Fascist, what does it mean? Who are the fascists?

If you are in doubt, read this article in the American Thinker    
      Dusting Off the Political F-Word
      by Mark W. Hendrickson, Ph.D.

Its use is shunned in polite company. It coarsens political discourse. Its introduction into conversation raises hackles and stirs emotions. It carries so much connotative baggage that its denotative significance is often totally eclipsed. It is a verbal bomb-thrower’s delight: a virtual slap in the face, a dismissive epithet, the ultimate insult, shorthand for “You’re a bad person and beneath contempt.” I refer, of course, to the political F-word: “fascist.”

This is an important work with background on what fascist actually are, and more importantly who they are. Read it all.

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