Thank You Massachusetts

title and article from American Spectator by Manon McKinnon

You stood up for yourselves, you went to the polls and — hallelujah — you did a great thing for the rest of us. Unlike you, we have been politically helpless to stop this march to dependency, this latest power grab, and this next government expansion into our lives that is wrongly dubbed “health care reform.” You alone had the chance to stop it, and you did by electing Scott Brown to the United States Senate. You are America’s heroes!
Long before you even went to the polls the opposition’s excuse crowd was explaining why you were going to reject their candidate. You thought Martha Coakley was dull or arrogant or uninterested or unfriendly. She took breaks from campaigning; she didn’t go door to door or stand in the cold to shake hands; and she made awful gaffes. Like she didn’t even know who Curt Schilling is. So all those talking heads took to the airways to say what a lousy candidate she is, no wonder she lost. Certainly, they insisted, the choice made by the voters of the Bay State had nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with those issues that motivated the folks at all those town halls last summer. And definitely you were not thinking of the same issues that produced those events named after the original Boston Tea Party — such as too much taxing and spending and government intrusion into our lives. Nope. You elected the candidate who feels the same way you do, but only because Ms. Coakley does not know a Red Sox from a Yankee.

But the rest of us suspect that you did have some other thoughts. We have a hunch that issues such as independence, self-reliance, individual initiative, and local responsibility are as much on your minds as they are on ours. That you know our freedoms are worth keeping and that you — and we — don’t like being asked to give them up. Whether you call yourselves Democrats, Republicans or Independents, turning your rights and responsibilities over to bureaucrats is lousier than even Martha Coakley’s campaign. So thank you, Massachusetts, thank you so much.

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