The Republican’s New Problem

I don’t think they get it. I didn’t listen to any of the pundits today. Or read many of them. I was busy working to pay my taxes which will be due soon. But I want to send a message to Republicans now. And this is it:

You’re next.

That’s right. If you look at the “how” politics is done, there’s not much difference between you and the elitist, socialists on the left. Oh yes, the Democrats definitely screwed the pooch this year, bribing and back-room dealing in ways that haven’t been seen since bribery was made illegal. But in general, I have not forgotten that Republicans are just as bad.

They haven’t reigned in government spending any time recently.
They haven’t turned down sweetheart deals or pork for their states and districts.
They haven’t taken a stand against the imminent domain ruling by the Supreme Court.
They haven’t said no to lobbyists and special interests.
They haven’t stood up and said, “NO! You cannot charge Navy Seals for punching captives!” (Especially after that training we put them through. We should reward them for capturing them alive.)
And they’ve been afraid to say those two little words that we all know are the inevitable conclusion of being patient with Iran. (Bombs away…)

So looky here Republican Representatives and Senators. You may be thinking you’re on a comeback due to the Massachusetts win.

You’re not. That win was a demonstration that Americans know right from wrong. Most of you do not. The members of congress with the fortitude to do the right thing is a very short list. And most of you are not on it. Washington, D.C., is currently a diseased political system. A machine that needs re-engineered. Replaced.

Not everyone, but most of you. So guess what…

You’re next.

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2 Responses to The Republican’s New Problem

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Ray – wish I could say "You go, girl" but am sure you understand the sentiment! annie kitay

  2. tt says:

    Bravo! Couldn't have said it better myself.

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