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From Real clear Politics
RNC Slams Specter for Being ‘Rude and Arrogant’
by Tom Bevan

Seeking to capitalize on Snarlen(sp) Arlin’s blunder the other day, RNC Co-Chairman Jan Larimer released the following statement:
“Senator Specter’s rude and arrogant comments yesterday were not only disrespectful to Congresswoman Bachmann, but demeaning to all women. Senator Specter should immediately apologize to the Congresswoman and to all of his constituents for such disgraceful behavior. Women should never be treated as second class citizens. It’s clear Senator Specter has spent too much time in Washington, and this November I am confident Pennsylvanians will choose a new direction.”

I started a draft post on this subject earlier this morning. This is a better way to put it. I had also included some remarks by Sarah Palin quoted in Gateway Pundit.

Sarah Palin sent out a Facebook message today in support of the March for Life that is being held on Friday. She told her supporters that real advocates are pro-life.
Life News reported:
“The pro-life movement is pro-women, and it empowers women with the message that we are strong enough and smart enough to be able to pursue education, vocations and avocations while giving life to a child,” she writes today.
“This movement is largely run by women. In fact, many of the earliest leaders of the women’s rights movement were pro-life – women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul, the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment in 1923, who said, ‘Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women,’” the Feminists for Life member adds.

I think both these events show an anti-woman bias exists in liberals. Arrogance and believing a feminists would take away the most feminine part of her body, her unborn child, seems to be extremely anti-woman to me.

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