Lots of links for today

I get the Pajamas Media newsletter with headlines every day, here is a sample of some from today.

Gunwalker: What Will Happen When Ken Melson Testifies?
The ATF director is going to talk. Whom will he implicate?

Walter Russell Mead Takes On Al Gore, and Scores a Devastating Knockout!
Walter Russel Mead on Gore- this is the line I like best: This general sleeps in a mansion, and lectures the soldiers because they want tents.

Palin, the Flotilla, and the L.A. Times Khalidi/Obama Tape

The rest of these are from various other sources.

New Interior Assistant Secretary nomination has history of supporting dam removal
This is from a local MSNBC. Look how well the corp worked on the Souris River flooding.

Hmmm…. I had not thought of this one: A reasonable guess is that Obama wants to be UN Secretary General. To do that he needs two things: Radical Muslim support, and the international left, especially European socialists. It’s in this article:
Is Obama Making His Next Career Move?
By James Lewis in American Thinker

From National Review Online, 2 from Mark Steyn:
Compelling Logic
Mittle Ground

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