Gunwalker: William Newell Circles the Wagons

Can this be any clearer? The Department of Justice and the Attorney General’s office was well aware of this. This has to be brought front and center to the American people.

In his summary, Mr. Richardson gives Eric Holder the benefit of the doubt, that he may not have been aware – but I don’t buy that. The man has lied and manipulated his office since the beginning. This should lead to criminal charges.

“Not only did Breuer know about the program, but Attorney General Eric Holder’s chief of staff did as well. There are now only two possibilities: either Holder simply didn’t want to know about the program, or was so disconnected from his department as to have essentially abrogated his responsibilities.

The former is possibly criminal, the latter merely incompetent, and either should exclude him from continuing as attorney general.”

Please go read the whole thing.

Gunwalker: William Newell Circles the Wagons.

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