Sarah Palin Wins Again

Another one of those nusiance ethics lawsuits against Sarah Palin has been shot down.
According to the New York Times:
Ruling Backs Palin’s Use of Private E-Mail for State Work

An Alaska judge has sided with former Gov. Sarah Palin in a lawsuit over e-mail messages, finding that state law does not forbid the use of private e-mail accounts to conduct state business.
The ruling Friday by Judge Patrick J. McKay of Anchorage Superior Court stems from a lawsuit filed by a critic of Ms. Palin, Andree McLeod. Ms. McLeod argued that Ms. Palin and the governor’s office had a responsibility to save e-mail messages related to state business as public records, regardless of the accounts they were sent through.
The issue arose from a 2008 records request by Ms. McLeod that showed that Ms. Palin and members of her staff had been using private e-mail accounts. The traffic uncovered, though, was heavily redacted for what were deemed reasons of privacy. Ms. McLeod argued through her lawyer that use of private accounts obstructed the people’s right to inspect public records.

Her opponents have blinders on if they still do not understand why she had to resign to save the state for another Republican governor, further moneys spent on harrassment lawsuits and having a governor who had to spent time away from state business fighting said nusiance lawsuits.

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