don’t bring home the bacon (PORK)!

Chuck Todd seemed to understand that concept. From Newsbusters we find this:
Chuck Todd: Obama Can’t Buy GOP Votes Because of Tea Parties

NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday said the Tea Party movement has made it impossible for President Obama to buy the Republican votes he needs to pass his agenda.
Appearing on “Meet the Press,” Todd told his fellow panelists, “I think the most striking thing about the minority party today…is that a Republican can’t go home, and it’s mostly because of this tea party crowd, cannot go home and sell a piece of pork that they got from Washington.”
In Todd’s view, this makes it tough for Obama because “it’s not as if he can trade, you know, go and have these trades with a Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe, or let’s say Lamar [Alexander]… or something like this, because they’re not getting a benefit at home of bringing something back”
I wouldn’t be so bold as to say “Mission Accomplished”, but this is a thrill to read. See the whole transcript or watch the video here.
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