Unions and the government bureaucracy

From Townhall.com
Most Union Members Are Govt Workers, Not Private Sector
Posted by: Meredith Jessup

From today’s New York Times comes this gem of info:

For the first time in American history, a majority of union members are government workers rather than private-sector employees, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday.

In its annual report on union membership, the bureau undercut the longstanding notion that union members are overwhelmingly blue-collar factory workers. It found that membership fell so fast in the private sector in 2009 that the 7.9 million unionized public-sector workers easily outnumbered those in the private sector, where labor’s ranks shrank to 7.4 million, from 8.2 million in 2008…

This is not a big surprise but it is alarming.  Read it all.

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