Limited Government

That’s all we want. We want it locally, in our states and nationally.  I keep coming back to this headline
Brown’s Victory: The Declaration of Independents

What do independents want? In a word, limited government

I love that headline, it says it all. But there is more:

In the aftermath of Scott Brown’s stunning upset election victory in Massachusetts, pundits will be debating the meaning and political implications for weeks to come. However, one fact is incontrovertibly clear. The race hinged on the independent voters.
In Massachusetts, 50% of the registered voters are independent, as opposed to 37% Democratic and 12% Republican. In this week’s election, independents voted overwhelmingly for Brown, giving him a 52-to-47% victory — in a state where Barack Obama easily won 62% of the vote in 2008. This enormous swing shows that the independents represent a powerful political force that neither party can take for granted.
Independents are also the driving force behind the tea party rallies. Many tea party supporters have been quite explicit in warning that their opposition to the policies of our current Democratic president and Congress should not be mistaken as automatic support for the Republicans.

There is a lot more, go read it all.  It was written by Paul Hsieh.
So what do the independents want? In a word, limited government.

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