of voter frustration with the Democrats. And the fact that voters had to start a new movement, rather than flocking to the GOP, shows the Republicans — least the ones in Washington — still don’t get it.

Do they get it in Texas?  Do they get it in Rockport?  That may be our next job.

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